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Kentucky Fried Chicken built the first logo photographed from space

 The logo, in an area of ​​slightly more than 8 dunams, is designed to be seen from the satellites used by the Google Earth service

Kentucky Fried Chicken was honored to be the first brand seen from outer space. The logo, in an area of ​​8,130 square meters, was created by installing tiles in the Nevada desert, near the secret "Area 51" facility. The ad also signifies the change to the logo, which now features a clearer image of Colonel Sanders. The logo was placed there so that the photography satellites that continuously photograph the Earth, and among other things transmit the images to the Google Earth service, could perpetuate the logo so that the users of the service could view it.
In a press release published by the company, it was stated that it took 3,000 hours to build the "face from space", starting from the preparation of the land to the end of the assembly. The construction was carried out by the Synergy company, which specializes in organizing events.
The logo contains 65 foot by foot (30 cm x 30 cm) tiles assembled as a giant jagged puzzle: 6,000 red tiles, 14 white tiles, and 12 eggshell-colored, 5,000 beige, and 28 black tiles.
To produce the tiles, the factory that won the tender worked for 24 days around the clock. It then took six days to install the puzzle in the field. All the while the logo was covered so that it could not be seen from identified and unidentified aircraft and of course satellites, until it was completed.

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