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Senior World Health Organization official: We can save millions of lives if we stop the warming

 The senior, Diarmid Campbell-Landrum was interviewed by the German newspaper Die Welt during a conference on the health consequences of warming in Geneva.

Illustrating the need for clean water supply. Illustration: shutterstock
Illustrating the need for clean water supply. Illustration: shutterstock

Global warming receives public attention, but there is a lack of awareness of its consequences on human health. Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, a senior official at the World Health Organization, was interviewed this week (August 28, 2014) by the German newspaper Die Welt (Link to the English version). Campbell-Landrum was interviewed during a World Health Organization conference that discussed the consequences of climate change on health, which took place last week in Geneva.

In response to interviewer Enka Resper's question, to what extent climate change threatens human health, Campbell-Landrom answered: "When the earth warms, it is easier for epidemics to spread in many parts of the world. Epidemics such as malaria which causes the death of 600 thousand people every year, or intestinal diseases accompanied by diarrhea including cholera which also cause the death of 600 thousand children every year (in addition to a large number of adults), especially in developing countries. When the amount of precipitation increases, so does the risk of floods and in droughts (due to the diversion of the rains AB), it is more difficult to provide sanitation services and clean water to large populations."
"We are also facing severe and more frequent heat waves, especially in the cities, and we know that the heat may kill thousands of people, maybe even tens of thousands. The heat record recorded in Europe in 2003 directly caused 70 thousand deaths. The longer we allow the process of climate change to continue, the more parts of the world will be uninhabitable or unsafe."

The conclusion of the top official in the health organization: climate change, if not controlled, is going to continue to increase the threat to human health, so it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"The good thing is that we can do a lot to save the lives of millions of people - providing better water supplies and sewage systems, as well as monitoring and controlling infectious epidemics." The conference was held as part of preparations for a major climate conference that will be held in Paris at the end of 2015 and where a new international agreement should be signed.

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  1. I also know how to say: we can save millions if we find a cure for tuberculosis and destroy all the mosquitoes. It is easy to say things that are very difficult or impossible to do. It would be better if he said "global warming will kill millions of people". Because it is too late to stop global climate change. And by the way - many will die of hunger and wars when the rise of the sea level will cause hundreds of millions who currently live at the mouth of rivers to look for a new place to live.

  2. This is not exactly true, even the destruction of forests for the establishment of settlements, agricultural crops and farms, which should actually offset the emission of greenhouse gases, is considered an emission of greenhouse gases.
    This means that even if the emission of greenhouse gases is low, and they destroyed forests, it is considered a high emission of greenhouse gases.

  3. It's interesting that a sophist talks nonsense...
    Those who suffer are the poor of Africa and Asia who add per mille of percent to the warming, to a nation of rich and saturated countries.
    The rich people of America and Europe are as interesting as the skin of garlic.
    When the situation described in the article reaches the United States or European Union countries, it will be too late to change anything.
    Recommended reading - "The limits of growth"

  4. At the moment it's the other way around, what stops the warming when you get rid of these epidemics, as there are more inhabitants on the planet, so there are more greenhouse gas emissions, which basically means that medicine is to blame for the warming of the planet.

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