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Will Oracle "fly" the supersonic car to a record speed of over 1600 km/h?

Oracle joined as a cloud partner in the supersonic car project Bloodhound for breaking the land speed record. The project inspires a global increase in the number of students studying science and technology subjects and aims to break the 1,000 mile per hour barrier. Real-time sensor data will help Bloodhound developers continuously optimize the supersonic car's performance.

Bloodhound's supersonic car. Photography: DANIEL JONES.
Bloodhound SSC supersonic car. Photography: DANIEL JONES.

The Bloodhound project has teamed up with Oracle to break the land speed record and inspire future generations of scientists and engineers.

As Bloodhound's new cloud partner, Oracle will provide technology that will help Bloodhound collect and analyze data from over 500 sensors installed on the supersonic car SSC (short for Super Sonic Car) and transmit it to classrooms around the world. This information will give students a new perspective on how technology will propel the fastest land vehicle toward a record of 1,000 miles per hour (over 1600 km/h).

This outstanding engineering effort will help teachers encourage students to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. The project has already become a leading STEM resource, with over a hundred thousand students engaged in BLOODHOUND-related activities in schools in England Every year. Millions more around the world are following the project, and that number is expected to grow significantly when the car begins track testing this year.

Bloodhound Project Manager, Richard Noble: "The aerospace races of the 60s encouraged a wave of young people to pursue careers in science and engineering, and we hope that Bloodhound will have the same effect at a time when there is a severe shortage of technical skills. We want students to feel like they are right there with us, in our race toward 1,000 miles per hour. The collaboration with Oracle will allow us to fulfill this promise."

Oracle's technology not only helps Bloodhound power its educational program; She will also help the program's engineers optimize the Bloodhound SSC for the record-breaking attempt. The real-time look at the performance of various components and technologies in the vehicle will allow the Bloodhound team to quickly identify and address various technical problems that will arise during the race towards 1,000 miles per hour.

The first major unveiling of this technology will take place in October, when the Bloodhound SSC's first 200mph test is scheduled to take place in Newquay, Cornwall.

John Abel, Bloodhound Project Manager at Oracle, said: “The essence of Project Bloodhound is to move fast in more ways than one. The engineers on the team will need fast data and even faster insights in order to precisely direct a prototype of a unique vehicle that stretches the limits of computerized design and materials technology. Our solutions will provide the foundation for these insights over the next two years. We expect that the Bloodhound project will set a new standard for human wisdom, ingenuity, and speed, while promoting the study of science and technology professions around the world."

Oracle joins other partners in the team, including: Castrol, Rolls-Royce, Rolex, Nammo, MTN, the Zhejiang Geely holding group, and many other partners and technical suppliers.

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  1. my father
    People don't feel 0.17 degrees. They do see retreat of glaciers and a shorter snow season. They do see the bleaching of coral reefs and the disappearance of the Arctic.

    Abby, you will live a great life. Our grandchildren not so much.

  2. a life that.
    Both sports (watching sports) and art are a colossal waste. Let's shut down the media, the sports leagues and all the museums. Fine literature ? Who needs it?

    Good thing Fulton, Stevenson, Ford, the Wright Brothers and Goddard didn't read your bullshit. Otherwise, we would still be with horses and a wagon. ..

  3. This is stupidity incarnate. The fact that they waste the money of the friars who don't die and only change is fine.
    A vehicle's job is to transport people and goods from point A to point B. There is an optimal transportation area for every range and for every time.
    The approximate optimization for transportation is as follows: up to a kilometer - by foot. 2-5 modes. 5-15 taxi or private car. 15-300 train.
    300 or more aircraft (type of aircraft and speed at the discretion of the passenger). There is no way that a car faster than an airplane will be efficient.
    In Japan, there are trains with a speed of up to 400 km/h. Beyond that there is no efficiency or advantage.
    Experts have checked it. Did I say stupid?

  4. To my father.
    How much populism!
    You will hardly find cancer researchers who complain about a lack of budgets... Cancer research has received billions upon billions and many other damned diseases also receive more and more, money is really not the problem.
    The very fact that you think this car is just a show off shows your lack of understanding of the technical and technological challenges that the testers are trying to overcome. Breaking the speed record is only the means and not the goal. As Nissim already told you, the landing on the moon was also a 'show off' for the first time. Humanity wastes money on things that are so much more unnecessary and you bother with this vehicle because your vision is terribly superficial

  5. Regarding the car and waste.
    Oracle can also be influenced by the public and spend their unnecessary money instead of on fast cars but on cancer research or helping the poor and projects that benefit human society.
    I'm not saying that anything can or should be forced on them, I just don't think they should be applauded when they do such an unnecessary, ostentatious, wasteful and environmentally polluting show-off.

  6. for miracles
    First of all, I don't see a problem with someone who changes his mind, or admits his mistakes, and a person who admits his mistake changes his mind according to the truth that is revealed to him, this is not a disadvantage - but a great advantage.
    Second, in the case of global warming, I have not changed my mind, I think you did not understand what I wrote, perhaps because you did not read carefully what I wrote.
    Third, because there is a lot of propaganda and talk about global warming, people are constantly being told that global warming will make them feel warmer just because of it.
    It's like in the sixties, from most science fiction stories and movies and talk about aliens and aliens, people started seeing aliens.
    No person can feel a temperature change of 0.17 degrees, not even in a second - let alone in ten years.
    And again I am not claiming that there is no warming, there is warming, and it is due to the increase in the concentration of CO2 in the air and probably due to the emission of CO2 by man - but it can have an effect as it is presented, not everything that happens in the world is because of this warming, and there are many, many environmental pollutions Worse than the one that endangers us.

  7. my father
    Polica in your dime again? Oracle is a private company. She didn't ask anyone for money. A person who buys shares of a company takes on a certain responsibility. Is that wrong too?

  8. my father
    The problem is that you change your "mind" all the time. And you also don't understand how big the climate change is. I got to talk to dozens of older people all over the world - Northern Canada, Eastern Asia, Eastern and Western Australia, Russia, many countries in the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska), Russia, several countries in Europe, North and South Africa - and see it's a miracle!!! Everyone tells me that the climate is changing. These people are mainly farmers and they tell about changes in their work due to the warming. For example - everywhere I checked, the number of snow days decreased significantly (even in Australia).

    Politics is man's tool to change things in democratic countries. You don't believe in democracy either?

  9. I believe there is global warming.
    But I don't believe in the hype and the need for propaganda that is done around it, I don't agree with the order of priority it gets over other issues and other polluters, and I oppose the politicization of it.
    And I have written it so many times that you should already know this opinion of mine.

  10. These are not private companies, but public limited liability companies, money that is raised in the stock market directly or indirectly from our pension funds... and when such a company goes bankrupt, it asks for help from the investors and haircuts from the banks and the governments... so it's really not private money.
    Apart from the fact that I am not looking to determine, I think that non-cooperation, indifference to such a project, the so-called "lack of interest to the public" and expressing opinions as I have expressed here, can indirectly cause this group and others to invest in things more beneficial to that public, which is also us.

  11. my father

    And when what man does causes global warming? Do you also believe the nonsense of the lying measuring devices??

  12. Waste is bad. For example, all the money they invested in it could have been invested in cancer research.
    And it also contributes to global warming.
    Besides, when they started the flights into space, they actually thought that it would benefit humanity, and that it would be possible to live on the moon or on Mars - Jules Warren wrote about the flight to the moon already in eighteen hundred and something.

  13. my father
    No one intended for us to live on the moon, but thanks to the space program in the XNUMXs, the moon has a lot of new and useful technologies.

    Besides - what attracts smart people are challenges. What's wrong with that?

  14. In any case, you can't drive at that speed without crashing into something.
    It's really just an unnecessary project, it will never be applicable and nothing will be learned from it...
    What's in it besides an airplane engine mounted on wheels?

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