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Bill Gates and the billionaire Charles Simoni jointly contributed 30 million dollars to the project to build a giant telescope

The diameter of the telescope known as LSST will be 8.4 meters and will include three large mirrors and three lenses that will refract the light rays * After the telescope starts operating, in 2014, Internet surfers will be able to search the

The chairman and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, and the billionaire Charles Simoni (a former director at Microsoft who currently heads his own software company, Intentional Software, and in 2007 became the fifth space tourist in the world, when he took off in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft) together contributed an amount of 30 million dollars For the construction project of the largest telescope in the world, which will be placed on the summit of Cerro Peshon in northern Chile. The managers of the project, which is known as LSST (large synoptic survey telescope), said at the end of the week that Gates contributed 10 million dollars, while Simoni contributed 20 million dollars. The diameter of the telescope will be 8.4 meters and it will include three large mirrors and three lenses that will refract the light rays. The telescope will be equipped with a digital camera with a resolution of 3,200 megapixels and will take images every night with a total volume of up to 30 terabytes. After the telescope starts operating, in 2014, Internet surfers will be able to search the images.

Gates expressed hope that the telescope would give Internet surfers access to information about space. "LSST is actually an internet telescope, which makes tens of terabytes of information available every night to anyone who wants to learn about space," said Gates.

Simoni said that the telescope could contribute to breakthroughs as exciting as the discoveries of the first astronomers. "Imagine Galileo's enthusiasm when he discovered in his telescope the appearances of Venus, the moons of Jupiter, the first hints of the dynamism of the universe," Simoni said. According to him, the telescope may provide answers about the nature of the universe - "What is dark energy? What is gray matter? How was the Milky Way formed?".

Besides Gates, Simoni and other private donors, the project benefits from the sponsorship of research bodies and companies, including Google, Columbia University and the US National Laboratories in Brookhaven.

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  1. If you succeed in photographing aliens, you will have buyers for the pictures. Successfully
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  2. Of course, the image search will be limited only to those who have an original copy of Windows...

  3. North Tsili is close to the equator, but it must be remembered that we only have about 10 hours of night, and the rest is day, so that throughout the year the whole sky will be photographed.
    In addition, it should be noted from a calculation I made that they will devote only about thirty percent of the shooting time to the said internet needs. A little over two thousand photographs will be enough for them to cover the entire visible sky, which they can finish in one night.
    So apparently they will deal with other things as well.

    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  4. I read the comments before reading the article.
    Now I saw that it will be stationed in northern Chile so I already know where it will be stationed.

  5. To the cool commenter:
    I really don't know the details, but Yehuda didn't invent it.
    The website he points to says more or less this thing, although in a certain place they are more precise and write only LSST will cover the available sky every three nights, that is - the available sky as opposed to all the skies.
    By the way - it is also possible to cover the entire sky with a single telescope if it is placed on the equator, but I do not know where they plan to place this telescope.

  6. to the stolen responder
    I did not write "all the heavens" but only "the heavens".
    But there is a lot of supreme justice in your words because it is written in our Torah, true Torah: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth", and God must have meant not only the half that we see, therefore when I wrote about the telescope I had to point out that it is a telescope that can see half of the heavens that God created, may God bless him, And not a telescope that also sees through the earth, as could be understood from my words.
    Regarding your second claim, I disagree that the North Star cannot be seen from North Tsili. You had to point out that now it is not possible, but everyone knows that in a relatively short time of a few thousand years another star will take over the role of the North and the North Star will just be "Polaris" and I believe we will be able to see it from North Tsili.
    So it's good that you enlightened us cool commenter.
    All the best, be strong and brave.
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  7. Yehuda, the telescope cannot photograph the "entire" dome of the sky,
    For one reason it is limited to being tangent to the earth at its physical point (light does not pass through the earth..)
    And for a second reason that there are problems with the refraction of light in the atmosphere at sharp angles (relative to the tangent of the atmosphere).
    He sure can't photograph the North Star..

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