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The systems are ready for Discovery's launch on Tuesday to the space station

The STS-128 mission will primarily be a delivery mission of vital components to the space station

In the photo: on the right - shuttle commander Rick Strokov and next to him is pilot Kevin Ford
In the photo: on the right - shuttle commander Rick Strokov and next to him is pilot Kevin Ford

The director of launch tests for the shuttle Discovery at the Kennedy Space Center, Steve Payne, reported that all shuttle systems are approved for flight, as of now, although additional tests will continue until Sunday morning.

"Our systems are in good condition, preparations for the countdown continue without special events, and we have no special reports," Payne says. "The flight crew, the shuttle crew and those involved in the launch itself are all ready for the event, we are excited to continue the countdown."

Discovery's launch is scheduled for this Tuesday, August 25, at 01:36 EST (08:36 Israel time). The flight will be commanded by Rick Strukov. Space Shuttle Discovery will carry the Leonardo Supply Module to the International Space Station during flight STS-128. This is an equipment warehouse the size of a refrigerator, which includes the physical fitness facility COLBERT, named after the comedian Stephen Colbert.

Among the shuttle crew is also a new resident of the space station - Nicole Scott. She will replace Tim Cooper, who arrived at the station just over a month ago on mission STS-127.
The deputy commander of the shuttle and flight will be Kevin Ford, and in addition to Strukov, Scott and Elio, Patrick Forrester, Jose Hernandez, John (Danny) Olivas, and the Swede Christer Vogelsang will also participate in the mission.

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