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"The private space business is on the fast track to take off," says Virgin Galactic President George Whitesides

Ahead of an air show that will take place this month in Abu Dhabi, Whitesides says: "The door is open to new players such as Virgin Galactic"

Visualization of the Spaceship 2 private spacecraft flight. Image: Virgin Galactic
Visualization of the Spaceship 2 private spacecraft flight. Image: Virgin Galactic

The journey in space begins to gain momentum, as commercial companies begin to develop rapidly. Says the president of Virgin Galactic.
"The changing roles of space agencies in different countries and the rapid maturation of technology have opened the door to a number of new players who are beginning to influence the industry," said George Whitesides, president of Virgin Galactic, who is scheduled to attend the World Aviation Summit to be held in Abu Dhabi on the 16th and April 17th.
The summit will be attended by global industry leaders from the aviation and space sectors with the aim of promoting forward-thinking leadership in the industry.
Abu Dhabi's investment company, Aabar, and Richard Branson's Virgin Group announced in 2009 a strategic collaboration whereby Aabar would pay $280 million for 31.8% of Virgin Galactic's holding company. In October 2011, Abar increased the investment in Virgin Galactic to 37.8%.

"Companies like Virgin Galactic have the ability to successfully complete tasks and provide returns to investors such as Aabar, this sector promises to excite the public. Whitesides said to the Gulf News website.

He added that commercial companies will be able to significantly increase the frequency with which they will fly into space, and the number of people who will be able to personally experience space flight, "We are heading towards a renaissance of the space industry's ability to have a profound impact on the world.

"Space exploration is a very demanding task, and it cannot be carried out safely without some very talented people using the best tools available," he added.

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  1. I think space tourism is a great thing. In another 100 years, everyone who respects himself will fly into space.
    In my opinion, Israel should be a partner in such projects and start developing space technologies,
    Something that will give a very big boost to the advancement of science in Israel.

  2. The Arabs invested 280 million in the company's capital, but Virgin does not profit from current operations. Ine does not yet operate weekly flights to space. I don't understand what return they see on their investment? Maybe it's about accounting revaluations but nothing more, at this point.

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