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The Discovery astronauts have completed their missions on the space station

Yesterday there was a smoke alarm at the space station which turned out to be a false alarm * They will leave the station on Monday

Pictured: All 12 crew members - six space lander and six Discovery astronauts gathered for a live press conference
Pictured: All 12 crew members - six space lander and six Discovery astronauts gathered for a live press conference

The Discovery astronauts and space station crew members have been busy for the past two days transferring equipment from the shuttle and the Leonardo component (the storage component that was brought to the station and will remain there permanently) to the station, in addition, we stored the tools used by the two spacewalkers Steve Bowen and Alvin Drew outside the station.

Russian air traffic controllers, assisted by station commander Scott Kelly, began analyzing the causes of the smoke alarm that turned out to be a false alarm at the station's Pierce berth. The sensor has been neutralized in the meantime due to hypersensitivity to dust particles. There are enough other sensors in the area that are working normally, and in any case this particular sensor has a history of false alarms.

When the Russian flight controllers rebooted the Zvezda service module computers all the sensors were reactivated, including the one that had been disabled earlier, this again caused a false alarm and therefore the sensor was completely disabled.

Tomorrow the astronauts will begin preparations for the end of their mission and on Monday they will detach from the station in preparation for landing on Earth.

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  1. We conquered space, we developed endless technologies. About the simple problems: ensuring good governance, intelligent economic management, and an effective solution to the creature of self-destruction and the endless disputes and wars between each other, these we have not yet overcome.

  2. In my opinion, the hardest day will be when Discovery lands for the last time..
    Does anyone know what time the spaceship is supposed to land?

  3. No…
    NASA sends men and women so that they don't say they discriminate, God forbid.
    In any case, NASA opposes having sex in space.

  4. Does anyone have any idea about NASA sending women and men together in case they can't return to Earth for one reason or another, and both sexes will be needed to have children?

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