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"Discover the scientist in you" The 11th Science Festival at the Weizmann Institute

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Science Festival 2010, photo: Weizmann Institute Spokesperson
Science Festival 2010, photo: Weizmann Institute Spokesperson

How does television work? How do you make cheese? What is the physics of equilibrium? What are stem cells and what are their possible uses in medicine?
A lively celebration of science, music, culture and technology that entertains and is fun on the one hand and challenges thinking for all ages on the other. Circus and acrobatics shows, science amusements, thinking games, enriching workshops, scientific sessions, a giant rocket experiment, re-enactment of historical experiments, scientific plays and musical performances, lectures at the forefront of science and meetings with scientists.

The festival complexes will present scientific topics in a different and special way, each in its own way, while activating and sharing the participants in the festival. On the main stage, shows will be presented every hour that will take the audience on a journey of musical discoveries, in sound, song and movement.
A special opportunity this year will be to participate in the lectures of Weizmann Institute of Science scientists on topics such as astrophysics, stem cells and medical imaging and to meet with scientists and researchers as part of the "Meet the Scientist" activity where it will be possible to watch a variety of demonstrations and activities on scientific topics. The scientists of the Weizmann Institute will talk about and demonstrate contemporary and groundbreaking research of the institute's faculties: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science, in pavilions that will be built especially for the festival.
the festival grounds
Contemporary science pushing boundaries - in this complex you can experience contemporary research developed at the Weizmann Institute, and lectures on the subject. You can visit the exhibition booths of the various faculties of the Weizmann Institute. Among other things: lectures by doctoral students from the institute, basic and applied science, demonstrations and activities of active science, the School of Contemporary Science, discussions on current scientific issues such as the development and use of atomic bombs and stem cells for growing and transplanting tissues.

Weizmann House - leader and scientist - guided tours in the house of an Israeli scientist who was one of the greatest in the world. In addition, you will meet characters disguised as famous past scientists such as Galileo Galilei, Archimedes, Newton and others. At the same time as the tours, lectures will be held at Beit Weizmann: "The Manhattan Project" - Dr. Felix Laub, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Dr. Yossi Alran.
The Science Garden - a multi-sensory experience - a scientific amusement park with over 90 exhibits in classical physics, physical phenomena that can be felt, touched and experienced. The green and blooming science garden invites festival participants to experience the wonders of physics, spend time in the ecosphere (a unique ecological niche inside a giant geodesic sphere) and meet small creatures that live with us - bacteria, fungi, algae, plants. There will also be demonstrations with audience participation on light, colors, electricity, magnetism and everything in between. The complex offers a special and surprising demonstration of a plate in magnetic levitation under the influence of a superconductor.
Science from everyday life - demonstrations, sessions and experiential experiences on science and technology. Among the activities in the complex: cooking science - we will cook surprising experiments that anyone can do at home; Simple machines - we will learn what a machine is, and understand the connection between a nutcracker and a bicycle with gears; Making cheese - we will make fine cheese together, and get to know a whole world of biology on a plate. Cool science!- We will soon march with the progress of science. From the invention of the light bulb, to the plasma television; What's the point - science in connection? - We will find out how the telephone works and we will try making a home walkie-talkie; Build and play - we will get to know and understand the world of music and rhythm through the guided construction of unique musical instruments; Food for thought - the magic behind the accumulation modes; The liquid that got confused - we will discover a special and different substance; Ice cream - how do you make scientific ice cream?! Scientific story time - we will listen to a story, conduct an experiment and create a work; A joint and experiential activity for children and parents; Young veterinarians - together we will get to know the different animals through scientific glasses.

Science entertainment - in the main area of ​​the festival, a circus tent with acrobatics shows, explanations about the physics of acrobatics, trying balance tricks and sophisticated thinking games. Among the attractions: the Tower of Pisa - a large model to demonstrate the center of gravity; A dinosaur model that loses its balance when its tail is taken off; creative activity of assembling and coloring small dinosaurs; A bird that stands on its beak - a model as well as assembly and painting.
Science at the forefront - the festival's main performance stage. Every round hour there will be a different and interesting show. The shows are intended for all ages and present scientific topics in a new, original and exciting light. Among the shows: "Shaktak Band" - in a show that combines contemporary dance, rhythms of live music, video and theater. "Magic Science" - the show sweeps the audience on a journey of scientific discoveries accompanied by smiles and expressions of wonder at the same time. "Dr. Molecule" - the "confused scientist" performs breathtaking scientific magic with materials found in every home. "Why is it suddenly opaque" - what happens when theater, movement and science combine together? Tal Kravitz - a musical journey spanning the world. A meeting between ethnic musical instruments and an Eretz Israel classic including playing ethnic instruments collected in her travels around the world.

Detailed program on the festival website:

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