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Does human evolution continue?

A study that surveyed the medical data of about 20 thousand Americans claims that despite the obscuration of environmental and cultural factors, the action of natural selection can still be felt even in humans in today's USA


Human evolution, according to an abyss. Illustration: shutterstock
Human evolution, according to an abyss. Illustration: shutterstock


A new study published in the journal PNAS of the American Academy of Sciences provides genetic evidence that natural selection continues to drive human evolution. Until now, it was thought that human evolution stopped about 40 years ago, but new research shows that traits such as resistance to malaria and adaptation to high latitudes developed relatively recently.


Jonathan Beauchamp used statistical methods to analyze relationships between lifetime reproductive success (rLRS) a close measure of evolutionary success measured in the number of biological offspring of a person, and the genetic difference in some of the important characteristics as it emerged from extensive genomic studies to examine whether evolution continues in the Western world as well of today.

The study focused on people of European descent who were born between 1931 and 1953 and who were given health checks and studies in preparation for retirement, following approximately 20 Americans aged 50. The researchers discovered a negative correlation between rLRS and choosing a career that requires higher education.

Thus, evolution was supposed to be selective against what Beauchamp calls "educational fulfillment." However, the researchers say that the effect of natural selection is small compared to the rapid changes resulting from cultural and environmental factors in recent generations. Therefore, environmental influence has overshadowed natural selection in regards to choosing a career that requires education in recent generations.

In addition, Beauchamp discovered evidence, although it was also weak, showing that natural selection favors an older age of first menstruation in women (it seems to me that such a statement requires an explanation). Together, the two findings indicate a continuation, even if slow, of evolution in humans. According to the author.


Editor's note, I assume this article will garner reviews. The researcher himself also covers the article with many warnings, and among other things, writes that the data allows him to predict only one generation ahead. However, he writes despite this "my findings provide further evidence that humans are still evolving, even if slowly compared to the rapid cultural and environmental changes that have occurred in recent generations.


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  1. א
    I see you haven't been among the site's commenters for a long time. Nissim *cannot be changed* The anti-Semitic hatred is part of his essence. If you don't believe me then keep trying to convince him...

  2. Miracles
    A. Why do you think I don't say? I wrote to Rafael what I think about not being drafted as long as the law requires.
    B. The fact that I ignored some anonymous commenters is because their writing style did not give me the feeling that there was someone to talk to. The fact that I am responding to you is because I am excited about the prospect of listening.
    third. In my opinion, there is a better solution than "saying" and that is to change the situation, such as canceling the mandatory conscription. But also to help ultra-Orthodox young people/those leaving the sector to complete matriculation, to continue building ultra-Orthodox colleges for academic studies, etc...
    Apart from that, ultra-Orthodox society is really getting closer to society and more Zionist (of course there are a handful of extremists and loudmouths left), part of this is happening thanks to people like Raphael.

  3. A.
    It's interesting that you tell the ultra-Orthodox to prevent the war...
    I have personally given enough sacrifices to these parasites. Take it as you will.

  4. א
    This is the intention of all the miracles since the golden calf...
    Their function in nature is like a mutation - to differ from their natural population.

    And like the indiscriminate evolution of good and bad:
    This difference changes the character of the original population and usually that population eventually collapses.

  5. Miracles
    It seems to me that even if a day comes when the recruitment figures will be equal. (Meanwhile, the percentage of ultra-Orthodox conscription is increasing and the percentage of general evasion is increasing, if you look at specific places like Tel Aviv, the difference is really not that big anymore) Or alternatively, the state will come to its senses and abolish the mandatory conscription. Still the amount of your hate will not change. If you decide to see a population segment as an "enemy" then it will eventually lead to the end of the third stanza. Jews have settled in this land three times during history, and twice they were expelled from it due to internal fighting between them (split into two kingdoms in the first and split into classes in the second) your way we will bring about the third extermination, and neither side will be able to blame the other and it certainly won't change

  6. A.
    It's simple - as long as the ultra-Orthodox are willing to sacrifice my children's lives so that their children do not repent - they are my enemy.

    And regarding a professional army - do you know a country in a state of war where there is only a professional army? I do not.

    There is a lot of waste in the army, right? But Israel will cease to exist without the mandatory army. We live in a grim reality, I suggest not to ignore it. What keeps our heads above water is the military service.

  7. Raphael
    Not that I mind, but before you respond to a comment, you should read again. It can save embarrassment for you.

  8. Chaim P
    Once you said "process" and added "automatic" then it can no longer be random.
    By the way - how do you prove scientifically that a certain phenomenon is random?

  9. Chaim P
    You sound like a real religious preacher. Soon you will say that whoever says that evolution has stopped is a reformed secularist.
    The thing is that when you see the movie Beaufort (many if not all the actors did not serve) you don't get angry like you do when you see a group of Haredim.
    The (main) reason that Haredim don't enlist is really because they feel that they are trying to fight for the rest of their lives. And really you and many commenters here have a wish that everyone would think and believe exactly like you (many ultra-Orthodox do too, only you claim to be "liberals" and you really are not).
    Basically it's a fight over nothing. The IDF really doesn't need everyone and just recruits people, wasting a lot of money and the main waste is the huge damage to the economy. The Israeli economy can soar if they stop the conscription. But that's not the point for you, only the hatred is what matters. You said that there would only be more ultra-Orthodox deaths from some of the population, calm down, do you read what you write?! Maybe just say how many bodies of ultra-Orthodox would satisfy your hatred instead of letting us calculate.
    What is saddest is that people educate their children on such hatred. I met enough people in the army who see that they were brought up to hate.

  10. Chaim P
    Evolution, at least in part, is based on natural selection. Why are you so sure that natural selection is happening in humans today?

  11. Raphael
    You are right, not all the seculars are recruited to fight. Beyond that, there are a lot of secular people who avoid military jobs.

    So what? Does this justify the ultra-Orthodox to dodge? And another false pretext? seriously? We all know that the only reason the ultra-orthodox do not mobilize is the fear that they will repeat the question, there will be fewer voters and they will lose political power.

    Please, at least from you I expect not to continue the lie that studying Torah is more important than jobs in the army.
    (Laughing ….. I don't expect anything from you).

  12. Evolution continues.
    Did anyone think otherwise?
    The process of evolution is not a self-aware process. And it was not designed nor carried out by another entity.
    This is a completely automatic process. Man and every other living creature - continue to be affected by random mutations. Some do not survive. Some do. This.
    Evolution cannot "know" that now other times have arrived, and perhaps it should turn itself off to know....

    What I have presented here is necessary. Those who disagree with me - actually do not believe in evolution, and actually do not understand what evolution is.

  13. By the way, converts also indirectly contribute to the recession of the ultra-Orthodox, they serve as what is called in sociology "social agents", people who move from place to place or from group to group and unconsciously pass on ideas and opinions.
    These things seep through in the end.
    Rafael I say this in a completely positive way.

  14. א
    Your talk about the rabbis is not acceptable to me. I understand that in your circles it is customary to scold the rabbis and also to praise them in case they do exactly what you think is right, but in ours it is not customary. We were brought up to respect sages and listen to their voices.

  15. Miracles
    I will explain to you -
    All the seculars who can enlist (in terms of health) are in combat regiments.
    (What not?)

  16. Joseph
    By and large, what you wrote is true. But not accurate. You can't really stop progress, you can try to slow it down, and even then in the end it breaks the dam. Today there is internet for a lot of ultra-Orthodox people. By the fact that the ultra-Orthodox women go out to work and study core studies (all girls study core) they gain strength that will eventually explode in the face of the rabbis who tried to oppress them (this is how the feminist movement in Europe began, when women went to work during the World War because the men were at war)
    It's also not entirely certain that Judaism once progressed faster, it could be that because we look at hundreds of years from a great distance then it seems like rapid changes to us and it seems to us that today there is no change.
    It is also possible to help the change to be faster if they cancel the compulsory conscription for everyone. And with the money you save, they will give fair salaries+ to those who volunteer to enlist.
    Then the ultra-Orthodox went out to work, exposing themselves more to the rest of society. And it will be much more difficult for the rabbis to prevent progress

  17. anonymous
    I didn't understand - are all the ultra-Orthodox who can enlist (health-wise) in these battalions?

  18. Israel
    Indeed I drink in honor of him, and fool in honor of our Lord. May the honor of our ancestors who fought that we reach here be as an honor, may his name be praised.

  19. And by the way, the ultra-Orthodox have existed since Jesus. 2000 years. They are anxious people for the Jewish culture and guard it jealously against satanic lawbreakers and wretched and leftist outcasts like you, Nissim.

  20. The seculars did not establish the State of Israel.
    Where does this nonsense of yours come from? All these people were religious.
    The fact that they were from Europe does not necessarily mean that they were Nietzscheans.

  21. I am a man, honest, and healthy - in body and mind. And I am happy that the ultra-Orthodox are praying for my safety.
    You sleep very well at night when ultra-Orthodox members of the ultra-Orthodox battalion watch over you and your adopted child.
    I sleep well at night like this.
    All the people of Israel sleep well on the night when they are guarded by an army.

  22. I am a man, honest, and healthy - in body and mind. And I am happy that the ultra-Orthodox are praying for my safety.
    You sleep very well at night when ultra-Orthodox members of the ultra-Orthodox battalion watch over you and your adopted child.
    I sleep well at night like this.
    All the people of Israel sleep well the night they observe

  23. anonymous
    Be sure that if you are not a man, honest, and sound in his intellect, then they are not praying for you.

  24. anonymous
    The ultra-Orthodox sleep very well when I and my children watch over them.
    I'd rather they didn't pray to their idols to keep us safe.
    So far, it hasn't worked.

  25. Our young country which is already the third house, the one that has barely risen with a people that has just lost 1/3. It seems that religion and I, by the way, believe in the Creator and my tradition, unfortunately leads us to perdition a third time. Religion must be renewed or it will perish and it's a shame. Exclusion of women, gays, secular, military service, innovation, independent thinking, sciences, Arabs.
    Will an ultra-Orthodox and Christian minority who does not serve in the army and does not study core studies and defies the state succeed in holding the state. These ideas have nothing to do with Judaism in the past. Rabbi Akiva, Yohanan ben Zakkai and Rambam were always innovators in relation to their time. The Rambam in Morah Nabukim required the study of sciences and the wisdom of the Gentiles.
    Judaism in the past was led by innovators and then the seclusion began. Just as in the Islamic world after the golden age came religious extremism. As the Golden Age he brought algebra with the digits 0-9 to Europe and accelerated the sciences there, brought chemistry, brought back the writings of Aristotle and Plato that were lost in Western Greek. Thanks to them, Socrates is today a canonical philosopher of the Western world, they wrote lewd poems - no one dies. In our Judaism, those names from the past understood that in every generation Judaism must renew its interpretation. That morality is not static and that the destruction of the Canaanite's wives and children is not appropriate for future generations - there is refinement. David sings a love song to Jonathan, which one has to try very hard not to understand that it is like Alexander the Great's love for Hyptsion. The extremists wanted to kill Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakhai when he left the walls of Jerusalem to found Kerem Yavneh. This is how the Second Temple was destroyed: a million dead, a million and a half slaves, 40 thousand villages.
    We have 70% of Portugal martyrs, many Spaniards who were Jews, many Palestinians who until 200 years ago were Jews.
    We lost all of these. We could have been a huge and numerous nation. The ultra-orthodox boycotted the books of Ramchal, whose Masilat Isharim later became a canonical book in the ultra-Orthodox world.

  26. The ultra-orthodox have not slept for 2000 years.
    All this time they are praying for our peace. Yes, yes, also to peace, you idiot - miracles.
    Got it, miracles?
    All this time they are praying that the existence of the Jewish people will be a consensus in human society.
    And you, a half-baked Jew, fight against it.
    Thanks to them, today we have a legal right (in quotation marks or not) to our country.
    Do you understand that idiot?

  27. I say that the ultra-Orthodox do not sleep day and night and pray for peace with their people - the people of Israel - that they may live safely in their country and their country, which is the State of Israel.
    And the secular dodgers gain sympathy among the mob calling for the erasure of all Jewish identity and Jewish identity from the State of Israel.

  28. anonymous
    Are you saying that the percentage of ultra-Orthodox recruits is greater than the percentage of seculars?

    I'm not saying that the percentage of breaking the law among the ultra-Orthodox is greater, if that's what you mean. What bothers me is how an ultra-Orthodox sleeps at night when he knows that others are dying so he can continue his games. And by the way - not all ultra-Orthodox who do not enlist study in a yeshiva.

  29. Oh and another fact:
    In the 30s, Stalin would shoot dodgers.
    Most of them were secular.
    Oh, it happened in the 40s too. He ordered to shoot them in the back. Anyone who runs away from the scene of battle. And again - most of them were secular.

  30. How many seculars stand up when a secular dodger is arrested?
    Does anyone even hear about them, even though they make up the majority of those who evade the Israel Defense Forces?

  31. A.
    You are amazing 🙂
    Pay attention to what happens when you stop an ultra-Orthodox dodger. How many rabbis stand up and say they are wrong? On the other hand - how many demonstrations are there at that moment.
    Is the rate of proliferation of the ultra-Orthodox negligible? Read here –

    Remind you what happened when they didn't listen in the thirties?

  32. Miracles
    "The percentage of ultra-orthedim who serve increases every year, or just their number?"
    Think logically from year to year the percentage of Haredim changes negligibly.
    "The government does not represent the people"
    So who represents the people? are you? Is the Knesset also not representative in your opinion? I have never voted for any of the parties in the coalition, but this is how it is in a democracy that the results of the elections should be respected. With what audacity you say such a sentence, what just because none of your friends voted for these parties you conclude that the government is not representative. Or you're in favor of democracy only when it's convenient for you. The elections were not rigged. "So which rabbi came out against the statement" I wrote exactly who. And Raphael is ultra-Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox still don't condemn such statements, neither do all religious people, but this is a trend that is spreading. And the chairman of the Jewish Home, Gina, was even the first from the government and the strongest.
    "The ultra-orthodox are fighting a horma war in the secular way of life. Today they don't use weapons (usually)" You must have also read their "protocols". Brace yourself, you really sound like propaganda from the XNUMXs.
    Although the culture of the ultra-Orthodox regiments shows a welcome process, I don't think the solution is there. The solution is to stop conscription.

  33. Israel
    Really 'no' because there are still sane people in the Jewish state. And they are the majority. Despite all the chatter that tries to dictate even here all the Judeo-quislings such as Nisim, or misanthropic rags such as the self-proclaimed responder nicknamed "Haim".

  34. Life

    The Knesset can also enact laws against smoking, alcohol, fattening food, and oblige the population to go to gyms.

    After all, there is no doubt that any positive laws that, if implemented, will benefit everyone, right?

    So why

  35. Miracles
    Did you think a bit and realized you were wrong?
    Maybe you'll learn a lesson from this and start thinking a little before spewing tons of nonsense and nonsense?

  36. A.
    Too bad you don't realize that we are really in a state of war. The ultra-Orthodox are fighting a bitter war in the secular way of life. Today they don't use weapons (usually) - as long as Israeli "democracy" licks their ass.

    I know it sounds extreme, but think about it that evading military service is considered treason in the river world. And don't kid yourself that this is the will of the people of Israel. The government does not represent the people!

  37. A.
    The percentage of ultra-Orthodox who serve increases every year, or just their number?
    So which rabbi came out against the statement ….. asked Raphael what he thought about gays.

    Where did I lie? I thought a bit about pacifists, and realized I was wrong about them. I know the Amish well in the US, who are not drafted. They also don't vote, don't get involved in politics and don't take a penny from the state. Oh, and they work very hard and pay full taxes. They are also a very small number of people and their way of life does not harm the country. On the contrary, they are a source of income.

    Haredim sit in the government and decide whether I and my children will fight tomorrow or not. And they don't even decide this on their own, but on the opinion of some whimsical and immoral rabbi.

  38. Miracles
    Didn't you say earlier that you don't have a problem with pacifists?
    wow Your lies have completely confused you. Take a breath, relax and try again.

  39. A.
    Too bad you don't realize how serious the problem is.
    The ultra-Orthodox who do, or are willing to do, full service are great from my point of view.
    As for pacifists, the truth is that I believe most of them do not act from noble motives. Beyond that - I have a problem with a person who is not willing to own a weapon to protect his family members.

    I have a serious problem with a group that can be violent and physically assault women who don't dress the way they want, who think they are moral even though they are alarmingly less moral, who despise materialism but worship materialism and people.
    And others believe the lies on which their faith is based...

  40. Miracles
    Where is the country going?
    The more ultra-Orthodox recruits year after year? Is the percentage of working ultra-Orthodox workers increasing? That for the first time rabbis condemn a rabbi who called LGBTIm perverts? (Rabbi Lau, Rabbi Sharlo, and even Rabbi Eli Sadan came out against it, although in a way too reserved for my opinion)
    The thing that clouds it is people like you (secular religious and ultra-Orthodox) who only want to spread hatred.
    As optimistic as I am, I never expected things to progress so quickly.

  41. Raphael
    I already explained to you - I contribute more to Israel than you, even today. I work and study abroad, because I have no ability to do what I do in Israel.

    My connection to Israel is my children and grandchildren and my house in Moshav. I admit that my connection to the country weakens over time as I see where it is leading.

  42. Joseph
    I think there was an evolution. So do you allow me to respond? you are welcome?
    Is there another condition? Am I allowed to believe God?
    Am I allowed to disagree with you or do I have to agree with every opinion of the majority of commenters?
    Must we think that the ultra-orthodox should be thrown out of the country?
    In this entire discussion, no one wrote anything against the theory of evolution or the big bang.

  43. I have a feeling that Yossi is actually Haim who occasionally likes to respond under different nicknames.

  44. Joseph
    I did not know that the science site is a site of "believers" in evolution and the big bang. And what if a new theory is discovered that says there was no big bang. This is something that can easily happen. What will you do with your "faith" then?
    Besides, if you want silence, feel free not to read our comments.

  45. The forces of darkness are winning in the country contrary to the impression created on the science website.
    I just ask myself, what about a person who does not believe in the correctness of evolution and the big bang on the science site. If they enjoy the material here, please, leave it alone. If it bothers them that there are others who think differently - no one is obliged to read what is written on the website.

  46. Life
    I don't think you deserve consideration.
    But if you mentioned national service, then I'll just point out that many studies have already shown that a large-scale national service does more harm to the economy than it does good. And it is not yet in a situation of compulsory national service, where there will be much more hidden unemployment.
    The army is already overwhelmed with excess personnel.
    I understand that you don't want to solve problems, you want war, there are also those on the other side who want war. And both you and them don't mind destroying everything along the way. For your emotions you will also burn the country. And precisely at a time when the ultra-Orthodox are under pressure because they are losing their grip on their public? Indeed, the recruitment figures are rising. Or is it stressful for you too? If so don't worry I'm sure you'll find something else to fight and hate or someone else.

  47. Haimchuk
    It's not nice to talk like that
    Go play with et in the yard and don't forget to eat the banana
    And be careful not to be hit by a dark matter particle from a parallel location

  48. Israel
    Collects another sentence. All those ultra-Orthodox who do not serve in the army are Taliban with hoods. They don't shoot yet.

  49. Israel
    As for the legislation, I would go in a completely different direction, any Jew who does not serve in the army or alternatively national service whose length of service is equivalent to military service, will automatically be denied his citizenship.

    Look at all those ultra-Orthodox who don't serve in the army, the secular ones enter our plate, enter our bed and enter our grave. You are quite fed up. Who was the chief military attorney Avichai Mandelblatt, a man wearing a black kippah, is he less Jewish than those silk spinners who spend their whole lives in yeshiva? Whoever was Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Neve (I hope I remember his name) wears a kippah, is he less kosher? The commissioner of the police Adam, religious less kosher? The first state auditor, Dr. Nebentzel, was an Agudat Israel member, was he less kosher? Stop walking around with the slogan "theory of their art". You are only changing yourselves.. My harsh reaction that you read is a symptomatic expression of this attitude towards you. So please don't come with complaints. You honestly earned the resentment towards you.

  50. Miracles
    So that you can try to speak from time to time in a non-blatant way.
    I feel the discussion will lead nowhere. You don't want the problem to be solved at all. At first I thought that the debate between us was practical, what was the right way to act. Now I'm starting to think I was wrong. The debate is about the goal. Your goal is war and hatred. The benefit is already a marginal matter for you. You have a thousand excuses for underestimating even the ultra-Orthodox who enlist. You throw out lies that no one knows who told you. Nothing less than a civil war will satisfy you. You are not much different from the extremists on the other side. And that in the end you will lead to the destruction of the Zionist dream.
    You may have option B or foreign citizenship. I don't have one and I don't want to either (my grandfather spoke for Dino but I really don't intend to swear allegiance to the King of Spain). I hope. That there are enough like me to fight you.

  51. Miracles
    Those who serve less than two years are actually national religious order soldiers. They and they come much more to the reserves than seculars. I see it every reserve I go to.
    Those who have 4 children, secular or religious, can get paid from the reserves, for religious and ultra-Orthodox it happens at a younger age.
    The evasion of reserves is so widespread among the secularists that there is really no need to raise the issue.
    The explanation for why you are not slightly angry at pacifists. It doesn't seem to me that an Israeli movie annoys her as much as seeing a bunch of ultra-Orthodox even though most of the actors only wore uniforms on a photo set or made a symbolic army.

  52. It doesn't seem to me that the Knesset is going to enact a law soon to deport ultra-Orthodox to Fiji, Madagascar or Birobidzhan.

    But why not a bill to stipulate the right to vote in military or national service?

    Not closing a corner?

    And since even such a sensible law has little chance of passing, maybe we can accept the fact that there are considerations in the democratic game that go beyond military service or participation in the burden?

  53. A.
    I will say it very bluntly, then maybe you will understand.
    As long as the percentage of ultra-Orthodox in the military cemeteries does not equal the percentage of ultra-Orthodox in the population - I will consider them traitors to the state.

    Understand - my friends died because of these parasites.

    To minimize the number of casualties, the best people must be recruited into the fighting units. If you think that it is possible to build a good army with full pay, and parallel to finance a growing population of parasites who hate gays and women, when everyone who can is leaving the country (and Bibi HaAbel wants to import more foreign workers) then you are going to be very surprised.

  54. Raphael
    What I said is the truth. The ultra-Orthodox served for less than two years, there are no Sabbaths left and they are not called up for the reserves. That was four years ago.

  55. א
    Why were you surprised?
    I repent. I joined the army as a secular.
    I have two sons who have already joined the army. One of them in my battle in Kfir in the Netzah Yehuda Battalion. And don't believe in miracles and his daughter. They do strictly combat service and will also do reserve duty.

  56. Raphael
    I was actually surprised that you wrote that you are ultra-Orthodox, I wanted to ask if you served in the army

  57. Life
    Why banish them to some island if you can simply destroy them in gas chambers?
    If you already want to be a Nazi then go for it all the way.

  58. Are you forcefully ignoring the point that there is already no need for so many soldiers? And there is certainly no need to increase the number by 30%.
    I understand that this breaks one of the main reasons for your hatred.
    It's true that I don't think it's okay that ultra-Orthodox people don't enlist (although I think everyone should cancel the enlistment and switch to a professional army) I also don't forget that many of them volunteer and donate in other places, remind you who was after an attack collecting body parts, and even today after serious accidents. And this is just one example. Nissim, it seems to me that you will probably cancel and find a reason to underestimate each of the things. Zaka, Yad Sara, the ultra-orthodox in Union and salvation. But that just goes to prove my point. What you mostly want is to see a "war" no matter that in this war there will only be losers! And there is no need for it!
    post Scriptum
    I don't know when your daughter met with the ultra-orthodox regiment, but I understood that the regiment had birth defects (like many new units that are not elite units beforehand)

  59. Miracles
    The problem is that those religious people are allowed not to serve in the army. I would solve the problem in a different way. They don't want to serve in the army, that they won't be here. Find an island in the ocean for example near the Fiji Islands and move them there whether they want it or not. Trust me there they will already start working.

  60. A.
    My daughter served in the Kafir Brigade. The ultra-Orthodox there did minimal service and were not capable of being regular fighters. If the battalions do three years and a month of reserve every year after that, then great. But - this is not the problem!

    The problem is those who don't. This is more than half of the ultra-orthodox. I can't understand how you can sleep at night when your child is in the territories and the ultra-Orthodox children are canceled. I will never forget how on Friday afternoons I picked up my little daughter from the train station, dusty, with a rifle bigger than her and red shoes. At the same time dozens of ultra-Orthodox in clean Shabbat clothes passed through the area - as if they were a different people.

    To think that I pay from my taxes to satisfy the hobbies of these gin eaters ….. Shame on the country that I have given so much to!

  61. Miracles
    I'm sorry to tell you, but you don't really show an example of the love of the different.

  62. Miracles
    ” Do you think that ultra-orthodox blood is more valuable than other blood? Are you ready to sacrifice me or my children so that an ultra-Orthodox won't come back, God forbid?"
    I really don't understand why you asked that. Because I tried to explain what drives them?
    I think the disdain you insist on regarding the ultra-orthodox regiments is inappropriate and gives the impression that everything you said stems from deep hatred so it doesn't really matter what I say.
    I told you what the solution I offer is
    post Scriptum.
    The length of service is full service. which is more than many national religions. The salary is also normal.

  63. A.
    What is the service period of these soldiers?

    Do you think the change in the ultra-Orthodox sector is due to their willingness to donate, or their desire to receive?

    And the most basic point - do you think that ultra-Orthodox blood is more valuable than other blood? Are you ready to sacrifice me or my children so that an ultra-Orthodox won't come back, God forbid?

    Raphael represents a group that hates what is different from them - but takes everything it wants by force. To remind you, the group also discriminates against women.

    A parasite is someone who lives at the expense of others. The worst parasites are those that are also willing to kill their host. How is that ultra-Orthodox group different?

    I hope I don't have to (again) mention that I am referring to a very specific group of ultra-Orthodox.

  64. Miracles
    The ultra-orthodox who enlist, I really don't think it's because of you or people who call them parasites (which is really the terminology of the hawks and it's not appropriate to use it)
    These regiments serve and risk their lives protecting the motherland and also get an extension on motivation. And you have no right to underestimate them.
    And again, I said what I think is the solution to the situation.

  65. Miracles
    What do you care if he thinks they are sinners. Let's settle for not making it a graver sin than anything else. And he will not say that they should be denied basic rights such as demonstrating.
    You are probably also a sinner in his eyes. It will be many years before someone says such a thing and even an optimistic guy like me says it.
    I mention again. All religious members of the Knesset were against the abolition of prison sentences for homosexuals. So it's a bit hypocritical to say that you don't understand why they need to demonstrate.

  66. A.
    And any change in the ultra-Orthodox sector is because of people like me who love their children. Do you really think that this sector recruits voluntarily?

    And do you think these ultra-Orthodox battalions are worth anything??? It's just eye work.

  67. Raphael
    Who told you this nonsense?
    getting married? in the country? Adopting children?
    There are many aspects of life that are still discriminated against by ordinary couples.
    I don't expect you to even support but at least understand the legitimacy of their struggle for full equality. And all this without mentioning the vulnerability of the community members, the violence, the harassment, some of them from a young age. Especially those who see them as more feminine and that's how they were born. So yes the community wants education for acceptance. And that boys will not live in the shame and disgust of society (this is exactly what annoyed the rabbi, who gave a lecture on the subject at the officers' course). That's why they call it a pride parade. If nobody tried to humiliate them they wouldn't call it that. Any improvement in their rights in recent years is the result of a struggle of which the parade is a part.
    I'll take it as a protest that you thought I was going to travel all the way to Jerusalem for the parade, but the truth is, no.

  68. א
    What equality of rights? What are they missing? They marry and adopt children and do whatever they want.
    What are all these disgusting parades? What is the great pride about?
    It is shocking to think that a religious Jew would participate in such a thing!
    If there was a parade of those who are proud of being Shabbat violators - would you also participate?

  69. Raphael
    So what are you saying? Is it illegitimate that they want equal rights? Shouldn't they be brought to justice by the law? Maybe we should reinstate the law that imposes a prison sentence on male sex? If you are shocked, then you should know that when the law was repealed in 1988, all religious members of the Knesset, including the separatist, voted against it. So don't tell stories that you have nothing against rights to benefit from.

  70. Miracles
    The ultra-orthodox are in the midst of a process of getting closer to the state, the number of recruits is increasing year by year, the extreme factions are really under pressure. The Israel Defense Forces is opening more and more ultra-Orthodox battalions. What the extremists want most now is a "war" with the state that the ultra-Orthodox public will feel attacked. So from time to time they divert a young man not to come to the recruiting office at all and not to take the exemption and then the military police have to arrest him and the extremists get exactly what they wanted. The entire ultra-Orthodox Peshkevil campaign against soldiers and the army is the result of pressure.
    If you really want to influence the ultra-Orthodox public, you should simply abolish the conscription requirement. Within 3-5 years the yeshiva will reduce the number of students by even 80%. The influence of the rabbis will decrease. The ultra-Orthodox who will integrate into the labor market will see for themselves how important Mudi Liva is and will not agree that their children will not learn them

  71. Raphael
    Yes - of course there are different needs. But, the army determines the needs, not poor politicians.
    Of course not everyone can or should be combative. I never claimed otherwise. Again - the one who decides is not a politician.

    Natori Karta hate you more than me. What did you even mention them?

  72. א
    If all those who have a sexual attraction to their mother or sisters or daughters (not same-sex attraction but rather to the opposite sex) wanted to march for equal rights, would you support them? Like those who have a sexual attraction to their pets? Or rather to the wives of their friends - would you support them? They want to establish a family unit of two men and one woman. Would you support it?
    Each of us has passions. The Torah teaches us to control the urge and not let the urge control you. You can't make a flag and pride out of nothing. A Torah and mitzvot observant Jew cannot support such a thing. And if he does that - it means he has gone off the rails.
    In the Torah there is no difference if you want to sleep with a man or with your friend's wife or with an animal or even with your wife during Nidah. All this is forbidden, and we must not support those who want to make it permissible.

  73. Raphael
    I am against anything that violates human rights. In the army there is no problem to serve - neither for a secular like me nor for the ultra-Orthodox. Anyone who says otherwise is simply lying.

  74. It's more of a protest without provocative clothing. What the Latvian community wants is very basic and that is equality. It is legitimate for them to make a parade about it, and it is legitimate for it to be in the capital.
    You can google what the rabbi said instead of directly slandering the media.

  75. א
    I did not hear Rabbi Levinstein's entire sermon. And I have the feeling that the media took a section of his words and cut it off and connected it and highlighted it as they always know how to do.
    If Rabbi Levinstein called everyone who has same-sex orientation perverts, I do not agree with him. But if he called the organizers of the abomination parades and the like deviant, then I think he expressed himself quite mildly.
    In any case, I think that every religious person who goes and joins these parades, his next step will be to desecrate Shabbat in practice. In short, this is the way out of Judaism.

  76. Miracles
    There are natural processes that the public goes through on its own and cannot be accelerated by force.
    I'll give you an example
    If you had shown me this five years ago I would not have believed it. A year ago I told people that this is what was going to happen and no one believed.
    Now you will probably say that it is only national religions. So in one that comes from the national religious community Enid tells you that they are just like the ultra-orthodox, only one step ahead. What is happening now in the religious community will happen tomorrow in the ultra-Orthodox (just a little slower)

  77. Miracles
    You have to be smart, not just right. Instead of struggling and fighting and getting a backlash, you can stop and think what is more important. What is really most important is the integration of the ultra-Orthodox at work and in society.
    What's more, sorry, I'm digging it, but it's really time to switch to a voluntary and professional army. The army is bursting with unnecessary personnel and personnel whose job it is to take care of the unnecessary personnel, it is possible to close or privatize entire units such as radio stations and newspapers, units of the M.T. in which they invest a great deal of effort and manpower to recruit boys who are clearly not suitable for the army. It will be possible to reduce the training system by more than half because today by the time a soldier is trained and even more so a female soldier, they are almost released.

  78. Miracles
    You are making fun of yourself as usual. Your emotional responses are more appropriate for a kindergartener than someone your age.

  79. Nissim, I mean, do you recognize that there are different needs for the army and not all of them need or can be combatants? As for Naturi Karta - they were here before us and therefore from their point of view we will leave and not them. And you are afraid of the army's religion and don't lie.

  80. Miracles
    I mean, do you recognize that there are different needs for the army and not all of them need or can be combatants?
    As for Neturi Karta - they were here before us and therefore from their point of view we will leave and not them.
    And you do fear the army's religion and don't lie.

  81. A'
    My belief is democracy: equality of rights and duties between members of all genders. Do you really think that my daughter should do military reserve service when Raphael's friends are playing at being "righteous"? You probably don't understand the signs of their lack of service at all.

    The ultra-Orthodox are not pacifists - the ultra-Orthodox defenses are among the most violent I have seen. They are selfish misanthropes who are willing to bury the country because of their superstitions. Of course I'm not talking about everyone!!!! There are wonderful people among them who contribute above and beyond. And there is Raphael and his kind who are willing to sacrifice an 18-year-old girl in order not to sweat.

  82. Raphael
    You didn't take anything out of me - I don't usually hide my opinions 🙂

    "Is the person whose father arranged for him to serve in the newspaper in the camp instead of in Karbi, even though he has a 97 profile, also evil in your eyes?" - Yes. I could arrange for my daughters to serve in the Air Force, but I didn't do it, and they strongly demanded that I not do it.

    "What if the person whose daughter serves as a tea server in Kriya?". First of all - there is no connection here between the parents and the daughter's service, they did not make sure that she distributed tea. The daughter is not to blame for anything either - the military role is determined by coordinating the person's abilities with the needs of the army

    "And finally, do you think the Karta Naturi are as fine as the pacifists?" Karta narcissists are actively harming the country. They are no different from other traitors. If you don't believe that the country has a right to exist then live abroad and shut up. This is really not a Sinaitic Torah.

    "In my opinion, Nissim and Co. also don't really want the ultra-Orthodox to mobilize. Look how scared they are of the knitters taking over their army" - where did you get that from? 🙂 The soldier I most admired was a religious guy who was killed in the Galilee (the second crew member on his plane spent two years in Syrian captivity).
    You really live in a little world of lies you have built for yourself….

  83. Raphael
    Don't think that I am satisfied that the ultra-Orthodox do not enlist (the term mashtam is not quite appropriate because they follow the law), but I think that the blame lies with the seculars, who are the majority. (Say what you will, it's still a democracy).
    I also think that a more creative solution is needed than just using force, and even before that one should think about whether there is even a need for a general mobilization,
    I also understand where the fear comes from (which, even if it is not baseless, is certainly exaggerated) of harming their way of life and their faith.
    for miracles
    Do you also understand that if the ultra-Orthodox really mobilize en masse, the "religionization" process that exists in the army now will look like child's play? Or do you believe that there is no limit to your ability to impose your opinion and your belief?
    Sometimes I too would like everyone to think like me. But I am real and know that coercion often has the opposite effect.
    B: I understand that it is not really the best for everyone to think and believe as I do. There is a benefit in pluralism in itself.

  84. א
    In my opinion, Nissim and Co. also do not really want the ultra-Orthodox to mobilize. Look how scared they are of the knitters taking over their army. 🙂
    It gives them quite a headache!

  85. We need to switch to a volunteer army with fair pay.
    A people's army was true for a time. Today it hurts integration in society instead of helping.
    Haredim will integrate much more into the labor market when the obligation to enlist will be abolished.
    Nissim has to come to terms with the fact that not all citizens in Israel are exactly Zionist (like a sector that every time I write the comment needs approval) trying by force will bring much less benefit. In the end, the damage to the economy by them being less integrated into the labor market is much greater than the damage that they do not enlist (even though it arouses more emotions in you) in order not to enlist (for ideological reasons) they are willing to postpone entering the labor market for more than 9 years. Denying budgets will not help here. Besides, let's be honest, you don't just want them to enlist, you also want them not to leave the hall when women are singing and also to boast about their special (and expensive) kosher and basically stop being ultra-Orthodox.

  86. Miracles
    Now that I have forced it out of you, then you are ready to call non-servant seculars by derogatory names. Is the person whose father arranged for him to serve in a newspaper in the camp instead of in Karabi even though he has a 97 profile also evil in your eyes? What about the one whose daughter serves as a tea server in Kriya? Is she burdensome like your daughter or is she evil too? And finally, do you think the Karta Naturi are as good as the pacifists? After all, they don't send anyone to die in their place.

  87. Raphael
    You've never found a sentence of mine wrong, and you won't either (please correct me).

    There are many secularists who avoid military service - they are scoundrels too. Any person who is willing to sacrifice my children to protect his children is evil in my eyes. A pacifist is not like that - he (or she) would never send someone else to die in his place.

    In the meantime, Rafael - I have served in the army for almost 40 years, and all my children serve in the reserves (and I have grandchildren). I left a good job and an important position to help develop a medical system that helps brain surgeons in their sacred work. Unfortunately, the State of Israel has no desire to cooperate in development (the US government gives us some funding, the Israeli government demands that we pay a huge capital...).

    So - what exactly are you attacking me for?

  88. Miracles
    The reason you don't call everyone who doesn't serve in the army a parasite, but only those ultra-Orthodox who don't serve, is obvious. It's called anti-Semitism. So you also come off as constantly talking bad about the State of Israel and also anti-Semitic.

  89. A.
    A significant part of the ultra-Orthodox are parasites. It is not possible for my daughter to be in a combat unit and the son of a Haredi Tafil sat in a yeshiva. To me - this is an unforgivable crime of the state and the parasites who live at its expense. This has nothing to do with democracy!!

  90. Raphael
    I pay more taxes in the country than you, and make more reserves than you. If you want to get down to the personal level, just lose.

  91. Raphael,

    "When Jews use against the ultra-Orthodox the expressions that the Nazis used against the Jews - it is offensive. Of course?"

    He responded to me so it sounds like he's accusing me of saying offensive things, I don't think I was offensive.

    "Most ultra-Orthodox work and pay taxes"

    I'm not convinced that this figure is completely correct, and what about 3 years in the army? Why does a young secular guy have to leave all his occupations, studies and work and go and do 3 years in the army (not easy and in many cases he risks his life, operations, wars) and this when at the same time a yeshiva guy of the same age who is not limited or disabled in any way decides that he is not ready to serve this burden and not willing to risk his life like the secular guy?

    Why this inequality? Why should the burden of the army fall only on part of the population and not on the whole in an equal way?

  92. rival
    When Jews use against the ultra-Orthodox the expressions that the Nazis used against the Jews - it is offensive. Of course?
    And again - they explain to you that the majority of the ultra-Orthodox work and pay taxes so that the yeshiva budget does not come from the pockets of the seculars. So enough with the demagoguery.

  93. The truth about recruitment, I think it is better for the country to give up the idea of ​​a people's army and work professionally. Even if it is cheaper, you pay dearly for cheap things.
    When this happens, you will see that the yeshiva will be more than half empty because they went to work. The whole section of "his teachings and his art" is a run to avoid jobs out of fear of repeating the question. It will also boost the economy and the army will be able to be more efficient in terms of personnel. The army could be an opportunity for weak populations because there will be a fair wage for the soldiers, not like today when many sacrifice to help the family financially (how much does the army give to a soldier in need, 16? You also have to beg for that, there are families whose child helps from the age of XNUMX with much more money and for them it is Breathing air) The army today is an obstacle to the integration of certain populations and populations that the army does help to integrate a professional army will only help more.
    The move will also lead to more balance in terms of national religions in the army.

  94. A',

    It is not clear to me what offensive speech you are talking about and why saying that some of the taxes are used to finance medicines for patients is demagoguery in your eyes.

    There is no problem for meetings to receive budgets as long as the public that benefits from these meetings also carries obligations such as the army and work, to receive free budgets while another part of the public carries the burden is not egalitarian and it is not fair.

    I really don't understand what you want.

  95. And a question for the new law you wanted, do you also include pacifists? They are also released according to the law. Or members of Israeli minorities? Or Druze women?

    July 18th, 2016

  96. Most of the ultra-Orthodox work (more than 50% less than we want).
    It is possible to debate how much budget should be allocated to each sector and for each purpose, of course I am also not satisfied with every section of the budget, but that is how democracy is. Bringing in the medicine budget every moment is just demagoguery. Part of the budget should also go to religious institutions, because a large part of the public wants it. Yeshivas should also receive a budget like the state gives money to the faculties of humanities (it is clear to you that they do not support themselves alone) the question is the amount. I don't think the offensive speech is relevant

  97. Raphael,

    "What happens to secular people who don't enlist? Do you also offer them to close the budgets? I am an Haredi example who works and there are many like me. Who do you suggest I fund with the taxes I pay? The stage or the Kameri? Maybe the football?'

    Certainly, any person who shirks his duties towards the state should be punished and it doesn't matter if he is secular or ultra-orthodox, a secular who decides to shirk military service instead of in prison, and as you know it will be harder for him to find a job anyway.

    I, as a tax payer, do not decide where the budgets will go, it is not in my hands, although a large part goes to good places, such as funding medicines for patients.

    There will always be dodgers, but the burden should be equitable, it is not possible for it to fall only on the shoulders of a part of the public.

    And I really appreciate the fact that you work, I know quite a few ultra-Orthodox people like you, it's very beautiful and that's how it should be in my opinion.

  98. I have an idea, maybe I will finance with the taxes I pay people who will be willing to do us a favor and return to Israel?

  99. rival
    What happens to secular people who do not enlist? Do you also offer them to close the budgets?
    I am an Haredi example who works and there are many like me. Who do you suggest I fund with the taxes I pay? The stage or the Kameri? Maybe the football?

    Israel is not for you. Stay there and leave us alone.

  100. A.
    You are very wrong, in my opinion, and a bit blind to what is happening in Israel. Israel is a very problematic "democracy", despite everything we are told.
    As long as they don't hurt the "feelings" of the ultra-orthodox - everything is fine. The penultimate elections showed what the majority wanted, but the government was unable to deliver what it promised.
    As long as Israel does not have a real constitution that guarantees full equality for all its citizens, then our situation will get worse and worse. Understand - even the implementation of the basic laws depends on not offending the parasites.

    Add to that a slaughtered and predatory government system, and you will understand that the situation is dire.

    I will give you a small example of Israeli "democracy": Do you know that a person can be arrested in Israel for a (fake) debt of NIS 1000 - without informing him of the reason, and without even trying to ask him to pay the debt?

  101. Well, I haven't written in a long time either.
    And a question for the new law you wanted, do you also include pacifists? They are also released according to the law. Or members of Israeli minorities? Or Druze women?

  102. rival

    Your advice is interesting (although it is problematic to implement) but there is a problem with it. We live in a democratic country, and the majority probably do not agree or do not attach enough importance to it to influence their vote. So there is nothing to complain about the ultra-Orthodox, they operate according to a democratically enacted law in the parliament in which they are not even a majority.

  103. Raphael,

    "Opponent, maybe instead of going round and round, say exactly who you mean? The ultra-Orthodox? So what do you offer? gas? poison?"

    I mean the ultra-Orthodox, of course, and I suggest that they enlist in the army and go to work, and if they don't agree - stop all budgets for them to manage on their own.

    A fair offer in my opinion, those who do not donate do not receive.

  104. Raphael
    Uri said the right things - and you're just being an officer because you really have nothing to say.

  105. This is a philosophical question... how do you define evolution..
    Evolution in the modern era also happens in a different way - one can argue philosophically that medicine and science are an updated incarnation of evolution. Probably in a few hundred years humans will break away from the biological burden dictated by you for hundreds of millions of years and live in genetically modified bodies including growing tissues as spare parts.
    I see this as another step in evolution

  106. Raphael
    My friend's son was prevented from doing a bar mitzvah ceremony because he is "defective".
    Women are "disqualified from testifying", not "exempt from testifying".
    And about gays and lesbians, let alone talking, this is a phenomenon that only appeals to the secular.
    Let's not talk about avoiding military service, a mitzvah that comes from the Torah...

    What are you jumping on Uri? 🙂

  107. rival
    Maybe instead of going round and round say exactly who you mean? The ultra-Orthodox? So what do you offer? gas? poison?

  108. Raphael,

    I think I would use a slightly different wording, but the point is that there is a big difference between people whom society finances against their will (as a caring and reformed society), such as the elderly or disabled who are unable to work and contribute to society, and those who, although they can and are able, decided to exclude themselves (no to make an army, not to contribute to the labor market...) and that the public that works and also makes an army will finance them.

    This is wrong.

  109. Ori
    I accept your offer to put the truth on the table, but let's go with it to the end. If they "reproduce like parasites at the expense of others" then why not simply destroy them the way parasites are destroyed?
    What do you suggest? - gas? poison? Starving to death?
    Maybe we'll think a little further.
    What about all kinds of children who are born with defects and mental retardation? They are also a kind of parasites that live at our expense.
    It is true that today technology is advancing and we manage to destroy them already in the first months of pregnancy, but there are still some that we miss...
    Also - the elders. There comes a point when they are also not so productive anymore and become parasites. Maybe euthanize them?
    What do you think?

  110. Human evolution can be divided into two evolutionary components:

    The first component - the ability to adapt to external natural conditions such as: resistance to diseases, immunity to ionizing radiation, etc.
    It seems that the article deals with this evolutionary component and it can indeed be measured and tested statistically relatively "easily".

    The second component - the ability to adapt and integrate into technological and cultural progress.
    Here the question arises, does the ability to integrate in the front really constitute an evolutionary advantage?
    The prevailing assumption is, at least apparently, that the answer to this question is positive, that is, that progress has
    "Coefficient of evolution" is high, but this is not at all certain.
    It must be remembered that there are forces of reaction to progress in human society. They also have an "evolutionary coefficient". Not easy to measure
    To determine which of the evolutionary coefficients is higher, the evolution coefficient of "introduction" or the evolution coefficient of
    "The reaction to the advance"?
    Only a future retrospective view will (maybe) be able to answer the question, if at all this question has an unambiguous answer.

  111. Evolution continues, but today we prevent it from achieving the best in natural selection.
    Fertility treatments mean that sometimes parents who are not suitable biologically and genetically go against nature.
    (I don't mean fertility treatments in old age), in addition there are entire sectors that give birth to many, many children into a life of poverty, and thus they multiply like parasites at the expense of the others.

    I know this will sound racist, but please spare me, sometimes you have to put the truth on the table

  112. The sentence Avi Blizovsky wrote:
    "Evolution develops rapidly under conditions of isolation or upon entering a new environment that was not inhabited before."
    Explains why with the existing technology and in a conceivable manner the settlement of the moon or Mars will cause an accelerated evolutionary change.
    The gravity on the moon is one-sixth that of the earth, the surface of the moon is exposed to much more cosmic radiation and solar radiation than the earth. Mars has slightly different problems. It will be interesting to see how the grandchildren of the Moon or Mars settlers will look and behave.
    Unfortunately, it is likely that I will not be here to witness what is happening.

  113. iodine
    Natural selection is one component of evolution. Almost everything we eat has evolved.

    Beyond that - who determined that we are not still undergoing natural selection? Modern medicine cures a small part of the diseases, and in most of the world - there is no modern medicine at all!

    How do you know that there is no genetic reason that affects the number of our children, that we have not yet discovered?

  114. For there to be evolution there has to be natural selection. In humans, because of medicine, welfare and technology, there is no longer a natural choice. Therefore the question certainly makes sense.

  115. We do not know today when evolution occurs or not in humans! Is there a genetic trait that affects our birth rate? Who can know today?

    Beyond that there are other factors for evolution (that is, for changing the distribution of alleles in the population) - for example: genetic drift, sexual selection and epigenetic changes.

  116. It is obvious that you clearly do not understand what evolution is. Very typical of your theories. Constructs theories that have neither arms nor legs.

  117. Yehuda
    You are completely wrong.. Evolutionary processes are inherently slow. You cannot feel the evolution because you are inside it. Only in thousands of years, at least from the point of view of that time, you will be able to measure back changes that the 20th century was a part of. The wording is a bit simplistic but I hope you get my point. As long as there is life there will always be evolution.

  118. First of all this is not our article. Evolution develops rapidly under conditions of isolation or upon entering a new environment that was not inhabited before. Both of these things are rare today

  119. Clearly, evolution continues. It is not at all clear to me who are the ones who claimed that evolution has stopped. Evolution continues in places and subjects more hidden from the eye of the fixed stereotypical scientist. That children die from a variety of genetic diseases shows that evolution continues. Masses of people die from skin cancer due to exposure to the sun and lung cancer due to exposure to cigarettes shows that there are directions for evolutionary development. The very fact that young people are being murdered en masse in the slums around the world - proves that evolution continues (although no one has any idea what the survival qualities are in this case). The fact that the population in Japan and Europe is aging and fading and in Indonesia and India is increasing - well, no one today can have an understanding of what the implication is from an evolutionary point of view, and even if there is one, there are those who would argue that it has anti-evolutionary consequences as demonstrated by Kornavalo in the "little black bag" story.

  120. Today there is absolutely no evolution! There is a set of constraints for biological evolution (there are also other evolutions). The main rule is that only the adapted survives and produces offspring. It doesn't seem to me that in the modern world only the adapted survive and I actually notice that the maladjusted get "bored" and have children. In the modern world, even the defective are multiplying. I am of course in favor of giving everyone, including the non-adapted and the defective, the right to reproduce, but this is completely non-evolutionary.
    Please respond gently
    good weekend

  121. Why educational fulfillment? Funny how scientists think so "square", only about what is close to their plate. After all, every car electrician earns more in a week than a researcher in a month, and if you really need another example, please look at the salaries of the workers at the Port of Ashdod. And who is really better known to the public - Yona Selek or Tom Cruise? For example.
    And besides, why even think that evolution has stopped. Millions of years suddenly stopped? Why? Can't understand the megalomania of the researchers.

  122. Indeed, if there were no cures for AIDS, only people who are resistant to this disease would survive - as is the case in Africa. Termination of pregnancy in cases of terminal diseases - will eradicate diseases. Mixed marriages will lead to the birth of impressive and diverse types

  123. I thought you were a serious site until I read your article questioning whether human evolution is still going on.

  124. It is clear that evolution continues in full force at every new moment, all human systems conduct the layers of physical, mental and emotional reality, while humans adapt more or less, everything moves forward, lives and dies to allow for growth, complexity and evolutionary refinement……. Every moment anew

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