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A robotic telescope detected the most distant object - 12 billion light years

 The discovery will help in mapping the formation of galaxies - and in understanding black holes

 An automated telescope has identified the most distant object observed to date - 12 billion light years away. According to the BBC, the detected object is a quasar, which is a small object that is brightly lit. This is given to him, apparently, by a huge black hole, estimated to be about a billion suns in size. The quasar was discovered by a robotic telescope in New Mexico, which constantly surveys the night sky.

Scientists measure the distance of an object based on the amount of light affected by the Doppler effect. As you move further in space, the object's light is shifted to the red end of the spectrum. The stronger the aura the greater the distance. Scientist James Gunn said that the most important contribution of the discovery is not the breaking of the record, but the size and quality of the discovery. According to him, the quality of the research will help map the formation of galaxies, and better understand black holes. 

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