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The head of NASA following the signing of the agreement with the Israeli Space Agency: You are known for your innovation

NASA head Charles Bolden: The original inventions from Israel will be able to support the development of technologies that could promote the ability to fly to Mars * Science Minister Akunis: "Historic agreement with far-reaching consequences for the Israeli space industry"

The signing of the ten-year agreement between the Israeli Space Agency and NASA during the World Federation of Astronautics Conference, Jerusalem, 13.10.15/XNUMX/XNUMX. Photo: Israel Ben-Eli, L.A.M.NASA and the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Science signed today a new agreement for cooperation between the countries in the field of civil space. The agreement was signed today as part of the Israel Space Agency's World Space Conference at the Ministry of Science in Jerusalem. NASA head Charles Bolden and Menachem Kidron director of the Israel Space Agency.

The last agreement with NASA was signed in 1996 and its validity expired ten years ago and now the parties have agreed that it is time to renew it. As part of the current agreement, significantly deeper and broader than the previous one, NASA and the Israel Space Agency will cooperate in space exploration and technologies and information for the use of space for research for the benefit of humanity.
Among the topics on which it will be possible to cooperate: joint research missions, exchange of scientific information and data, ground-based research facilities, research missions and space operations, joint workshops and conferences, scientific instruments in aircraft, spacecraft, research rockets and scientific balloons, space communication, activities Education, and other platforms for space exploration. The purpose of the agreement is to provide an infrastructure for specific cooperation between the agencies, from which agreements for cooperation in specific programs to be decided by the parties will be drawn later.

NASA chief Charles Bolden said at the event that "our two countries have a long history of cooperation in space exploration, scientific discoveries and research and we look forward to the new opportunities this agreement will bring to increase the partnership."
"The agreement will allow us to work together on science and innovation projects that the citizens of both countries will benefit from. You are known for your innovation and expertise in technology development. In order to reach Mars and advance science, you must first advance technology. Technology is what drives scientific discoveries. It is impossible to go to such places and do these things (meaning a manned flight to Mars or any other destination outside of low Earth orbit and the unique missions for each such destination AB) without first developing the technology.
According to Bolden, the IAC Congress is one of the most important conferences in the field of space and he was particularly impressed by the fact that in addition to the two thousand participants from the space agencies, academia and industry, dozens of high school students interested in the field of space also came. "There are many students here and they came here to be inspired." said. According to him, the agreement will also allow the young people to participate in the journey to Mars, by coming up with original ideas for solving problems.

"The significance for the space industry and scientists in Israel is enormous" says Science Minister Ofir Akunis. "The agreement is a platform for participation in NASA projects and opens up access for them to the most advanced research and knowledge infrastructures in the world, as well as a boost to the space sector here in the coming years."
The director of the Israel Space Agency, Menachem Kidron, welcomed the agreement and said: "The agreement was signed through a joint effort, and both parties have the intention of implementing it in research and technology projects."

In recent years, NASA has reported a series of surprising and groundbreaking discoveries, including the recent discovery of flowing water on Mars, the discovery of the planet B452 similar to Earth, the successful arrival of the New Horizon spacecraft to Pluto, and a series of other discoveries.

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  1. I don't think there is a real reason to fly to Mars, interstellar missions should be encouraged, and spacecraft should be developed that can fly at a few percent of the speed of light, Mars will not return, and there is no significant advantage in "visiting" it. (maybe political)

  2. The flight to Mars is full of challenges. It's a shame that the series about Mars was stopped - there were probably voices against it.
    Water, fuel, food, propulsion, infrastructure colony development, energy, prolonged exposure to radiation. Let's hope that we will take on important projects and not on the sidelines.

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