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A prize of up to one million dollars from Google to a company that will present a breakthrough innovation at the iNNOVEX2017 conference

The largest innovation event in Israel will be dedicated this year to the memory of Shimon Peres with the participation of his son, my father-in-law

Photo from 2010: Hami Peres shakes the hands of Nobel laureate Andre Geim, and in the background - the then president of the country, the late Shimon Peres. Photo: Ilan Levy
Photo from 2010: Hami Peres shakes the hands of Nobel laureate Andre Geim, and in the background - the then president of the country, the late Shimon Peres. Photography: Ilan Levy

iNNOVEX2017 - the main event for technological innovation in Israel, will be held this year on February 8, 2017 at the Avenue Convention Center in Kiryat Airport. Dozens of lecturers from all over the world will come to Israel to take part in the conference In technological innovation - the main resource thanks to which the knowledge-rich industry in Israel developed.

This year, the organizers of the conference decided to dedicate it to the memory of the late Mr. Shimon Peres, who contributed greatly to the encouragement of technological entrepreneurship in the State of Israel and was an enthusiastic supporter of iNNOVEX conferences. iNNOVEX2017 will be held in collaboration with the Peres Peace Center, with Mr. Hami Peres Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Peres Peace Center; And a managing partner of the Pitango Foundation will open the conference with words of blessing and appreciation for his father's work.

You iNNOVEX  - The main event was initiated by multinational and Israeli high-tech companies and will be held this year for the fifth time. The conference will focus on encouraging connections and collaborations between mature and multinational companies and young and innovative start-ups. iNNOVEX2017 is held in cooperation with the relevant government ministries, the National Innovation Authority, the central academic institutions in Israel and the relevant professional unions.

At iNNOVEX2017, multinational and Israeli companies will present developments and innovations that will affect our lives in the fields of communications, medicine, automobiles and transportation, the Internet of Things, data security, industrial applications and green technologies. In addition, discussions on ways to encourage entrepreneurship and creativity in organizations will be held at the conference, and developers, scientists and experts from Israel and the world will be invited to present the latest products in their fields of expertise.

iNNOVEX2017 is expected to attract about 1,500 engineers, researchers, scientists and many senior managers who will take part in the conference in order to learn about the challenges in developing innovative ideas, exchange ideas, listen to experts and world leaders in the field and discuss ways to encourage creativity and original thinking.

Among the lecturers at this year's conference can be named Kerry Holley - a global expert in cognitive computing and formerly CTO of Cisco and IBM, Ross Dekin, senior consultant for technological and urban entrepreneurship, Prof. Jian Kai - founder of the Innovation Academy at Peking University, China, Hami Peres, co-director of Pitango Fund, Dov Moran, founder of M Systems, and currently co-director of Grove Ventures' fund, Prof. Yossi Matias , Vice President of Engineering and CEO of Israel R&D, Mr. Google, Eyal Waldman, CEO and founder of Mellanox, Dr. Yossi Vardi - entrepreneur and investor, and more. As part of the conference, a number of unique events will be held designed to encourage the development of Israeli start-up companies:

  • competition Disrupt iNNOVEX Organized in collaboration with Google, the aim is to encourage the development of innovative products in Israel and to reveal the companies developing breakthrough technologies that will change the world, to the general public, the investing public, and business development managers in multinational companies. The prize for the winning company: up to 1 million dollars investment.
  • Meetings iNNOVEX Meetup - An arena for short meetings between young and innovative companies and senior managers of multinational companies, who will come to Israel specifically to participate in these meetings. The meetings could lead to cooperation between the companies in various forms including R&D projects, joint technological developments, financial investments and more.
  • Startup complex - Dozens of young companies that have been chosen to present their technological innovations will take part in the complex. Participation in a subsidized ownership complex will allow companies to expose their products to investors, business partners, customers and potential employees.
  • Also, signals will be distributed at the conferenceThe leaders of theInnovation the globals” to some prominent figures who influenced the technological development at the international level.

More details can be read on the conference website

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