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Money will fix everything

A series of experiments shows that remembering money relieves pain, and that people see money as a resource that will help them deal with others. Start counting bills

Money Money Money... Image by Felipe Micaroni Lalli licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5
Money Money Money... Image by Felipe Micaroni Lalli licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5

Miriam Dishon-Berkowitz

People are social animals, and more than once they depend on each other as well as on the group to which they belong, to satisfy their needs and fulfill their goals. This interdependence is based on the desire to belong to the group, since acceptance by the group is important for obtaining means of living and survival. Another way to achieve goals relies not on social popularity, but also on the fact that you have money.
Money can be a substitute for popularity in that it allows people to get what they want regardless of how popular they are in society. Hence money is a social resource. Money gives a feeling of security and a feeling that you have the power to influence the social system. What's more: from previous studies it appears that just knowing that you have financial resources at your disposal reduces your need for social approval from others.
And here, in a series of experiments, the question was raised as to whether the mere recall of money (rather than actually obtaining it) would lead to a feeling of power. And if so, will social rejection arouse a longing for money? Will thoughts of losing money intensify the negative feelings resulting from social rejection (since a person without resources becomes more dependent on others)?

Counting bills and life is beautiful
In previous studies it was found that social rejection resulted in responses in the brain similar to the brain's responses to physical pain. Based on these findings, the question is examined: will physical pain, such as social rejection, increase the desire for money? The researchers base this hypothesis on the fact that money evokes, as mentioned, a feeling of power and strength.
Previous studies have found that feelings of strength and power increase the ability to tolerate pain. It is possible that thoughts of having money may reduce the sensation of physical pain. Thoughts about spending money can increase the feeling of physical pain.

In the first experiment, the hypothesis was tested that if money is a substitute for social acceptance, then social rejection will increase the desire for money. In the second experiment, the hypothesis was tested that recalling physical pain would trigger a desire for money, just as social rejection did.
From both experiments it became clear that social rejection and physical pain increase the desire for money. If indeed money constitutes a social resource and gives a feeling of power, then the very thought of money should reduce the feeling of suffering from problems, including social rejection. The purpose of the third experiment was to examine this issue.
In the fourth experiment, the question of whether counting money would lead to a reduction in physical pain was examined (just as it reduced a negative feeling due to social rejection in the previous experiment).

Money as a social resource
The explanation that the researchers offer for the set of results is that people attribute to money a symbolic meaning of a social resource, something that helps them deal with social pain as well as physical pain. However, there may be an alternative explanation for the results of the third and fourth experiment. According to this explanation, the mere preoccupation with money (or thinking about it) was a distraction from the pain.
To rule out this explanation, one must examine what the effect of losing money would be. Thoughts of losing money should be just as distracting as thoughts of gaining money, but the meaning of losing versus gaining money is, of course, the opposite.
If people do attribute symbolic meaning to money then it can be assumed that thinking about losing money will increase negative feelings due to social rejection. However, if the thought of money is only a diversion then the exact opposite must be assumed: thinking about losing money will reduce negative feelings due to social rejection.
From the analysis of the results of the fifth experiment it emerged that the mere thought of financial expenses intensified the negative feelings of social rejection. This finding contradicts the explanation according to which thinking about money was a distraction, and supports the explanation according to which money is perceived as a social resource and therefore thinking about it alleviated negative feelings of social rejection.
Finally, in the sixth experiment, the hypothesis was tested that the loss of money would intensify the physical pain as it intensified the pain of social rejection in the fifth experiment.

The symbolic value of money
In conclusion, the findings of the six experiments show that both social rejection and thoughts of pain led to an increase in longing for money! Furthermore, counting money (which probably reminded subjects of the feeling of having money) reduced feelings of distress due to social ostracism and feelings of physical pain. Finally, the memory of losing money led to greater sensitivity to social ostracism and physical pain.
Money, as we know, carries with it real advantages. Now it turns out that even just thinking about him has many virtues. The results of the experiments show that money has a symbolic value that gives a feeling of power and the ability to deal with problems.
It is interesting to note that the money in this experiment had a symbolic meaning, but not a pragmatic one: even if the subjects had more real money during the experiments, they could not have used it to buy more "devotion" in the ball, or reduce the physical pain they felt following the immersion of their hand in hot water.
That is, its benefits were only symbolic but powerful. This indicates the way people think about money and treat it.

The author is a psychologist and an organizational and marketing consultant.

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  1. Tel-Z:
    You are not talking about anything.
    You are just blaspheming.
    I don't understand why my father allows you to do this.
    In my opinion - the immediate way to improve the site right now is to block you.
    Yes! I'm in favor of "gagging" people who use their mouths only to discredit others!

  2. You know you're squeamish - right - everyone understands with a little punctuation the end of the beginning of understanding something and yet there was a time when the website seemed to be connected and connected to the Weizmann Institute...
    In any case, science is not the very limited set of tools that most scientists use today..
    A minimal understanding of quarks - strange matter - and so on should have caused many to come down from the stupid tree they have been clinging to for years - you are still on it

  3. Tel-Z:
    If you came here to get a university degree then you came to the wrong place.
    This site (managed by my father and as you can comment wherever you want - he can block whoever he wants) is designed to promote the scientific approach over the delusional approaches to understanding the world.
    Part of the necessary activity for this purpose is exposing the nakedness of the promoters of these delusional approaches and the amount of responses these articles receive only proves how necessary this is.
    From reading your comments so far it is hard to know for sure if the purpose of this site matches your goals.
    I get the impression that it is not, and therefore, in my opinion, my father did well when he suggested that you go to other sites.
    Of course, no one can force you to do this, but with all due respect - if you think you can tell my father what to post on the site, you must recognize my father's right to suggest that you visit sites that are more suitable for you.

  4. "Because this is an important issue - which shows that there are unscrupulous people who will scare people to death the main thing is to make money."

    Exactly the point - that you are writing you have no guideline, base... outline that exists, I say that as a site that "science" is a candle to his feet, choosing the lowest denominator to present the topic is more suitable for 24 hours of news
    And since when are speculations about the marketing of a film seen as important articles.
    And the whole beauty is that as long as I can I will write wherever I want. And don't try to put science in the same position as yourself I will present myself as the protector of God... and I am not, moreover leaving science alone is an idea that negates science itself so... close to your logic? ?

  5. Tel-Z, there are enough sites that the truth is not a candle at their feet even if it appears in their name, do a favor, write on them. Leave science alone.
    I deliberately translated sections that talk about the stupidity of the film producers, because it is an important topic - which shows that there are unscrupulous people who will scare people to death the main thing is to make money.

  6. Enough enough - not enough - again some lies and inaccurate statements.
    Man is a social creature as a statement is no longer true, most of the world is, but most of the world also uses money, not all of it.
    By the way, the article began by calling people animals, not creatures, maybe just a random choice, but the reader is created in a certain mindset that allows him to simply continue reading and conclude: what idiots people are, while distinguishing himself from himself as different - the article will only create a feeling - people are a stupid society with no connection This only makes it easier later on for many things that silence is good for
    False religion continues to grow
    Don't you want to wake up????

  7. If we are talking about parables, who decided that the fisherman kills fish? And maybe he is looking for and groping in the darkness of the darkening mass for the golden fish.. He has 3 main wishes to fulfill:
    One of his wishes is to get out of the previous story: that he is 'Pinook-Yo' and that Grandpa Geppetto, as his creator, finally came out of the belly of the aging whale that Balaam had since arrived at their shores in 1986 (the entry of the 'worldwide internet' into Israel, soaked in accumulated thoughts and sweat:) To be thrown onto a safe shore... and finally, as freedom... to establish their human vision, as a innovator...
    A few coins and bills signed as a "seal" with the main 'values' will help them remember who and what their history was, their vision, which will be forgotten with the passing of the years 😉

  8. Nahum:
    There is a huge difference between money and God.
    Contrary to what some of the commenters here are trying to imply - money is really useful and makes it possible to live a better and more comfortable life.
    Of course, money does not answer everything, but this is not an illusion that someone plants in people's minds, but an illusion that they develop on their own.
    It is not at all surprising that many of the fair sex are attracted to men with a lot of money. Money really is power.

    And regarding the illusions people develop around money, here is a nice story:
    One rich man takes some time off from his occupations and goes fishing.
    He meets his friend on the beach from when he was still in kindergarten who is also fishing.
    He asks him about his actions and the friend answers him that he is a fisherman.
    "A fisherman?!", asks the rich man, "What future is there in that?! You condemn yourself to poverty with your own hands!"
    "And what do you think I should do?" asks the friend.
    "I remember you as a talented guy," replied the rich man, "Why don't you go study some lucrative profession - like law, or engage in large-scale trading? That way you can make a lot more money!"
    "And why should I earn more money?" asks the friend.
    "Because after you accumulate a lot of money, you won't be so preoccupied with income problems and you can occasionally take time off from work," replies the rich man.
    "But why do I need time off?", asks the friend, "What will I do in my free time?".
    "You can go fishing" replies the rich man.

    Well - it's a nice joke that illustrates some true things, but one of the true things it illustrates, which many people pay less attention to, is people's lack of imagination because there are of course many other things that can be done with free time and most of them are more fun than killing fish.

  9. In modern reality, money represents the potential of its owner to fulfill all his wishes and desires. Modern culture, modern education and modern thinking instill in us the feeling that if only we had enough money, we could use it to purchase anything we wanted and the sky would be the limit. This is the situation and reality into which we were born and into which our children are born. Money is the idol of modern culture, replacing the God trusted by the people who wrote on the dollar bills the immortal words quoted in one of the comments above.

    In the practical stories of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav, there is "The story of a man of prayer", which I highly recommend reading. It is written in a rather difficult way to read, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the world of concepts described there, but in my opinion reading it is worth the effort.

  10. In my opinion, in this experiment there is an allusion to one of the biggest problems of the world today, the problem is that people are educated through the mechanisms of society and the need to treat money as an end in itself, as the thing itself that must be achieved and it provides some kind of authentic fulfillment or fulfillment to human existence, which is of course absurd, this concept is what leads Rich people to accumulate more and more capital, just for the sake of accumulating capital and unnecessary and mundane property that does not make them grow as human beings nor does it make them happier, this concept also gave birth to the giant corporations that destroy the planet and fool the masses. What is worse is that the poor people adore the Those who are "rich" and aspire to be like them, thus perpetuating their "poverty",


  11. It turns out that even the very thought of money has many virtues. Money has a symbolic value that gives a feeling of power and the ability to deal with problems.
    Our entire being, conscious and unconscious, is affected by various symbols and triggers.
    This does not mean that humans are stupid and it does not evoke pity and nausea,
    That's just how things work.

  12. On a piece of dollar is signed in small letters: "IN GOD WE TRUST". From this it can be concluded that a reality that cannot be achieved by our hands or our mind in the simple and ideal way also penetrates us through the path of bills.
    Many of the leaders of human history, mythological symbols and more are immortalized on banknotes and coins. If this is not an interesting way to consciously and subconsciously learn a lot: about personalities, eras, about ourselves, our past and everything that influences us, the leaders of our visions, our dreams, our direction and our lives in general, I might be Probably another one who doesn't understand what "value" is.

  13. The results of the experiments show that humans are so stupid that even a piece of paper affects their mental state.

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