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I saw with satisfaction the amendments proposed by the Minister of the Environment to the noise prevention regulations. For many years I have been addressing grievances and lawsuits to bodies and authorities so that they can prevent the noise

The Scream - the work of Munch, 1893
The Scream - the work of Munch, 1893
I saw with satisfaction the amendments proposed by the Minister of the Environment to the noise prevention regulations. For many years I have been addressing grievances and lawsuits to bodies and authorities so that they can prevent the noise.

A noise that comes from the audio systems of passing cars (Dabil-Mobil), a noise that shakes walls in neighborhoods and homes, a noise that floods the shopping centers and stores, but more than anything a noise that deafens the ears of everyone who comes to the beach (in Eilat). For his presence with the sirens and with the help of the "system", every kiosk owner considers it his duty to "advertise" himself through screams from loudspeakers, every "yacht" that leaves the "marina" drags with it the background noises of a shrieking "yah-yah". And above all, everyone who has been given the right to provide services to the beachgoers thinks that the service will not be complete without a heavy, sense-numbing and eardrum-bursting sound - with drums.

I saw that a group of opponents of the regulations was formed, these, like most noisemakers, define their wares as music, culture, songs, etc. Maybe I'm a "dinosaur" but in my opinion music is a creation inspired by muses and so are songs or any cultural creation. What muses inspire screaming and tapping that cause bodily harm? The noise makers have solutions.

Many of the animals of the open areas (savanna) are noisy with their calls, barking, yowling, roaring, etc., making noise to announce their presence, the kofas closest to us (who live in the forest) announce their presence quietly. The human (cultural) creature has developed and sophisticated means of communication, therefore, those who feel the need to demonstrate a presence like an alpha male in a herd in the Savannah. Those who fail to overcome the (animalistic) instinct to express themselves in harm will respect and distance themselves from civilized society, will distance themselves from human society, will growl, roar, bark or howl as they please, away from the hearing medium of people, away from a place where there are civilized people.

I write the things while listening to music, around other tenants none of them hears the music I listen to as I am not trying to invade anyone's privacy. Sometimes I also like to listen to music at high volume, before the amplification I make sure that none of my neighbors will be disturbed, or alternately you can always use headphones. The disturbance is a gross intrusion into the individual's authority, a disturbance that according to research causes morbidity and violence, no one has the right or permission to disturb me and therefore the noise must stop.


  1. I want to approach from a different point of view.
    Today we are surrounded by thousands of people every moment and the noise is unavoidable
    Perhaps it is advisable that you respect your ears with earplugs or a more pleasant accessory
    And be honored with the quiet you deserve.

    It's true that we weren't born with earplugs or the ability to regulate sound, and it's generally not that pleasant to push
    Something to the ear but we adjust ourselves to the environment every day if by clothing
    Or glasses or a hat, so why not earplugs or hearing regulators.

    In general, I don't think it's possible to live in a vacuum for too long. But you can go to the Negev
    For what week and we'll see.

  2. The minister did not withdraw from the proposal. He will only moderate the regulations towards musicians.,7340,L-3865441,00.html

    And I really don't have the strength to go into detail here as well why it is important to encourage music in Israel, and that it is simply impossible to take into account all the neighbors because there will always be someone like Yaakov who will be bothered by the music...

  3. In the meantime, due to pressure from "musicians" the Minister of the Environment withdrew from his intention
    And the proposal that will be submitted to amend the noise regulations will be softened and alleviated (fur),
    Too bad !

  4. Nice of you, Jacob. So - when do you transfer the necessary money to my bank account?
    Ahhh…. Got it... you want only people who have money to play. Good. If that's what you want…

  5. It will finally be quiet, without noise nuisances that start to be heard at exactly 4 in the afternoon and end at exactly 11 at night.
    One of the more helpful laws passed in the last few years.
    As for the musicians, they will have to line the room where they practice with a noise-absorbing sponge.

  6. I hope that the new law will help prevent noise nuisance and will not be forgotten like the law to prevent smoking in public places.

  7. I hope the bill passes and is fixed. And in order not to hurt the musicians, I hope they will transfer budgets to open more conservatories where people can learn and practice.
    A phenomenon that I do support is street musicians who add some music in places where the main "music" you would hear is bus traffic.

  8. Not only that, the groups that started against the bill are going against the desire to prevent people from listening and playing music at home in the evening. But what to do, not all of us can afford to be at home in the early hours of the day so that we can listen to the music we like.

  9. The group, on Facebook at least, that organized against the bill is intended for musicians.
    The law puts those who play music at risk that they too will be considered a source of noise. This will give many people an excuse to silence the neighbor who plays or is still learning to play. Even so, the culture in Israel is limping on half a leg and now they want to cut down this part.

    This is the only argument I have against this proposal.
    Don't hurt the music.

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