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Compugen reports finding a marker to detect the destruction of heart tissue

Compugen reported last night to the stock exchange that its scientists discovered a new variant of troponin I, a well-known marker for detecting the destruction of heart muscle tissue. It also announced the receipt of a patent for the molecule and cooperation with Biosight to grant a global license

Compijn company logo - from the company website
Compijn company logo - from the company website

Last night, Compugen announced the discovery and biological validation of CGEN-144, a unique variant of the commercial marker troponin I, and the signing of a research collaboration agreement with an option to grant a license with the Biosite company. In addition, the company announces that it has received patent approval for the molecule from the US Patent Office.

The unique troponin molecule is one of a group of molecules that are candidates for being diagnostic markers in the fields of cancer or cardiovascular diseases, previously discovered by Compugen using one of its computational discovery platforms - a platform for discovering protein diagnostic markers that are supposed to appear in blood samples. After the computational discovery, the molecule was verified by experimental methods and it was found that it is expressed differently in serum samples taken from patients with a heart attack compared to healthy people. Under the new agreement signed, Compugen will provide Biosite with all the information related to the molecule and Biosite will develop and test antibodies that bind the molecule, to determine the sensitivity and specificity of the test in different disease stages and as a possible addition to the commercial troponin I test that is in use today. The agreement allows Biosite to receive, in exchange for royalties, worldwide commercialization rights for possible diagnostic products based on this molecule.

"We are pleased to announce this additional example, which illustrates in an outstanding way the ability of our discovery platforms to identify molecules of potential value, which were previously unknown, despite the degree of interest and the many studies in these specific research areas" said Alex Kutzer, President and CEO of Compuge N. "In addition, Biosite has already signed agreements with us in the past and is a leading company of diagnostic tests in the cardiovascular field and has technologies for the development of antibodies, is an ideal partner for the continuation of the tests of the molecule, and for the commercialization of the diagnostic marker, which will be based on it if it is found to be suitable", Kotzer added.

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