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The Drake formula was an attempt to calculate the probability of intelligent life on other planets. But human history shows that the formula was probably too optimistic, and that there is something missing in the calculation. This missing parameter could be critical to understanding the development of intelligent life in the galaxy, and more importantly: the development of humanity, and its chances of survival
What is the connection between the conspiracy theory about COVID-XNUMX and vaccines, chemtrails and the conspiracy theory about evolution and science in general? What does this connection say about the generic, stereotypical and one-dimensional way of thinking of the conspirators?
Stupidify Stupidify according to the Oxford dictionary. There are too many people who want the citizens to be stupid. Democracy fell when ancient Rome became an empire, the end is known. Everything should be done to stop the process
Prof. Feldman will receive funding of 2.5 million euros over the next five years for his proposal "Understanding the Feasibility of Voluntary Compliance in Different Doctrines and Cultures: Examining Behavioral and Regulatory Aspects in the Ability of Democratic Governments to Trust the Cooperation, Compliance and Ethics of Their Citizens"
As part of its deadly attack on Ukraine, Russia has taken the rare step of using intellectual property rights as a war tactic. In early March, the Russian government issued a decree according to which Russian companies are no longer obliged to compensate owners of patents, service models and industrial designs from "unfriendly" countries. Intellectual property experts explain what the decision means
The incoming president of the Israeli National Academy of Sciences, Prof. David Harel, is trying to dispel this dichotomy. In a conversation with the science website, he explains that, among other things, he intends to reduce the gap between those who support science and those who despise it
Belief in science has turned from the basis of democratic decisions into a political matter. Researchers who have studied the processes are trying to explain how we got to this situation and what needs to be done to stop the phenomenon. If we do not stop the process, we will return to the Middle Ages, explain a number of sociologists who have examined the issue
"Brandolini's Law" states that the amount of energy required to disprove a conspiracy theory is ten times the amount of energy required to produce it
Flat Earth believers display self-confidence when they make contradictory claims. They are also required to investigate on their own. The Stochastic investigation tries to achieve order out of extreme confusion. Lots of different conspiracy theories are mixed together. Dotan Reiss joined the groups of followers of the Flat Land, and tried to understand from them how they think
One of the researchers responsible for the discovery tells how an asteroid similar to the one that caused the incident in Tungaska in Siberia in 1908, hit a city in Jordan northeast of the Dead Sea. The city was abandoned afterwards, and the echoes of the explosion hit other cities in the vicinity, including Jericho
Astronomer Avi Leib announces the Galileo project for a systematic scientific search for evidence of technological objects from outer space and not to dismiss out of hand an explanation for undeciphered phenomena, whether these are alleged UFOs revealed by the American government or a space object with strange behavior such as Omuamoa
The assessment is that most of them are misinterpretations of conventional events, for example flocks of birds or drones, military systems in a secret American experiment and the greatest fear is of superior technology developed by a foreign power
Religion is not just a system of supernatural beliefs. Faith is not a religion, in fact a religion can exist without an orderly theological meaning but will always include worship, rules of conduct and above all community. Religion is probably a product of human evolution
Corbus wonders: "Is religion part of human nature? Why do people need religion? Do we have some quality that makes us believe? Is it a natural state for man to believe in the supernatural?"
Ahead of the event, a documentary film maker released a video of a 'swarm of UFOs' over a US Navy ship in 2019. Former President Obama also stated in a television interview that there is evidence of the existence of mysterious objects whose behavior "we cannot explain"
New technologies in the field of genetic engineering today allow us to change the properties of different species quickly and with great flexibility, for example controlling the reproductive capacity of pests, but are they safe?
The exodus from Egypt is the story around which Passover is celebrated, and it also symbolizes for us an exit from slavery to freedom, but is there any historical truth in the story?
Two new studies - one from Britain and the other from Israel - have recently clarified the deadly meaning of the same burden for patients, especially Covid-19 patients
In recent days there has been a big uproar regarding the Helsinki Committee, what it determined or did not determine, and what it means for the vaccine. So let's break down the issue, to understand what the Ministry of Health really did wrong, and what this means for Pfizer, the vaccine and the Helsinki Committee. Dr.Roey Tsezana makes order
Recent studies in Nature and Science have tried to examine the issue, but many forget that closure is only a last resort, therefore treating it as a separate solution misleads decision makers and serves the supporters of conspiracy theories
And while experts can't always provide the uncompromising certainty people crave, friendly, accessible scientific communication can help educate conspiracy theorists and satisfy the human desire for knowledge and understanding.
Prof. Aharon Chachanover lectured on the burning issue, mainly he warns about the danger of resistance to vaccines (video)
An attempt to explain the obvious. Ehud Amir goes over the conspiracy theories created around the corona epidemic and explains why they are unfounded
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