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A malfunction in Phoenix interfered with the analysis of the first samples it collected on Mars

The material collected by the Phoenix rover, parked on the ground of the northern arctic region of Mars, failed to reach the furnace for testing

Dust on the Phoenix spaceship. Did the spoon miss the oven?
Dust on the Phoenix spaceship. Did the spoon miss the oven?

The first attempt to analyze the composition of the materials on the surface of Mars failed. The material collected in the Phoenix shovel, parked on the ground of the northern arctic region of Mars, failed to reach the oven for testing.

The mission's scientists are examining the images taken by the camera on the 2.43m long robotic arm, which show that the pile of dirt has reached its intended location, but a sensor inside the cabin reported that it did not see anything falling into the oven.

The ground pattern is clearly visible scattered on the oven door, and the shaking surface appears to be functioning well. The control task is now trying to figure out what went wrong, so the sample analysis has been delayed, probably for a few days.

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  1. You're right, no problem.
    Apparently a picture is not better than 1000 words
    And if there is no proof on the site specified by you
    So probably not. Thanks and all the best

  2. to the cool responder. I'm always debating between the freedom of speech that I value very much and the desire to kick out snoozers who don't understand the purpose of the site. Indeed, there are articles on the site that deny all these beliefs (and on the occasion, indeed, to prepare a good article that explains the horrors of Islam towards its believers and the damage it causes to the world of science today, compared to its good times in the Middle Ages, because this happens to be a topic that is missing compared to the treatment of Judaism and Christianity).
    In the first stage of an attack I try to convince the good. You will be surprised, I even left one or two messages from the Muslims until they started pushing them in every news and then I returned war and also deleted the ones I approved before.
    I will try to see how it is possible to refer to a page where there will be a concentration of all nonsense and the answers to them - based on articles that already exist on the site.

    To my father - that's it, we've given you enough to talk nonsense. You have no proof, and I directed you to a site that thinks differently than us and if it also does not rely on the things you have raised then there is probably nothing in your arguments.
    We would be happy if you would only respond to the article to the point. The comments this time were not about the article but about the first comment, which if you didn't understand it - it's the one that wrote it - that is, the person who wrote it doesn't believe in little green people on Mars. And a response must also be something more than two words and a YouTube link, you have to defend your arguments, prove them - because as Carl Sagan said - extraordinary arguments require extraordinary proof.
    I hope that this is the end of the UFO discussion.

  3. Avi Blizovsky, I can't stand it anymore..
    I've been reading your site for over a year now and it just gets on my nerves all these scumbags. They're not even original!!! There are religious scumbags, Muslim scumbags and now (Inel Rabak) Scientology scumbags too? ? Where have we degenerated that we have to put up with this?
    I go to the site to read my daily dose of science news and I think I shouldn't have to put up with this kind of crap. And you should (please) delete their comments, and put a page on the website that details all these plowed topics (evolution, dark matter, aliens, God, gravity). No one will complain about you having the role of "big brother" because everyone trusts you that you know very well what a rabbi is and what a normal reaction is (like Yehuda Sabdarmish with the cute comments on his theory)

    To my father (he's the idiot who believes in an alien conspiracy),
    I don't need to explain why you're wrong because it's already a well-worn topic.
    I think you should put a video on YouTube that discredits science and shows the entire system of censorship and bureaucracy that is employed on this site to keep its readers under (the Matrix). Everyone will believe you! Why? Because it's YouTube!!! Who would put something false on YouTube?? After all, everything is a real name and sucks from the finger..

  4. Father, we have an excellent solution for you.
    There is a site that supports in principle the possibility that UFOs have landed on Earth, it is possible that they too have some misconceptions about some of the details in these films because anyone with common sense can quickly find the holes, but they may be able to help you sift through the chaff and find those whose arguments are more valid
    We will be happy if you enter them And see what can be read there. It's a shame to waste your resources - time, nerves, computer, on a website that doesn't fit your worldview.
    The science website accepts the scientific approach that accepts in principle the fact that life may be widespread in the universe, but states that all attempts so far to prove that any representatives have reached the earth have not been successful. I am the first to be happy if such a landing is adjusted, it can change our lives from end to end. Unfortunately, this did not happen and this is not the place for these proofs. Not because of a conspiracy - but because of the simple fact that in the sixty years in which there are reports, millions of ministers have changed in all the governments of the world, and more important secrets such as the way atomic bombs were built were leaked to the enemies of the USA during the Cold War, so a secret like the Abams certainly cannot be kept.

    Please see there if you can learn something and at least improve your arguments.

  5. Most of the movies there are free to download with a permit from Canada, where the Minister of Defense also recently revealed the existence of aliens, etc.
    Ministry of Defence. UK has released details on "UFO's and ALIENS
    There are some from the former Soviet Union that fell apart and films have come out. There are many scientists in the films, many films from the BBC, so what do you want anyway?
    Who are you to judge? A great scientist?
    Your comments are not flattering to any website in the world.
    You are a hopeless prattle.
    But despite everything I understand you, you are so busy being right that you stopped thinking at all

  6. Fibonacci:
    Your words contain an internal contradiction.
    If they are the fuel of the site then what does that mean? that their lies should not be exposed? What kind of fuel will it be? If you claim that they are fuel, you claim that their contribution is that they are burned, so I ask - why do you complain?
    I think there are quite a few people here who are interested in science and very few people who are interested in lies.
    The fact that there are other websites and newspapers is indeed a fact, but the serious and in-depth material can only be found in newspapers that are specific to a certain scientific profession. If someone wants, in addition to his professional depth, to stay updated in other fields - this website is an excellent tool.
    In my opinion, the site can also be a platform for intelligent discussions and here and there such discussions do develop. I really like it and I don't intend to allow liars to cloud my pleasure.

  7. Michael
    It's a bit excessive that a response would cause actual suffering. If the pain is so great you can ignore don't read forget you read.
    After all, the website owner's undeclared goal is to create a counterweight polemic to serial science blasphemers. Those who are not willing to follow the accepted scientific consensus are actually the fuel of the site. So why do you complain? Imagine that all these would blatantly ignore the site. This would have made it a completely relevant pastime because those who are really interested in science read it on serious websites in the English language. It's a bit hard to believe that there are serious interested parties who lack the ability to read the English language.
    In conclusion, despite the suffering caused to you, you owe a debt of gratitude to all the detractors for the concept of science accepted by you and the website owners.

  8. Fibonacci:
    This is not about opinions. These are lies. This is what Tainni intends to endure forever!

  9. Apparently the alien stuck something in his wheels and it stopped working. It's a shame that the camera didn't have time to photograph him or they deleted him from the frames. You also have to consider the time delay until the command reaches the camera to point it in the direction of the alien, he may be very fast. The question is if they thought about this kind of problems in advance, maybe cameras in red or purple infra, you know.
    In relation to the harsh tones and so emotional and emotional. What happened to you? Scientists are supposed to maintain absolute equanimity in the face of opinions that contradict and even completely oppose their opinion. The flexibility of thought and imposing sufficiency especially in your basic beliefs are values ​​that have not yet become obsolete in the context of doing science.
    So what the hell do you care what the others say. It is possible that they are right and it is possible that not everyone is in his opinion until he changes it according to his will and taste. What a bunch of hysterical women you are. Such behavior is not appropriate for older people, or maybe it is.

  10. Delete me from here please, apparently apart from translating articles you don't do much

  11. Michael, you are just rude, probably as ugly as your friend from the previous comment. I let go, why not you? Find something else to do.
    And with God's help we will meet one day

  12. Avi:
    And in relation to delicacy:
    When you come and lie with a determined forehead, to say about your words that they are nonsense is indeed subtle.
    Suggesting you shut up when you say you don't want to convince is simply a streamlining suggestion.

  13. Avi:
    Regarding your question - indeed two kicks in the head would have hurt my wisdom.
    Ten might have brought me down to your level.

  14. Avi:
    I no longer need to prove you a liar because you do it better than me.
    First of all you say that the scientists know about the moon being older than the earth and when I tell you that is not true (and I'm not talking about the claim that the moon is old that can be debated but about the claim that all scientists know this) you say something like "Okay - so they don't know now but In the future they will know." In other words - you already admit that you lied.
    Then you say that you don't want to convince anyone and when I explain to you how it is possible not to convince with less effort you start attacking my mother. In other words - you show everyone that not only that, contrary to what you said - it is actually very important to you to convince, but that you will do everything to achieve this goal. Therefore it is also easier to understand your willingness to lie in almost every sentence.
    sweet Dreams.

  15. I don't understand you, you have the whole internet in front of you, including sites that publish things without criticism and including large and powerful news sites than known.
    As I say to the religious haters, neither do the haters of the aliens and conspiracy theories, it's a waste of your time here. People come here to know the truth and it is interesting enough even without unprovable stories.
    In today's era there is no real option to hide information. It is a fact that you are allowed to upload all your nonsense to YouTube, I try to keep a level here. If I wanted ratings, I would publish news myself about aliens who landed and signed a silence agreement with the governments.

  16. "Learning about anti-scientific things"
    I just need you to put me on the call
    gentleness you say about "nonsense" "shut up"
    "Just trying to sell junk to others" and other things written to me
    You know what... delete the whole world knows. And you are apparently part of the system whose job it is to hide from the public what is really happening
    Delete you too have been deleted

  17. Father, there are rules of conduct and you are breaking them.
    I will delete all your comments. Even so, I'm not interested in turning the site into a place where you learn about anti-scientific things, and when someone tries to explain it to you gently and bothers to watch these far-fetched films, you should treat them with respect.

  18. You're just a typist. And this case doesn't happen up close, I wonder if you were that smart after 2 kicks to the head
    Rubbish your mother sells not me.
    No one asked your learned opinion.
    Really shut up.
    "Today's popular opinion" is not scientific proof.
    Keep your stinking talk to yourself 0

  19. Avi:
    I am not in the dark. Everything I wrote is true and all the lies I pointed out are lies.
    If you are not trying to convince anyone then just shut up.

  20. Avi:
    What a collection of fibrocks and lies accompanied by an amazing display of lack of knowledge.
    The prevailing opinion among scientists today is that the moon is a part that was thrown from the earth in a collision with another planet and therefore cannot be older than the earth.
    This does not prevent the liars from claiming at the beginning of the second clip that scientists know today that the moon is 800000 years older than the earth.
    The film talks about the surprising accuracy of the distance of the moon from the earth - a distance that causes it to hide the sun exactly even though we know that this distance changes all the time and it is only a coincidence that nowadays such coordination exists - in the very distant past the moon hid more than the entire sun and in the very distant future it will no longer will cover her.
    The film makes fun of the fact that the Earth only sees one side of the Moon - meaning that the Moon is constantly facing the same side towards the Earth and tries to attribute this to delusional theories when it is a result of Newton's laws of gravity and frictional forces within the Moon - a phenomenon that characterizes a large part of the Moons known to us and its action was almost enough to cause the same result in the connection between the planet Mercury and the sun (in a few billion years the planet Mercury will also face a permanent side to the sun.
    The film claims that there is no common characteristic between our moon and other moons in the solar system. As the above shows - this is a blatant lie.
    He attributes to NASA the deletion of details (cities - no less) from the pictures of the moon as if only NASA can observe the moon and all the others only feed on the fabricated pictures of NASA.
    This. Up to this point I saw and here I broke from the collection of lies. Sweet dreams to you, my father. I'm curious if you believe this nonsense or if you're just trying to sell junk to others.

  21. When they launch a robot weighing tons to a planet 40 years away in a spaceship, land it safely and activate it, you have nothing to say.

  22. Wow this is amazing!! I'm sure NASA scientists were speechless!!

    These smart scientists think they know everything and are always surprised!!

  23. The whole truth is on YouTube
    All the information is released to the public these days there are amazing things to see everyone must research on their own on Google or YouTube if you get a message that the video is not found refresh the page and it will come up
    And the strangest thing [Hebrew writing in my opinion] is an alien's shoulder bracelet.
    Look for information about Dr Reed and his fascinating case
    Explore by yourself all the information out there for 2012

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