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A large Israeli delegation will participate in the Life Sciences Baltics 2014 conference in Lithuania in September

For those interested in participating - details below. The Life Sciences Baltics 2014 conference is a platform for an unmediated meeting designed to connect the biomedical industry in the Baltic countries to global innovations and developments in the field

Prof. Ada Yonat at the opening plenary of the Life Sciences Baltics conference held in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania on September 12, 2012. Photo by Avi Blizovsky
Prof. Ada Yonat at the opening plenary of the Life Sciences Baltics conference held in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania on September 12, 2012. Photo by Avi Blizovsky

The conference that was held for the first time in 2012 will be held this year in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania on September 10-12. This is the second and largest international forum in the Baltic states, which will be attended by representatives from over 30 countries.


The forum is intended for practitioners in the fields of biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, biological products, advanced therapy and accessories and medical equipment from around the world. The conference, funded by the European community, aims to create business and scientific collaborations in the biomedical industry.

The convention program includes an exhibition, a scientific program including lectures and posters, business meetings between scientists, industrialists and decision makers, tours of local companies and a diverse social program. As part of the scientific program, sessions will be held in the field of regenerative medicine, Horizon 2020 medical equipment and the technological front in the biomed industry.

Israel is a significant partner in the Life Sciences Baltics 2014 conference. The Israeli companies Kaleidoscope and Bioforum believe in building the scientific program of the conference and organizing a delegation of industrialists, entrepreneurs, scientists and investors who will participate, present and speak at the conference. In the previous conference, which took place two years ago, a delegation of over a hundred representatives from Israel, from the business, governmental and academic sectors participated, and the guest of honor at the time was Nobel laureate Prof. Ada Yonat.

Among the lecturers at this year's conference can be named the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry Prof. Carey Mullis, for his contribution to the development of methods in the field of DNA-based chemistry, Stefan Minger, the chief scientist and head of the global R&D department at GE Healthcare, Elmer Burkhart, VP of Medicine Regenerative at Pfizer, Richard Bergstrom, CEO of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries, Makoto Eshima, head of the Society for the Advancement of Science in Japan, Prof. Avi Treves, Deputy Director of the Cancer Research Center at Sheba Hospital, Prof. Eli Hazum, Partner and Chief Scientist at the Medica Ventz Foundation R. Pertranes and many others.

The Prime Minister of Lithuania, Algiridas Botkevičius, who serves as the official patron of the conference, said that the conference is an opportunity to present the potential of the life sciences sector in the Baltic countries to opinion leaders and decision makers from the USA, Israel, Switzerland, Japan and Germany. "I am happy that the scientists and entrepreneurs involved in the life sciences sector are valued as important partners in international programs such as the seventh framework program and the current program Horizon 2020. Lithuanians have gained a reputation as reliable providers of quality scientific research in the field of life sciences. This is particularly important because trust is an important element in this sector, and it gives companies a competitive advantage," the Prime Minister promised.

Mantes Nocius, CEO of Enterprise Lithuania, the company organizing the Life Sciences Baltics 2014 conference, says that at the previous conference, held in September 2012, more than 800 scientists and government and industry officials participated, about a third of whom came from abroad - the USA, Israel, European Union countries and more.

For more information and to participate, contact Reut Lazar, Bioforum's conference manager, by email at or by phone at 08-9313078.


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