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Despite all the research and attempts to explain the phenomenon of "fairy circles" continue and from time to time new explanations appear

A fairy circle in Namibia, 2000. Source: Thorsten Becker, Wikimedia.
Fairy circle in Namibia, 2000. Source: Thorsten Becker, Wikimedia.

Much has already been written here about the special and unique phenomenon of thousands of circles in the Namib desert. See for example these news items -

The fairy circles are circles that are "drawn" by plants around an empty space. Despite all the research and attempts to explain the phenomenon, new explanations continue to appear from time to time based on various studies and tests.

Those asking for explanations are researchers and scientists, while for the residents who know the phenomenon "from time immemorial" things are much simpler. Storytellers and local experts have quite convincing explanations such as "extinguishing the sun" (eclipse), volcanic eruptions and earthquakes caused by evil forces that try to swallow the sun or shake the earth but are restrained by the god(s). In the same way, the circles are created by superpowers.

Similar to the explanations of experts and scientists who do not always agree with each other's explanations, the locals also have different explanations for the phenomenon. There are those who are sure that the circles are footprints of gods, others claim that these are burnt spots as a result of dragon exhalations, explanations that are no worse than those of researchers who stated that the circles were created "by ostriches wallowing in the dirt".

Some researchers have come to the assumption that "the circles were created due to contamination with radioactive materials" there are those who claim that: "Termites in the underground "clean" the area around their nests and thus create the circles" Other researchers claim that the circles are "a result of competition for water resources". These are also fighting for their justice, while a third team of researchers claims that "justice with both claims", that is, "the circles were created by the combined effects of termite activity and competition for resources"

Therefore, as long as there is no agreement among the researchers, as long as there is no clear explanation for the fairy circles, as long as there is no unequivocal answer to the mystery, there is no reason not to accept the traditional explanation of the sages of the tribe...

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  1. Gentlemen of the "in the know"
    Before spreading opinions and "thoughts" it is worth knowing that:
    except for exceptions
    The deer belong to the primordial order, in which the antlers are a bony protrusion from the skull,
    The bone is coated with a horny substance that grows over the years,
    As part of the skull, the horns do not "fall out",
    To verify this, the moose belong to the ilonian family
    where the foundation is a bone that grows anew every year,
    In fact, there are many blood vessels and it is covered with velvety skin,
    At the end of the breeding season/estrus, the blood vessels are cut off,
    The skin falls off and then the horns too.

  2. Tzafrir Cohen
    I think in the context of falling rays it is the other way around. In the US, the antlers of moose, reindeer, elk and mule deer fall off. I don't think Thomson deer antlers fall off.

  3. Deer is a stag and not a deer. The film was originally called The Deer Hunter and its name was translated inaccurately into Hebrew.

    Deer have antlers that fall out every year (and don't split). The deer has bifurcating antlers that do not fall out and are attached straight to the skull.

  4. Asaf
    I saw that "deer" is gazelle in English, and I understand why you said that there are no military in America. I think the correct word is moose (that is, the movie should have been called "The Moose Hunter").

  5. Asaf
    I know you were joking :). The problem is that there are sign readers who understand jokes...
    Why do you say there are no deer in America? Near my house there are also deer, and cougars...and the truth is, bears too. Mule deer is not a species of deer? All these years I believed that "The Deer Hunter" was an American film...

  6. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is responsible for one third of the unexplained phenomena and God for two thirds.

    By the way, this continues to be true even as more and more explanations for the phenomena are discovered

  7. ל
    Come on, refer to the paragraph that comes to summarize the list
    easily and with a few jokes as a "last claim"
    Equivalent to thinking that where there are cougars there are also deer...
    For your information
    Cougars are only in America
    There are no deer in America...

  8. Asaf
    Your last claim, in my opinion, is wrong and misleading. I'm walking in the woods near the house right now and I hear something big moving around in the trees near me. Maybe it's Bigfoot? Maybe….
    But note: if I know that there are large animals roaming the forest, bears, cougars, deer and wild boars - then you claim that now my belief in a non-scientific explanation should be stronger?

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