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Did Michael Jackson ask to clone himself?

Michael Jackson developed an obsession with the idea of ​​creating a small version of himself after attending a conference on human cloning in Las Vegas with Uri Geller in 2002.

Michael Jackson, from Wikipedia
Michael Jackson, from Wikipedia
Michael Jackson. Image:
Michael Jackson. Image:

The King of Pop became obsessed with the idea of ​​creating a small version of himself after attending a conference on human cloning in Las Vegas with his friend Uri Geller in 2002. Jackson died on June 26 of this year after taking a large amount of sedatives. "In Jackson's body, large amounts of a propofol sedative were found," the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement. "At the same time, there were other drugs that caused Jackson's death, such as lorazepam."

Jackson's driver, Al Bowman, who drove the two to the event, said after Jackson's death that Michael Jackson was very emotional. He darted out of the conference like a little boy. He smiled and looked excited.

"I heard him and Uri talking to each other in the back seat of the limousine. Howe talked about the idea of ​​being cloned. He grabbed both of Geller's balls and told him 'I really want to do this. I don't care how much it will cost."

The conference was held by the Clonaid company, which claims to be the scientific arm of the Rael movement, a mystical sect that believes that cloning is the key to eternal life. On their website, the group advertises a human cloning service for $200 and claims that it has already succeeded in cloning a number of people.

However, the scientific community does not know about this. First of all, from a practical point of view, many fertilization attempts are necessary for one to be successful - the Dolly sheep, for example, was preceded by about 200 failed attempts. LIVE SCIENCE website It is reported that doctors who are members of medical organizations in the United Kingdom and the United States and who participated in the genome project, published an official announcement advising against reproductive cloning.

In 2007, a UN advisory committee decided to outlaw the field of reproductive cloning so that it would not be necessary to reach a situation where the cloned would be required to be protected from exploitation and discrimination. Among the concerns - cloning cost to turn human life into a consumer product, which will lead to a market for spare parts from harvesting organs from clones with bodies but without brains, for the benefit of the rich who seek to extend their life span.

However, A site about celebrities Writes that the chances of this happening in practice are not high, partly because Jackson had to abandon the idea as all his funds were increasingly diverted to handling financial problems and legal representation. Plus, science wasn't advanced enough for Jackson. To date, not a single claim for human cloning beyond the embryonic stage has been proven. Science is approaching this ability but the process is still inefficient. About 98% of animal cloning attempts fail. And even of those who do reach the world's air, they are weak and die at a young age.

post Scriptum. It is not clear why a clone in which the baby is almost a 100% copy of the father (there is a problem with the mitochondrial DNA), would be a more natural continuation of the human personality than natural children who share 50% of the genes.

By the way today Jackson was supposed to celebrate his 51st birthday.

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  1. It's hard to ignore the kinetics in the context of those dealing with human clones:..Clone-Aid company? The evil-gods movement? What's going on here.. It seems that the fame syndrome never ceases to surprise with strange psychopathologies.
    How much truth is there in those talks, scientific information and gossip? Who knows.

  2. Eddie:
    When I read the article, I wrote myself notes on its pages and referred to the details of the claims.
    I did it for myself.
    I have no intention of starting to discuss here an article that has not been published here and which I believe has quite a few mistakes and misunderstandings.

  3. Michael Rothschild:

    Try to deal with Prof. Erez Brown's claims to the font. In my opinion, the article, or at least the principled direction of thought that it points to - is important enough to require actual references rather than sweeping casual condemnation.

  4. Eddie:
    I read the article you mentioned (by the way - it didn't appear in the last issue but the one before it) and it seems to me a really bad article full of logical fallacies and that doesn't even lead to the conclusions it claims to and certainly not to the ones you're trying to draw from it.

  5. Avi,
    Regarding N.B. :
    If you are a materialist, that is, you make a complete reduction of all mental phenomena and elements to the physical level, it is clear that there is a certain correlation between the genetic overlap and the personality images (a total of certain mental traits - not all of them). The correlation cannot be complete as changes in mental traits as a function of environmental circumstances must be taken into account.

    If you are not a materialist, or you hold a dualistic approach, the chel correlation is much smaller.

    In the meantime it turns out in the research (see an article by Prof. Erez Brown, the latest 'Odyssey') that the genome is clearly responsible for only 5% of the observed traits. It is permissible to assume that even with regard to mental qualities the situation is not fundamentally and quantitatively different. The gap can be explained according to one of the following two assumptions, or according to both together (which is more reasonable, in my opinion):
    A. The environmental influence is very large (-it is difficult to satisfy this assumption, as an exclusive assumption, in cases of identical twins who were raised in similar environments to the point of being identical in every practical respect);
    B. There is a mental system that cannot be reduced to the environmental or genetic level.

  6. I did not understand the N.B. . To begin with, the whole issue of continuity is an illusion, which shows man his place in the world.

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