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Phoenix photographed morning frost on the Martian soil

The frost, predicted from freezing water vapor evaporated after the sun rose in the sky

Frost on Mars, as photographed by Phoenix on August 14, 2008.
Frost on Mars, as photographed by Phoenix on August 14, 2008.

Biting cold at night on Mars. The stereoscopic camera of the Phoenix lander captured the image at six in the morning local time on the 79th Sol day corresponding to August 14, 2008 here on Earth. A thin layer of water-ice frost is visible on the ground near the landing area. A sequence of images shows that the frost began to disappear slightly after this photo was taken as the sun rose over the Phoenix landing site.

Due to the high latitude, the sun was at an angle of 22 degrees above the horizon when the photo was taken, an angle that emphasizes the details of the polygons, ditches and rocks around the landing site.

In this image we are looking in an east-southeast direction with the eastern panel of the lander visible in the lower left part of the image. The front rock is referred to as Quadlings and the rock in the center is known as Winkies. The image is painted with artificial colors, which have been expanded to show the color variation.

Previous photos taken in June showed frost forming on the foot of the Phoenix itself. Nor is this the first time that frost has been photographed on Mars. The Viking lander took a similar picture in 1979 at the landing site on the Utopia plain where large frost blocks were visible on the surface.

And more news - the Phoenix engineers managed to open another door in the TEGA oven in preparation for receiving another sample from Martian soil for baking and "sniffing".

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  1. point:
    Yaron London does make noise, but he is one of the most intelligent and educated people in the Israeli media.

  2. I do follow
    This explanation certainly makes sense.

    And in the context of Yaron,
    There are too many options in his name such as: "Yoren (from) London" "Yeron (I wish I was in) London" and more... so with Michael's quote "I have already explained to you that I use my time according to priorities and finding out this fact even more is not in the priorities mine these days."
    Have a good day everyone.

  3. For those wondering about the identity (identity?) of "Yron London":
    Whoever reads the scripture carefully - and I am not referring to the "scientific" chapter in the scripture - will immediately notice that Yaron's hand (the real one) is not in the scripture.
    Hebrew, gentlemen, Hebrew.
    Not the man who wrote so much - wonderful prose and poems - would write in such low language and even these few sentences.
    Not the man we often hear on TV in his rich and beautiful "elite" language is responsible for writing.
    And you have the proof.

  4. Moshe:
    I hope you are still following the discussion because Alon brought here a link with a qualified explanation and it is different from mine.

  5. Hugin:
    I wrote my opinion regarding Iron London and the fact that this is my opinion does not need proof as far as I am concerned because I have direct knowledge of my opinion.
    If you want to make sure that this is my opinion, you are welcome to check it in any way you see fit.
    I'm just telling you that I formed this opinion out of appreciation for the real Yron London who, in my opinion, would have given Moshe a more logical answer because the answer he gave has a mistake that any person who digs deeper can discover (and the fact is that Moshe immediately stood by it).
    If it is important to you to check if my opinion is correct (as opposed to the correctness of the claim that it is my opinion) you are welcome to do this in any way you choose and even by adopting the methods you suggested to me.
    I've already explained to you that I use my time according to priorities and finding out this fact is even more not in my priorities these days.

  6. Moshe:

    This is the answer to your question:

    The image was taken "3 times" for the three colors red green and blue and then combined into one image. This technique is different from a sensor in normal cameras and therefore the image produced is different from what we can see if we were there. In the picture at the top of the page, you wouldn't have noticed the frost, if they hadn't changed the intensity of the red color for example.

    With this technique you can see things that a normal sensor would not pick up such as very weak color differences. A normal sensor "ignores" weak color differences in contrast to a sensor that picks up 3 narrow rgb wavelengths and creates an image close to reality (if of course you want it to be close to reality).

    I'm not an expert - I'm an amateur, and I'm interested in image processing and computer vision.

  7. Michael, you are advocating that if you are not sure about something, check for confirmation of an issue.
    I offered you, honestly, if you don't believe, that indeed, it is Yaron London, who responded with his full name
    It is desirable and recommended, precisely because of your skepticism in everything, that you check the matter.
    Now, I'm also curious, and it's a matter of principle and honesty... call him... or ask my father
    confirm the source.

  8. Moshe:
    The answer to your question is in my opinion (the unqualified one - I have never checked this with those dealing with the subject) that the photos are not color photos due to a problem of bandwidth.
    Transmitting a color image consumes more bandwidth and this reduces the amount of data that can be transmitted within the time and energy limitations. That's why we don't broadcast in color if we don't have to.
    My words are of course contrary to the words of "Yron London" who in my opinion is not Yaron London either.
    The question you asked Yaron London in your response to his words is also correct. There is no problem extracting a normal color image from a photo that also includes information on additional wavelengths.

  9. what if?
    All the water on Mars goes through a process of evaporation and thawing to dew and then frost, so you can create water reservoirs easily and from water you can extract oxygen and hydrogen

    In short, buy lots on Mars because there are:
    Water - soil crops
    Water for drink
    Hydrogen - fuel and energy
    Oxygen - life

    I also recommend creating buildings from local materials such as glass and building bricks
    First wave of settlers: engineers, scientists
    Second wave of settlers: builders and professionals
    Third wave of settlers: explorers, mission personnel
    Fourth wave of settlers: intellectuals, population strengthening and social balance

    Politicians should not be put on Mars
    but to leave the colony rewarded and linked to the country

    Otherwise there will be a world war
    In the first stage after the fourth wave, there must be a turnover of settlers every number of years

    Until the settlement is stabilized to the level of a city
    From there, Mars should be treated as a doa for everything

    N.B.: I would create a colony of prisoners from all over the world on Mars and have them populate the planet, these are the worst prisoners such that we don't need to go to Mars and even transport heavy industries to Mars that are sent to Mars on an artificial asteroid powered by a gravity plexus.

  10. is the "emerged from among the slits", the autodidact NO-1, a sign and example, for intelligence, vital and liberated...Yron London - shade and light
    We happened..

    And regarding the frost seen on Mars, indeed frost is formed from dew... and that after all
    Read between the lines, for the essence of my response from yesterday, can understand that, the mana, that I mentioned
    From the source of the sun, indeed he is, he is the dew...the one who over everything.
    And as we all know, cold is a state of accumulation.. of the dew.. frost.

    Well... atonement for those who don't understand, to put it simply... bye

  11. Thanks for the reference Yaron,
    but then,
    Shouldn't colors have been "taken down", leaving only the visible spectrum?

  12. To the point, spend billions to explore the planet in all its aspects.
    Frost is a possible way to collect drinking water and it can affect the possibility of partial growth. So billions are invested for this.

    To Moshe, I believe that they transmit a wave spectrum much wider than the visible range and therefore they must add the colors that are only part of the data that is transmitted. That's my guess.

  13. Hi,
    A question that keeps coming back to me.
    Why are there no colors in the original photographs and it is necessary to add them?
    Is it because of the angle of light/refraction?
    Because of the size of the exported data?

    Thanks in advance,

  14. Thanks for the explanation. More or less that's how I understood it should be.

    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  15. Arbitrarily define midnight at a certain longitude and then you can go 15 degrees each time and add or subtract an hour.
    The hour is of course a little long. The intention was not exactly six in the morning but the equivalent of this hour in terms of the sun compared to the landing site

  16. Just for general knowledge, a question:- How exactly do they set the time on the surface of Mars, whose day is 24.5 hours? What is meant by the term 6 o'clock in the morning there on Mars?
    Is the length of an hour on Mars a little longer?

    Good night
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

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