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A victory for the National Parks Authority in Great Britain: oil and gas production licenses will not be issued from oil shale in natural areas and areas of scenic importance

Opponents say that the production will cause damage to the development of the rural areas, may cause small earthquakes, contamination of the groundwater. Also, the exploitation of new oil and gas reserves is not consistent with the fight against global warming, because it comes at the expense of moving to clean energy production

Oil production in the heart of nature. In Britain they banned it. Photo: shutterstock
Oil production in the heart of nature. In Britain they banned it. Photo: shutterstock

The New Forest near Sussex, UK, like the other nature reserves in the kingdom, will be protected from the extraction of oil and gas from oil shale by the method of fracking and other methods, unless exceptional conditions are met.

This was revealed when the new licenses were granted to oil shale exploration companies in the UK. As in Israel, here a decision is supposed to be made today in the District Committee for Planning and Construction in Jerusalem regarding the production of oil from oil shale in the Ella Valley, and also here The Ministry of Environmental Protection opposes. Even in Britain, the lobbyists of the energy companies were successful and pushed aside all the opponents, even though from the scientific aspect at least they were right.

the local newspaper Salisbury journal It is stated that the government decided to open the market to concessions in order to develop the production of gas and oil from oil shale in order to improve energy security, accelerate employment and the economy and lower energy prices, however the opponents say that the production will cause damage to the development of rural areas, may cause small earthquakes, groundwater pollution . Also, exploiting new oil and gas reserves is not consistent with the fight against global warming, because it comes at the expense of and delays the transition to clean energy production.
Chris Hope, from the School of Law and Business Administration at the University of Cambridge, another area that is going to be harmed by oil shale mining, says that the cost of the environmental damage should be imposed on the oil producers.

According to the memorandum, requests to develop energy production in national parks, areas of exceptional natural beauty and world heritage sites will be refused unless exceptional conditions are met and the production is in the public interest.

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  1. Anonymous (unidentified) user
    I don't think there is anyone who wants to "occupy" Gaza. They want to stop the rocket fire - and if Gaza has to be destroyed in order to stop the fire, and also any future fire, then I am in favor of destroying Gaza.

    Israel's aggression cost human lives on both sides. Someone in a movie once said "If someone raises a finger at you - break his arm". We do the opposite - and it costs human lives.

  2. Israel is a decent country. If Hamas wanted the best for Gaza, it would get along with us (in the future, that's what the stay is). But when I hear all kinds of politicians who want to occupy Gaza, I ask where does the money come from? It is already difficult to pay for the war today. My impression is that Israel sells interests in lentils in exchange for international support. Therefore there is no future planning due to regional instability. Hence the culture of exits, and the transfer of production lines to the USA to win support and funding. Or upgrading universities in China in exchange for money. In short, if Gaza becomes Singapore, and Egypt will have purchasing power like Turkey's.

  3. Anonymous (unidentified) user
    No, not everything is interests. Most people are not balanced. What is happening in Gaza is a confirmation of this. They attack Israel without any interest. They are a group of idiots who shoot themselves in the foot. Israel gets stronger from their nonsense, and they get weaker.
    Our problem is that we have a government that only cares about the continuation of its rule. This is Israel's biggest concern. So let them kill some civilians in the south - who cares? How many votes are we already losing?

  4. Miraculously, we live here for many ages. Therefore, the processes here will not end overnight. In a strange way, I have optimism about the Jewish future of Israel, and its place in the Middle East. I do not need the "love" of my neighbors. Because in the end, everything is interests.

  5. Invest in research and development.
    In Israel they don't think about anything. Does anyone in the world know of a country that fires missiles at its citizens and in return supplies them with iron to build the launchers?

  6. It seems that Nostradamus and my father are talking about the same thing from a different angle.
    Nostradamus talks about the public fear of changing the landscape. And my father wrote about the fear of investing in new technologies when there is abundant energy. What is troubling is that in Israel they do not think about the day when the gas runs out.

  7. When it comes to Manny Time, the "greens" oppose both wind energy (harms birds, visual hazard, noise) and solar energy (waste of open spaces, harms nature and animals) and dams (harms fish and nature) and nuclear energy (contaminates the environment, dangerous) …. And not every country has thermal energy. In short, the greens prefer (they get a lot of money for it) to enslave the West to the energy of the East.

  8. Indeed, it seems that the British did not diversify the energy sources. But in Russia there is a development of different types of sources. Saudi Arabia is also trying to diversify. Maybe my father wrote about available energy sources - in Israel?

  9. In my opinion, it is appropriate to utilize natural resources in the most extensive way. And this on the condition that the profits are used wisely. And what in my opinion is a wise use? So you need to invest in future energy sources - sealed reactors, hydroelectric or thermal dams (geysers, in drilling - Ormet). Another wise investment is in research and development.

  10. A small victory for the "greens" (who are financed by OPEC to maintain the cartel) and a huge loss for humanity (who will continue to finance despicable terrorists).

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