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Dr. Tali Dekel is at the forefront of generative AI research and a partner in the development of Lumiere - Google's video generator. "We want to know if machines can allow us to see the world better,"
The Klor Science Garden of the Davidson Institute for Science Education - the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, has undergone an upgrade in recent years so that it also reflects fields of knowledge that did not exist 25 years ago
New MIT system called SuperLimbs may help astronauts conserve energy and extend missions on the moon
Dr. Lonnie Johnson, an inventor who registered over 100 patents and developed a solid-state battery based on them, describes human evolution as an interactive process between biology and technology, in which each influences and is influenced by its own
Individual neurons could recognize, for example, when we are about to touch our tongue to our palate to say the letter D * This will enable the development of prostheses for those suffering from speech problems
A newly discovered solar system with six confirmed extrasolar planets and a possible seventh increases astronomers' knowledge of star formation and evolution
The giant picture, measuring 6 meters by three meters, in which we see a portrait of Amini, consists of 1,000 small pictures of the victims of the Iranian regime in the past year. The picture was unveiled in the presence of the Iranian-American artist Homan
Dr. Aya Sofer, director of IBM's research laboratory in Israel, was a guest at the high-tech Silicon Club managers' forum: "Besides the many advantages, there are also, of course, not easy challenges, such as a built-in bias in models or data,
Two British companies have raised funds from investors to develop satellites for the production of drugs and chips in space. CEO of Spice Pharma Yossi Yamin: This shows that we are not the only crazy people and that even the capital market recognizes the market
It started with very strange experimental results, continues in a new physical theory about the behavior of photons, and in the future may improve our smartphone screens and enable faster data communication.
How to expand the circles of technological innovation in Israel in the Corona era?
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