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Google recently published its environmental report, which reveals significant energy savings in its operation, helping its users to act more environmentally and investments in sustainable ventures. Is the picture really so optimistic?
The Israel-1 supercomputer is based on the new NVIDIA Spectrum-X platform developed in Israel, and will be used for internal research and development and with the company's partners. Later, it will be launched in Israel as part of the supercomputing service for AI in the cloud, NVIDIA DGX
A team of researchers from Harvard University, MIT and Calcutta in collaboration with Google successfully simulated a traversable wormhole with the help of a quantum computer. The experiment performed on Google's quantum processor demonstrated a transition of
The aim of the AI ​​for Social Good program is to support research and collaborations in the fields of data science and artificial intelligence that can help and advance humanity in social issues that are on the agenda
How did Pagerank solve the new query problem? How influential is Rankbrain and what other abilities does it give to Google?
How Google's algorithm affects the site's position in search results. Article by Bankhalter Shay
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