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The Haralim Movement: Another cloned baby girl was born. This time for a lesbian couple from the Netherlands

According to them the baby was born yesterday in the Netherlands; No evidence has yet been provided for the claim of human cloning in the US

The director of Clonaide, a company that deals with human cloning that was founded by the rael movement, said yesterday (Friday) to the Belgian television channel VTM that another cloned baby will be born this weekend to a lesbian couple. Later, the head of the Haralim movement, Bart Everlight, said that the baby was born on Friday evening to a mother and a peace baby.

In front of the camera, the director of the company, Brigitte Boislier, refused to say where the birth would take place, and contented herself with saying that it would take place in a country not far from Belgium. However, not in front of the cameras, Boislier said that the baby will be born in the Netherlands. Boislier refused to reveal the identity of the mother.

Last week, Boislier claimed that she arranged the birth of the first cloned baby, Eve, to a 31-year-old American mother. Her claim was met with suspicion in the scientific community, and provoked condemnation from scientists who pointed out the great risk involved in cloning humans and from religious figures. Clonaid has yet to provide DNA samples or other compelling evidence to support her claims. The cloning research is funded by the Hareal movement, which believes that aliens landed on Earth 25 years ago and created humans through cloning.

The administration is investigating whether Klonaid violated the law in the USA that prohibits cloning * There is still no proof that the baby born in the USA about a week ago - was cloned

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