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The long-awaited UFO report was published, but this time the events are not attributed to aliens either

The assessment is that most of them are misinterpretations of conventional events, for example flocks of birds or drones, military systems in a secret American experiment and the greatest fear is of superior technology developed by a foreign power

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: The cockpit video documents an unusual aerial encounter that occurred off the coast of Florida in 2015. Source: US Navy
A screenshot from the cockpit video documenting an unusual aerial encounter that occurred off the coast of Florida in 2015. Source: US Navy

After months of anticipation, US intelligence experts have released a memo describing 18 incidents since 2004 in which unidentified flying objects – or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), to use the Pentagon's term – appeared to demonstrate breakthrough technologies.

The nine-page, unclassified version of the report Does not describe the events in detail, and does not attribute them to aliens but points out that they are not related to existing American military technologies.

The purpose of the report, produced by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in response to a congressional demand, is to assess the potential threat posed by the unusual aerial phenomena reported by American military pilots over the years that are literally unidentified (flying) objects.

Intelligence experts said they did not have enough data to form firm conclusions about the nature of 143 of the 144 UFO reports filed between 2004 and March 2021. The only case they said they could solve with "high confidence" was attributed to a large, neutralized balloon.

Their conclusion was that observations of unidentified aerial phenomena should receive more attention.

A risk to the aviation industry

"Unidentified aerial phenomena pose a danger to flight safety and may pose a wider danger in the case of sophisticated collection technologies of a foreign government or a demonstration of breakthrough aerospace technology by a potential adversary," the report states. The experts said that "currently they lack data" to indicate whether one of the unusual incidents actually poses such a threat.

Senator Marco Rubio, who pushed for the publication of the report, welcomed the publication and agreed with its conclusions.

"For years, the men and women we rely on to protect our country have reported encounters with highly capable unidentified aircraft, and for years their concerns have been ignored and sometimes mocked Soon," he said in a statement. "This report is an important first step in cataloging these events, but only a first step."

Rubio said the Defense Department and the US intelligence community "have a lot of work to do before we can understand whether these air threats are a serious national security concern."

The Pentagon has been involved in UFO research for decades Starting with the famous Roswell incident in 1947.

For decades, such incidents have been interpreted as a misinterpretation of atmospheric or astronomical phenomena, or sometimes as mistaken observations of aerial operations for military purposes. But UFO reports have been taken more seriously in recent years, thanks to the work of a quiet Pentagon task force established in 2017.

The disclosure of the task force, and a series of unusual videos taken by Navy planes, prompted Rubio and other lawmakers to request an official report from the Ministry of Intelligence.

misinterpretation of routine events

The report said most of the anomalies reported likely represent actual physical objects and not just glitches, given that 80 of the 144 anomalies cited in the report appeared on multiple sensors.

"There are apparently many types of unidentified aerial phenomena that require different explanations based on the variety of appearances and behaviors described in the report," the report states. The basic types can be broken down into "air clutter" such as flocks of birds, drones; debris that fell from space; natural atmospheric phenomena; Development programs administered by the US government or commercial industries; systems of rival powers; And a catch bin for "other" phenomena.

The report describes 18 incidents, described in 21 reports, in which observers reported unusual traffic patterns or unusual flight characteristics.

"It appears that some of the unidentified aerial phenomena remain stationary despite strong winds, move against the wind, maneuver suddenly or move at considerable speed, with no apparent means of propulsion," the report states. "In a small number of cases, military aircraft systems have picked up radio signals associated with sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena."

These cases will be detailed in further analysis, the report states.

According to the report, the Pentagon's task force will take steps to expand its database of unidentified aerial phenomena, including anomalies reported to civil authorities. To deal with a larger database, the task force plans to utilize data analytics capabilities, including artificial intelligence tools such as machine learning, to more effectively identify and classify reports of unidentified aerial phenomena.

The report states that the task force "indicated that additional funding for research and development may advance the future research of the issues presented in this report."

UFOs in science fiction. Illustration: shutterstock
UFOs in science fiction. Illustration: shutterstock

Ahead of the report's publication, US government officials were cautious about whether all reports of unidentified aerial phenomena could be attributed to foreign technology. "We don't have clear indications that they have a non-terrestrial explanation — but we'll go where the data takes us," an anonymous source told NBC News.

Now that the public version of the report has been released, Michael W. Hall, director and founder of a UFO research group based in Seattle known as UFO i Team, said the result did not meet his expectations.

"They limit the coverage of their reports," Hall said. "All the other testimonies of civilians are thrown out the window, and of course the pilots won't say much."

He didn't expect the new report to attribute any of the events to aliens, but he expected them to open up and say alien explanations couldn't be ruled out. "That didn't even happen either," he said.

In response to the publication of the report, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks published memo urging Pentagon officials to "develop a plan to consolidate the mission" currently being carried out by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.

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  1. There is evidence in the Bible about aliens. At the beginning of the chapter of Ezekiel, he describes the meeting with a messenger from God who came down from a flying saucer according to his unordered ancient description. Throughout the Bible, the meetings were with aliens and they managed the human beings in this world and continue to this day.

  2. So out of all the sightings, testimonies, photos, beliefs - not even one unequivocal picture of a UFO, including a license number?

  3. Those who want to believe in imaginations - let them believe! But without forcing others to believe his nonsense, and without dealing with vain plots about the government hiding facts from the citizens, and other conspiracies. Do not prevent those who lack intelligence from doing their own thing.

  4. Yair
    For the third time - why do you think aliens will be so unsuccessful?
    Today we have aircraft that cannot be seen by radar or any other means. Do you really think that aliens who are hundreds of years more advanced than us would not be able to hide from our outdated fighter jets??

    Do you think aliens won't circle the earth first before approaching fighter jets?

  5. The writer of the headline who wants to convince us that there are no fools is incredibly wrong and misleading. The report, which refers to very little evidence of sightings in the clouds, actually says "we don't know". The amount of serious evidence that includes military and pilot reports and a huge number of reliable reports of sightings of aircraft that cannot be earthly is enormous. In light of the fact that aircraft were sent from here outside the solar system, it shows that there is no absurdity in the claim that non-terrestrial aircraft arrived here. The new report is essentially worthless.

  6. Miracles - I don't know. I personally thought until the release of this report that the chances are that the UFOs in question in recent years, in terms of videos from the US Navy, etc., are not physical objects, but perhaps holographic projections from satellites that are projected onto ionized air - we hear from DVB, but there are several demonstrations of such a thing in all kinds of laboratories around the world.
    This is the most plausible explanation for the supposedly impossible movement of these vessels.

    This report, however, claims that at least a significant part of these phenomena are physical objects, including cases of almost being injured - and therefore the only plausible explanation at the moment is that it is a technology that is not in the possession of humans. It sounds completely crazy to me, but unless there is a parallel and totally secret scientific advance that for some reason has never been leaked to the "open" scientific world - which is an equally crazy conspiracy - neither you nor I have an explanation for how these aircraft move the way they do with known technology.

    Regarding stealth - the main reason for stealth is not only from detection, but the fear that your aircraft will be shot down. I guess aliens who came from the other side of the galaxy aren't so afraid of being shot down by US Air Force planes...

  7. Aliens don't necessarily think like we do.
    It may be that the question of whether they will recognize them or not is irrelevant to them.
    We analyze the event from our worldview.

  8. Eric L
    Again - do you think that intergalactic aliens are less sophisticated than our fighter jets? We know how to penetrate any airspace in the world without being detected....

    Every movie I've seen can be explained - for example, the image above is of a distant passenger plane. In another movie I saw, it looked like a weather balloon.

  9. Publish the RAW DATA and let the experts analyze it. That's the only way the discussion will get to good places

  10. I read the report and the title is misleading - they do not rule out a foreign source, and as it is written in the body of the article, only one phenomenon out of 144 has a plausible explanation - 143 are unexplained. In addition, out of these 143 phenomena, 11 included a close passage of the objects near fighter planes (the so-called close miss).

    I must point out that before this report I was very skeptical about aliens visiting the earth and the whole UFO phenomenon. The current report has significantly lowered my level of skepticism.

  11. It's a little ridiculous to think that the technology of aliens who know how to cross light years would be less advanced than that of modern fighter jets.

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