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Researchers claim: the Jews were a pharaonic tribe that was expelled from Egypt

The name of the tribe was Yehud

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A new study, by two Jewish researchers from France, may revolutionize the history of the Jewish people. If the research is correct, Israel can already pass an inheritance claim on the pyramids.

At the end of a 20-year study, the two researchers, Roja and Soud Saba, published a book called 'Secrets of the Exodus from Egypt', according to which the Jewish people are none other than a pharaonic tribe from the city of Akhet-Aton, which served as the capital of the pharaoh - the first in the dynasty to adopt the monotheistic religion.

The brothers claim that the pharaonic tribe was expelled from Egypt around 1344 BC by the pharaoh who ruled the kingdom after Tut Ankh Amun. According to the researchers, the leaders of the tribe founded the Kingdom of Judah. 'Maariv' announces that the first chapters of the book, which will be published in a month, were published yesterday in the French newspaper 'Le Figaro'.

The research is based on a 'Pharaonic' reading of the Torah. According to them, the researchers found an amazing parallel between the pharaonic history of the 14th century BC and the events of the Israelites in Egypt. According to them, the expulsion of the monotheistic inhabitants of the city of Akhet-Aton is in fact, the exodus from Egypt. The inhabitants of the city were deported to Canaan and called 'Jews', and in fact this is where the name Judah and Jews originate.

Around this event, researchers build the stories of the Israelites. They identify Abraham with Pharaoh Akhenaten, the leader who believed in one God. Sara, is his wife Nefertiti while Hagar is another woman and her name is Kaya.

The problem in research is the problem of dating. This is because until now it was thought that Abraham lived in 1900 BC, about 600 years earlier than the new claims. Regarding Moses, the book presents a theory according to which the biblical leader is none other than Ramses I. They are based, among other things, on the fact that Ramses also originated in the Nile, and he also boasted a snake staff. They also find a close connection between several signs in the Khartoum script and the Hebrew letters. right or not? What is certain is that at Roga and Mossad, the Seder night looks completely different.

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