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New CEO for the Wolf Foundation: Ilan Philo

The President and the Minister of Education appointed Zeev Ables, Chairman of Union Bank, to the Board of Trustees of the Wolf Foundation, which distributes the five Wolf Prizes of $100,000 each to outstanding scientists and artists from around the world

Ilan Filo
Ilan Filo

At the same time, these days Ilan Filo, MBA, 39, began to serve as CEO of the Wolf Foundation, after being appointed to his position by the President and the Minister of Education. Ilan Filo is a graduate of the Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University and holds an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. In the last five years (2003-2008) he served as spokesperson and director of marketing communications for the municipality of Herzliya. For three and a half years (1998-2001) he worked as a supervisor at Gitam/BBDO. He also volunteered for several years in the movement to fight poverty and served as the movement's strategic advisor and spokesperson. The incoming CEO acknowledged the choice and the trust in him and said "I intend to act to add to and encourage excellence in Israel and help prevent the 'brain drain' from the Israeli academy."

Philo replaces Yaron Gruder, who served as CEO of the Wolf Foundation since its inception (32 years). Upon reaching the age of 70, Yaron Gruder decided to retire from the foundation whose foundations he laid and which he led to tremendous achievements. Over the years he has received many accolades and certificates of appreciation for his wonderful work and his rare dedication to the Wolf Foundation.

The chairman of Union Bank, Zeev Ables, was recently appointed to the board of trustees of the Wolf Foundation, which specializes in promoting science and art for the benefit of humanity and distributes the five Wolf Prizes of $100,000 each to outstanding scientists and artists from around the world.

Ables thanked the President of the country, Mr. Shimon Peres and the Minister of Education, Prof. Yuli Tamir, for choosing and trusting him and said that, "I am happy and proud that I have been given the invitation to help the Wolf Foundation, which in its 32 years of existence encourages scientific research and excellence in Israel and around the world . The activity of the Wolf Foundation brings great respect to the state and the Israeli academy, and its name has spread far and wide."

For six years (1992-1998) Ze'ev Ables was the bank supervisor at the Bank of Israel and in 1987-1989 as CEO of the Bank of North America on behalf of the Bank of Israel. He is also active in a series of public positions that he fills voluntarily, including: chairman of the executive committee of the Open University and member of the executive committee of Beit Izzi Shapira.

The Wolf Foundation was founded by Dr. Ricardo Wolf (1887-1981), a Jew born in Germany, who served as Cuban ambassador to Israel. The foundation promotes science and art and grants scholarships to Israeli students and outstanding researchers studying at universities and colleges in Israel. Since 1978, the foundation has been awarding Wolf Prizes in the amount of $100 in each field to scientists and artists from all over the world "for a unique contribution to humanity and to friendly relations between peoples, without distinctions of citizenship, race, color, religion, sex or political opinion." In science the fields are: agriculture, chemistry, mathematics, physics, medicine, and in art in annual rotation - architecture, music, painting and sculpture. So far, 253 scientists and artists from 23 countries have received the prestigious award, including 18 winners from Israel.

Among the winners of the Wolf Prize over the years - the physicist Stephen Hawking, the conductor Zubin Mehta, the violinist Isaac Stern and the painter Marc Chagall

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