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NASA and Google will establish a new university for the future and technology

Singularity University will open its doors this summer, and will be located on the NASA campus in California's Silicon Valley. in every class

By Nechama Almog, People and Computers

Google's Singularity University
Google's Singularity University

The American space agency, NASA, and the Internet giant Google will establish the Singularity University, which will deal with futurism, new technologies and technological development. The university will open its doors this summer, and will be temporarily located on the NASA campus in California's Silicon Valley. The one who will serve as the president of the institution is the scientist, author and futurist, Dr. Raymond Kurzweil.

Studies at the university will last nine weeks, and will include courses in subjects such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and biotechnology. The purpose of the school is to teach the potential inherent in technologies and to anticipate how the technological inventions will affect humanity. The school will also offer three-day and ten-day courses for CEOs and senior officials. This is in order to give them the opportunity to foresee the future and decide which technologies may change the companies and industries in which they are active in the next five to ten years.

Initially, 30 students will study at the university, who will come from different countries around the world. Later, the classes will be increased to 120 students each. Each of the students will pay 25 thousand dollars for the studies, some of them through scholarships.

Dr. Kurzweil said after the announcement of his appointment, that "these days we are in the midst of a steep and accelerated path in the advancement of information technologies in a wide variety of fields. Only these developing technologies are able to affect the great challenges facing humanity - starting with energy and the environment, ending with diseases and poverty."

According to him, "the university will focus on nurturing leaders, who will create a special, creative and fruitful future world. The technology is going to be a million times more powerful than it is these days, and it may bring about deep and far-reaching changes in humanity." The president of the new university added that "one of the goals of the school is to dive deep into these growing technologies, to create the connections between them and apply these ideas to the challenges facing humanity."

The name of the school is derived from "The Singularity is Near" - a book written by Dr. Kurzweil in 2005. He claims in the book that the exponential progress of technology will change society after computers are created that will be "smarter" than humans. According to him, the rapid computing leap will bring progress in other fields as well, and together they will contribute to solving global problems, such as: climate change, poverty, hunger and disease. Another claim that Kurzweil makes in the book is that the development of technology in the next two decades will allow a significant extension of life, to the point of eternal life.

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  1. The technological progress of the human race is too slow today (in my opinion) even though today we are advancing technologically at the fastest rate that humanity has ever advanced.

  2. Elijah:
    It seems to me that you have jumped headlong from the Tower of Babel.

  3. Remember the Tower of Babel? The Holy One is amused. As we go deeper and higher we stand amazed at the magnitude of creation and from him the words break out: "How many are your works, O God, all of them in wisdom you did"

  4. After all the messes of NASA, they are also establishing a school.
    It seems to me that they should go to school to study on their own, how to build spaceships properly and meet deadlines.

  5. The biggest problem in the future is the lack of correlation between the rate of progress in technology and science and the rate of progress in the social sciences and humanities, the imbalance between the fields is the main problem of the 21st century. (development of ethical, educational, regulatory, economic tools), are the key to success in the future, without understanding the importance And speeding up the development of social sciences will use science badly

  6. It's not a university, maybe it's a school for short courses. Not even college.
    A university awards degrees at the end of studies, which last 3 years for a bachelor's degree, at least 2 for the second and another 3 years for research for a PhD.
    In short, just a cash machine. Good thing I didn't want to sign up.

  7. Nano-megalomania?Futuristic monster?Supercomputer?Poor people enslaved to elitist pretense like this.
    Of course, this trend can sweep and dominate a few more zombie-seeking bastards into additional idols created by illusion and fiction, and they will be the ones who will be able to live independently of the techno-political/leadership liars and fictions???

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