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90 days on Mars - Phoenix dug the deepest trench

Last Saturday, August 23, during the 88th day since landing, the Phoenix's digging shovel reached a depth 3 times greater than in all excavations so far. Now the sample is transferred to the "wet laboratory"

The excavation carried out by Phoenix on August 23, 2008
The excavation carried out by Phoenix on August 23, 2008

Last Saturday, August 23, during the 88th day since landing, the Phoenix's digging shovel reached a depth 3 times greater than in all excavations so far. Now the sample is transferred to the "wet laboratory"

The next sample of Martian soil to be brought aboard the Phoenix lander for analysis will come from a dig 3 times deeper than any previous Phoenix dig, carried out on Saturday, the 88th Martian day since the Phoenix landing.

Yesterday (Tuesday) the spacecraft completed the 90 Martian (Sol) days planned for its operation, and now it is operating with the extra time it received from NASA - until September. "As we approach the original mission end date, we are amazed at the success of Phoenix's operations," said NASA project manager Barry Goldstein of JPL.

Her main task on her ninetieth day was to dig up a sample from an excavation known as the "stone soup" which is 18 centimeters deep. In one of the next few days, the robotic arm of the Phoenix will spread soil from the sample into a third chamber of a wet chemical laboratory. The laboratory is part of the MECA instrument - an instrument for conductivity analysis, microscopy and electrochemistry that so far the mission scientists have used in two of the four soil test cells.

"In the first two cells we analyzed samples from the surface and the ice layer and the results looked similar. Our mission for the third cell will be to use it as a test cell to see something that might be different" says Michael Hecht, MECA's lead scientist. "The attraction of the stone soup is that at such a depth it is possible to collect and absorb different types of materials."

The stone soup is on the natural boundary line, or the trench between two polygonal areas of the type that characterizes the arctic plain on which Phoenix landed. The excavation is to the left - and west - of the previous excavations carried out using the Phoenix robotic arm in the northern part of the landing site.

When digging into the center of the polygon, Phoenix hit a layer of ice-filled, hard-as-concrete soil 5 inches below the surface. In the excavation area of ​​the stone soup, which is as mentioned at the edge of the polygon, the shovel has not yet hit this kind of ice layer. "The moat between the polygons is a kind of trap where things can accumulate," Hecht said. "Over a long period of time there may even be a turnover of materials that sink in these excavations and rise in the center."

The team of scientists considered two source sites from which the sample would be taken for testing in the wet lab and in the end last weekend the rock soup was the one that won. The loser was an area called the "upper sideboard" which contained a white material. "After realizing that this white substance is a deposit rich in salt, we decided to postpone treating it until we could test it with several methods.

For information on the NASA website

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  1. There is no greater pleasure than mocking people like Adam, whose ignorance is a lamp to their feet and they are proud of it.
    Normally it could be said that he is not guilty, because his mind has been washed, but his insistence on mocking others, and also out of a lack of understanding, is nothing to be mocked by.
    small comforts

  2. Adam, your arguments are pathetic, you are only interested in feeling smart and not being smart.
    You probably never will be. In any case, your disdainful attitude towards animals (monkeys for example) and tiredly proven scientific theories, only make me think how you haven't found your real place in the zoo until now... Maybe you should do some research, you might have fun there.
    Anyway, keep wrapping yourself in the skin of a dead cow and muttering nonsense in Aramaic. The main thing is that it will do you good. Let us enjoy life and eat in restaurants (very tasty) and not kosher.


  3. I skimmed the discussion. Does anyone have a link to the video of Avi El's debate with Amnon Yitzchak?

  4. Hugin:
    From the moment the problem came up again, I was on the source of the problem, but I don't blame myself for it.
    I could have used the phrase "Holocaust denier" and that is indeed what I wrote in the first place, but then I said to myself: "Wait, what is a "Holocaust denier"? What Holocaust is this? After all, there is the *Holocaust* and there are other events that people describe as *Holocaust* without knowing it ".
    For the avoidance of doubt, I added the information to make it clear which holocaust we are talking about, since it is certainly possible for reasonable people to deny, for example, the *holocaust* that Israel inflicts on the Palestinians or the holocaust of abductions by aliens.
    You took the knowledge and associated it with the whole phrase - as if I was talking about a specific person.
    As you said, anger is blind.

  5. We take steps to prevent falls.
    Among other things, I hope that we will finally transfer all the articles from the old site, and unite the infrastructures. At least some of the problems should be solved.

  6. Hugin,

    From what I read, Michael used 'Holocaust denier' as a Lennon metaphor. Just as a holocaust denier will continue to shout his words and ignore every fact that is brought before him, so did Yanon, and that has no place in a discussion on a scientific website.

    Regarding the site, we have had several crashes in recent days. I believe it will work out soon.

  7. And by the way,
    And these other short ones in the media, which ran here on the site, it turns out that there are 2 talkbackists - named
    "Adam", and we completely confused the creators with the references that went on here,,
    Looking back, we experienced in the last few days on the website "comedy of mistakes" and idle consequences.

  8. Michael
    Read, wait for the sequence of the last comments, and then I hope you will understand, where the mistake that was interpreted fell
    not right
    Thank you, tell me how you see it on the face of it, in this context... and by the way, it will probably be blocked
    Both Michael and I have the link to the site (unintentionally)..Do you have any idea what happened?

  9. Hugin:
    Who are you talking about?
    I'm talking about the holocaust denier, whoever he may be.
    I brought up the holocaust deniers as a parable for people who try to repeat nonsense so many times that people believe it

  10. Hugin:
    Beyond the matter of personal injury, I would also block him for saying the same thing without any justification in all his hundreds of comments.
    How many times would you let a holocaust denier send us the response "There was no holocaust and you are all talking nonsense!" ?

  11. Roy,
    Words are "energy bombs" for positive and negative, hes.
    And he is not the only one on the site who is not aware of this.
    But, I am glad that you blocked him temporarily, even if his sentences are "clogged" sometimes
    to some of the following to this site.
    Hopefully, we will continue from a good place, and become more noble, although I have no doubt that people are allowed to express the
    Their opinions are without hesitation...maybe it really depends on how they say it...and this is something that you also learn over time
    And with experience...unfortunately, not always the easy way..
    They say it's a world of choice, and if that's the case, the responsibility is personal to each one, as it were.

  12. Hugin,

    Yanon overstepped the bounds of good taste when his comments, some of which were blocked, took on a personal and offensive tone. He may be an evil animal with a soft core, as you say, but he should also know how to take responsibility for his words and actions. There is no reason for other people to hurt or insult, just to pity Yanon's feelings.

    The ban expires at the end of next Saturday, and I would be happy to continue polite and critical discussions with Yanon.

  13. per person(?)
    I entered the websites of Amnon Yitzhak and others like him, and listened to several lectures. What drew my attention
    This is the ignorant crowd that sits in front of them with open mouths, and listens to the jumble of lies, deceptions, and bland things
    who pours on them if it is Amnon Yitzchak and if it is Rabbi Zamir.

    A person has to be quite an idiot to believe in the existence of "God" about 6000 thousand years ago
    Shana decided to end his life of idleness (what was he doing in the million years before that?) and to create
    our world.
    By the way, how do you explain the mistake in the sentence: "The heavens are heavens for my Lord and the earth he gave to men".
    Today it is known that there is no such thing as "sky". If you go up 100 km you see an infinite and black space. So
    If God is in "heaven", in which galaxy exactly does he reside?

    If there are burned people, it is people like you who take strips of cowhide and every day twist them around their arms and heads and repeat every day the same stupid tekht and pray to "God", who last showed his face about 3600 years ago. The same God according to your version took
    What people under his protection and since then abuse him and bring him all the troubles in the world. What a certain father
    If he did this to his sons, he would be prosecuted.
    For the things you believe in, King Solomon's judgment will apply: Vanity Vanity said Ecclesiastes and others

  14. Hugin:
    I'm busy these days but find time here and there to respond.
    If you look again, you will see that immediately after my anonymous response came out, I corrected the error and indicated the fact that the anonymous response is mine.
    In general, beyond the issue of time constraints, the site has become less accessible because some spammers have joined it.
    It's already hard to find the interesting things in the night of nonsense written for us by Yanon and Adam and their doubles (and I don't think Shinon is a man. There is a difference in intelligence. Adam is indeed brainwashed, but he still has some brain left. Yanon just spits all the time).
    I have to admit that your responses do not simplify the matter because when you send me hints for other discussions I have no strength to try to decipher your intention. I decided to respond only to explicit questions or suggestions. There are enough real puzzles in nature and in the world that are worth thinking about and there is no reason to waste time on deciphering clues that were deliberately encrypted.

  15. No. Maybe we'll really settle for the simple word: "human being".. This is already a good start. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    And Michael,
    You suddenly disappeared from us, if I understood correctly, correct me if I was wrong, your response was confused
    With the anonymous, the unidentified?
    When you are free to reply, I have something to clarify on the matter.

  16. Yanon..can I call you Yanontzik?
    Because it seems to me that you could be here, the son, the grandson, and the great-grandson of the website...
    Maybe you should really grow up and wait a little you reach the rank of "holy animals",
    By God's grace and mercy, maybe then, it's better for you.. to continue.
    Roy, there's something about this boy...maybe you'll give him a chance?
    They are bad animals on the outside-and on the inside...soft...even if it's hard to admit it.

  17. Yinon,

    The messages you are trying to publish here border on personal injury, and I see that you have already stopped arguing and have moved on to personal ridicule. This is unacceptable and from now on your messages will be blocked and deleted.

    Thank you for visiting the site and I hope you enjoyed the articles.

  18. Yinon,

    You have been given answers to all the questions you asked. You, on the other hand, did not answer any of the questions I posed to you about the reason for believing in the Torah. In the meantime, you are the one who is entrenched in one position and refuses to accept any answer other than that.

  19. Avi,

    Strange that your name is also Nir:]
    It's enough to respond to yourself and try to increase the power of your speech by justifying yourself from users that you opened =]
    There are facts and a mistake!
    You are in some kind of position..which is the logic and you just developed an obsessive belief for yourself that stems from a lack of proportion and a complete unwillingness to search for the truth:]

    good week :]

  20. haha my father
    Your website so you give [and also agree to give] a bad name on whoever you want...
    It's a fact that I said something about you and you gave me an IP address..
    Which means that my father does not agree with people not having his opinion because those who are against my father's opinion get Ban:]

    Good week father, I am above you
    [I'm flattered not to get Ban Ai]

  21. Hugin:
    You don't really need to delete this document.
    All that needs to be done is to move it to its natural place in the medical sheet of its authors.

  22. Lanir, and Avi Blizovsky
    I don't think this is right and it is necessary to delete "documentation and history".. possibly because of this sad mistake in the past
    The reality is relatively not far, there are holes and gaps here and there, which we need today to understand the whole.
    It is possible, if you wish, father, to shelve things that are not to your liking, for this time, but there is no need to repeat it
    A mistake made by the fanatics in Christianity at the time. Think about it.

    In "Shem Hord".. haha ​​- but really seriously.

  23. Nir.
    So far I have deleted about 72 thousand spam messages. All those with editorial authority are monitoring the discussion and we have already deleted some excessive messages from Adam and his friends. We will continue and follow. It is also important for us to answer these claims and give tools to other surfers to avoid falling into their net.

  24. Adam, I saw this video already more than a year ago and according to what I remember it was actually Amnon Yitzchak who made fun of himself there and Avi Blizovsky is the one who says things that make sense, and Amon Yitzchak's stupid rant about his words will not change that. In any case, it is not clear to me how someone like you who truly and wholeheartedly believes that some "invisible" God created us from a lump of mud 6000 years ago, dares to show his face here and even laugh at someone, we are indeed descended from monkeys whether you like it or not, there is So are hundreds of scientific evidences. This is compared to the blind and stupid blind faith in an almighty God for which there is not even a single piece of evidence for his existence not to mention that the stories about him can put to shame the craziest children's fairy tale ever written in human history, you have to be at the mental level of a 4 year old to believe that these things really happened in reality , a talking snake, a stick that turns into a snake, a sea that is cut in two…..

    If you are not comfortable with the truth then that is only your problem, I actually think it is much more insulting to believe that we were created from a lump of mud, because even a person who does not understand a thing and a half about science (like you) can see that the similarity between us and monkeys is much greater than the similarity between a person and a lump of mud Mud, if it's not clear to you, wear glasses.

    In short, your ignorance is amazing, and that's exactly what stupid religion causes.

  25. Avi, you are not accountable to anyone - this is your website and that is the power of the network. You are not a state broadcasting channel. I don't think there's any point in arguing with these blind people.
    If I were you, I would just delete their comments outright and that's it. After a while you will see that they will not come to comment here anymore. Their comments have just as much value as SPAM and I'm sure you do delete that.
    If they lose some readers (although I'm sure they aren't "readers" at all) because of this - no one will really be sorry. Roy and you will have more time to put interesting posts instead of wasting time on "paying them back"


    post Scriptum. If you really want to attack them where it hurts, my opinion is that attending their conferences in front of their talented lecturers is a waste of time. After all, we won't convince you not to attend the conference there - the goal is to convince people not to come to their conferences at all and to see it as a waste of time.

    Maybe you should upload some videos to YouTube like the company at SKEPTICS GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE is doing. It is much more effective…

  26. to Nir
    The reason I didn't do it until now was so that I wouldn't be accused of being a dictator. But even that has a limit and all the moderators know what to do.

  27. Amnon Yitzhak is one of the biggest idiots of his kind. He only does harm to his believers and they still continue to wag their tails for him.
    You can publish or not publish this comment - what is important is not to give a platform to his fleas.
    Abby, that's why you're a MODERATOR here, just delete their comments. It's not a democracy here, people come to your excellent website in order to keep up to date on scientific topics in Hebrew. Amnon Yitzchak's blind people will take their nonsense to a shofar website or forums about Judaism.

  28. Yanon, this is my last response on the subject, anyone who understands what I was talking about will understand that the one who spoke nonsense is Amnon Yitzchak, come on, how can you even compare me to a science denier, for example a denier of continental drift.
    And once again, the truth is not who speaks more convincingly, who has a microphone and who doesn't, or things like that. There is a science that is outside of this nonsense.

    post Scriptum. He shows movies of Christians from the USA, if tomorrow he also decides to become a Christian, will you follow him?

  29. Roy [a man of sense, sensitive, and cute], [emphasis on the "sensitive"]

    I ask not to hurt each other, I am offended by such things..
    Good night to you and everyone =]

  30. Hugin,
    Cute, you wrote the components of a person..
    But I think a person is a person and not an animal..
    But if you want to share things about yourself with us, you can! But don't add us to your Hittite essence:]

    [My father, I would be happy if the last comment is not received by you as the impression of a distributor of derogatory names. I use the nicknames of the writer before..]

    We argue in the forum and look where it leads to some fight!!!

  31. Michael and Gil.
    Soon we will be in power and we will know very well how to treat people like you,
    We will do seminar camps for months until you admit that the Torah is true, and if that doesn't help either, we will simply not hesitate and send you straight to your brothers in the zoo where you will be obliged to behave like them

  32. Adam, I understand from your words that you want to say that, despite everything, Amnon Yitzchak is not yet a floor rag.

  33. A person:
    By suggesting that I behave like a monkey, you are admitting that at the moment I am not behaving like you.
    By the way, I didn't raise any problem. There is no difficulty in understanding the nonsense of sages. All in all, I suggested that you apply their "wisdom"

  34. Well, I wanted to joke and write that it turns out that the "stone soup" of Mars is at least not salty...
    What promises those who aspire to immigrate there, will not be a cure, in any way..

    But, suddenly I came across here, in a negative the ancient inside of me is..
    (Monin.. doesn't forget anything).. indulges in the amusing conversation between: Adam.. and Michael the Archangel..
    Well.. and they say that the ancient memory does not seep into your bones, and what does history say about that??

  35. Ok, I think I understand what's going on here.

    Do you think my father behaved in a wrong way?
    So you come to his site, and mock him yourself.

    Now that you've done that, and added and insulted other people as well, I can assume the story is closed?

    Thank you for coming to visit, and I hope you found interest in the articles on the site.

    good weekend,

  36. As an icon you both act like monkeys
    The name God in general comes from the name of a common worm
    A worm that is mainly used to catch fish in the sea

  37. Roy:
    Another thing about DA-
    Tell this to Adon Avi, that in the middle of the discussion he had with Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, he was driving in the right way, in that while Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak was talking to him, he was talking to someone in a miracle, and it really wasn't right way.

  38. Michael:
    Your difficulties are bigger than you infidels, but unfortunately everything has an answer,
    And I urge you to adopt the method of your great scientists who say you come from a monkey and start acting like one and respect your monkey parents at the zoo

  39. A person:
    I suggest that you adopt Hezal's advice and produce lice from human sweat (you should have such sweat because of your name, which you do not justify)

  40. A person,

    Chazal verses can be found cheaply, for whatever purpose you want. I would suggest that you look for the verses that talk about respect for others, the way of the land and love of your neighbor.

  41. For a person, truth and justice is not a game of who knows how to speak better and convince in front of an audience biased in favor of one of the parties. There is objective truth and Amnon Yitzchak may know how to laugh, but he does not know science.
    Although if you think he won, you probably don't understand what I said, and this indicates your limited intellectual capacity, and that the rabbi and his friends of the Chabatim are guilty of this limitation.

  42. I saw the confrontation you had with Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, he was really a circus for you hahahaha

  43. Look opponent... the Phoenix is ​​able to receive at most one command per day, to carry out the command it takes another day or more, things are not as simple as it seems and believe me if they could - NASA scientists would check everything yesterday and not even wait for today…
    And by the way... the problem with explosives is the material scattered around that may affect the test, also there is a danger that the explosives will damage the spacecraft... here too things are a bit more complicated than it seems.

  44. Wouldn't it be worthwhile to equip the spaceship with a drill + some kind of device to insert an explosive or other explosive material inside and then create a deeper and wider hole? And I don't think such a facility would weigh more than the existing facility

  45. "In one of the next few days, the robotic arm of the Phoenix will spread soil from the sample into a third chamber of a wet chemical laboratory"

    Why in a few days and not immediately? After all, last time the water from the sample evaporated because there was a delay in putting the sample into the oven, why are you repeating this mistake again? So that the water will evaporate again before the tests begin?

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