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Ministry of Health: No medical properties should be attributed to the Bioguard X bracelet, whose manufacturers claim that it protects against radiation

The company's response: The Ministry of Health chooses not to support the field of complementary medicine

bioguard x bracelet. From the company's website (PR photo, fair use)
bioguard x bracelet. From the company's website (PR photo, fair use)

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health announced in an unusual step in a press release that the BioGuard X bracelet advertised in the media - including on radio and television as a shield against electromagnetic radiation - should not be considered a product with any medical properties.

The Bioguard X marble bracelet, which they call the 'medical bracelet', is sold in natural stores and pharmaceutical chains at a price of NIS 150. In the article broadcast last night on Channel 2 news, Tal Kirchheimer, a pharmacy owner, is quoted as saying that the bracelets have become a hit and the demand for them is crazy.

On the company's website it is written on the bracelet that its operation is "emission of frequencies that transmit to the cells, for an infinite period and without contact between the active substance and the person wearing the bracelet".

According to the Ministry of Health, the company that markets these bracelets attributes to them medical properties such as inhibiting the development of cancer cells and stopping the damage of electromagnetic radiation. "The Ministry of Health wishes to inform the public that after checking the information on the Bioguard X bracelet as claimed by the manufacturer, no evidence of the product's health benefits was found. The bracelet does not meet the accepted standards for proving effectiveness and has not been investigated in a clinical study as is accepted for testing a product that claims to have a health effect.
The bracelet's marketing approval refers to safety only and includes an instruction not to attribute medical properties to it. "
"It is important to note that the office is in contact with the Consumer Protection Authority to check the claims regarding the product and continue its publication."

An analysis of the studies presented on the company's website shows something very puzzling. Here is an example of a laboratory test signed by Prof. B. Bartov, and Dr. R. Yehuda from the Artmed company, who tested the effect of the active substance in the bracelet on sperm cells explicitly wrote in their conclusions "No significant changes were found in the human sperm cells in the SR18x2.5 medium compared to the control."

Over the past few weeks, we have requested by email the response of three scientists who signed off on studies published on the company's website: Dr. David Michaeli, Prof. Piargiorgio Spaggiari and Dr. Ehud Naaman, as well as the response of the product developer, Prof. Lemshe Iron. We asked them if they really support a product, and if so, to refer me to articles published in recognized scientific publications (peer-reviewed).

Dr. Ehud Naman who denies any connection to the product and admits that he does not believe his claims, and Prof. Iron who says that the reason there was no scientific publication is that a patent for the product has not yet been issued.

After the Ministry of Health's announcement, we tried to talk to Prof. Iron, instead we received the following response on behalf of the company: "The Ministry of Health does not claim in any part of the article that the product is not effective or efficient. The Ministry of Health chooses not to support the field of complementary medicine and its claim is respectable. At the same time, we have laboratory tests that prove the great potential of the product and its ability to help reduce the negative consequences of electromagnetic radiation."

Ilya Melamed also participated in the preparation of the article.
Writer Simon Singh to the website Hedaan: "Inclusion of complementary medicine treatments in insurance companies and health funds should be abolished"

Viara Schiebner, the Australian "expert" on vaccines, is a doctor of geology

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  1. Honey

    I admit that I do not believe at all that the situation will ever change, what changes is only the types of illusions.
    That the crowd discovers that capital or the government has performed or promised to perform an action that is good for it, plus a few hugs and smiles, from the crowd's point of view this is already a fact, the trend has changed in its favor and its path is already woven, with roses and roses.

    It's not for nothing that the great thinker said "brriers don't die, they just change"

  2. Also using air headphones, instead of regular headphones, seems to me a fraud (spending money on overpriced ships) ..

    Radiation damage to the body is possible when the electromagnetic radiation is in *very short* waves that are used for wireless communication. In wireless communication today, waves at "microwave" frequencies are used, which are intrusive waves that can damage the body if they are of high energy.

    On the other hand, the signals that reach the ear through headphones are in longer waves than wireless communication waves (even if the sound waves are modulated on top of a carrier wave whose frequency is greater than the frequency of sound waves). Therefore the waves of the other types (not microwave) are not harmful at all.

    As far as I understand, in terms of risks, there is no significant difference between normal cell phone headphones and headphones for portable audio accessories that have been in use for over 20 years. Headphones for portable audio accessories have never been proven to cause harmful electromagnetic radiation to the body. If nothing has been proven in the last 20 years, apparently such headphones are harmless.

    In my estimation, using portable audio devices with headphones is much more intensive than using headphones on cell phones. Therefore, if their headphones were harmful, it would have been published a long time ago.

  3. Ernest,

    I didn't mean to trouble you...

    "The strange thing is that there are those who think and believe that the same qualities can be reduced or weakened and the situation where there are the strong and exploitative rulers and there are the weak and exploited ruled."

    The problem is that the regulation is weak to non-existent or self-interested due to the ties of ruling capital, and therefore servitude takes over even in health issues. on us.

    One day it will be fixed, it has already been fixed in various areas - see the act as a window in the cellular market.

  4. Another one of the products based on the public's fear of radiation.
    It is known that electromagnetic radiation can be harmful to health
    Radiation from high-voltage sources (electrical cabinets, transformers, electric poles, etc.) and radiation from orbiters (antennas, mobile phones, routers, etc.).
    On the basis of these facts, they occasionally try to sell us "wonder drugs".
    In the past, all kinds of stickers and other patents were issued that are supposed to prevent cell phone radiation and after a short time disappeared as if they were not there.
    The only solutions that really work are solutions that you as the public can simply and clearly understand how they work.
    For example, talking on the loudspeaker - if you don't hold the phone to your head and move it away from your body - it is understandable why the radiation does not reach the head.
    Or air headphones - the sound is transmitted through a hollow air tube without a metallic conductor - it is understandable why the radiation is removed from the head and body.
    Everything else is bullshit (published research shows that attaching the phone to the head causes glucose activity around the brain - so what substance in the bracelet cancels this activity? What nonsense....)
    Air headphones can be purchased in Israel at cell phone stores and on the Bug network, the company's website.
    To talk on the speaker - you don't need to buy anything - just not always the most useful.

  5. I really did not notice that this is such a denying site, in any case, no one should be blamed for the situation that has arisen, as in the same dentistry system, it is true that powers and interests are defined as negative qualities, but in my opinion they are an inseparable part of nature.

    The strange thing is that there are those who think and believe that the same qualities can be reduced or weakened and the situation where there are the strong and exploitative rulers and there are the weak and exploited ruled.

    Well, that's how it was and that's how it will remain, that's how you should be educated to accept and understand.

  6. serious

    Quote: I really didn't understand what the problem was with the link or the website?

    By bringing a link to "another truth" you will be accused of "denying conventional medicine" or something like that. (According to my recollection, the website "Emet Other" points out flaws in the way conventional medicine is managed and other sacred establishment values.)

    By the way about dentistry. The most serious problem, in my opinion, is that preventive medicine in this field is really poor.

    It is clear why it is poor, because if they solved the technologies of preventive medicine for dental diseases, it would be possible to reduce the morbidity of the teeth to a quarter or even a tenth of what they are now. The reason: there is no commercial motivation to develop preventive medicine for dental disease to do so, because from the point of view of the fraudulent establishment, preventive medicine for dental problems is slaughtering a goose that lays golden eggs.

  7. Honey

    I really didn't understand what was the problem with the link or the website?

  8. Everyone already knows that electromagnetic radiation is not good for us.
    Of course it's cellular radiation
    I prefer to play it safe and with already registered patents, in order to prevent radiation damage from the cell phone I use air headphones that keep the radiation away from the head.

  9. serious

    We have no argument at all.
    But it seems to me that you did the deed that would not be done on the science site - you brought a link to a site whose name should not be mentioned...
    The results will not be late to arrive 🙂

  10. fraud!!!!
    In most of their insolence they made such a wide publicity, and masses of people believed them. I didn't believe them and I continue to use hollow air headphones that keep the radiation away and that's how I feel safe. I highly recommend them, I purchased them online

  11. Ernest,

    No one will attack the dentistry system in Israel, there is a lot of money and interests there and it takes a very broad back to go against them. This is of course true for many other medical practices and medicines of various kinds.

    It's easiest to look for the shekel under the flashlight and that's exactly what happens with this bracelet - and that's why the noise is completely disproportionate around it.

  12. Honey
    Thanks, really enlightening article.

    my father
    The general public in Israel places its trust in the second-line medicine system and its accompanying systems
    which is a system that operates under the approval and supervision of the Ministry of Health. I'm not exaggerating when I say
    That the health and financial damages caused by the Ministry of Health, by virtue of its approval without reliable and professional supervision and review, to the general public, are thousands of times greater than that bracelet if and when the Ministry is right in its claims.

    Maybe someone will take it upon themselves to write an article about dentistry in Israel from the medical aspect,
    This is a topic that undoubtedly touches and interests almost everyone.

  13. Thanks for showing a picture of this junk. Now, if I see someone wearing it I will know how stupid he is.

  14. Kudos to the Ministry of Health for coming out to protect the health of the citizen, but what, the citizen is not so innocent, as the officials of the ministry think, in terms of the world of particles, even the citizen knows that they would call it nano action,
    In the world of wars, the generals call this a diversionary operation, not that the citizen is an enemy of the Ministry of Health, but
    The citizen suffers much, much more in the possession of infinity (relatively, of course) for example, from the world of dentistry,

    In my opinion, if a forum of doctors and researchers were established and examines the relationship between the preparations approved by it
    Ministry of Health for the care of our ivories, and their health, you would very quickly forget this article.
    And if the same team were to check the relationship between the health of our teeth and the publications and guidelines under the auspices or of conventional medicine, to improve the health of those molars, then you would give that bracelet an award for the lack of inaccuracy of its creators in the world of dentistry.

    Add to that that a large part of the families are not at all able, from the financial point of view, to enter the palace gates
    The whiteness and caries. Imagine what would happen if it was discovered that 95% of all dental treatments and treatments do not contribute to their health and sometimes are even harmful.

    Surely the biggest secret will be revealed that most of the caries and blackening and pain phenomena are hereditary.
    Or are determined at a very young age, perhaps already in babies.

    On the other hand, it's not nice at all to find out, it may seriously damage the full ivory coffers, it's better
    attack and destroy this horrible bracelet, its manufacturers, researchers and workers, and then we will demand from the dentists
    May they make us a real health bracelet, maybe even an ivory one. With the approval of the Ministry of Herd Health.

  15. By the way, on the product packaging it is written in small letters in the asterisk in the bottom corner, that the product is in the patent registration process.
    As you know, patent registration procedures take a long time (up to three years) so at the end of the process it is of course possible that a patent will not be registered. And that's probably what's going to happen. During this time the company will sell and make a profit. This is exactly how modern crooks work today. From personal experience, big promises are made that require waiting time and during this time the victim will pay his share. At the end of the road, nothing awaits him.

  16. They should be thrown into prison quickly
    and file a class action lawsuit against the company

  17. I liked "Professor" Iron's use of the word patent.
    Why didn't you publish a study?
    Ahhh... a patent? Zatumar, no patent? Pat-Ent?! Fatan-T?

  18. It seems on the face of it that the Ministry of Health is right, but the article in which the reasons for the Ministry's decision are stated are not sharp enough and clear enough, someone is hesitating, perhaps fearing a financial claim from the manufacturer, I hope not for a reason

  19. Fraudulent acts as if they were always there. There is nothing new about the prank on a bracelet that captures Kriya.

    Fraudulent acts were often based on religious beliefs (attributing magical powers to objects: for example the golden calf, the ark of God, statues and masks, smoke, clouds, a crystal ball, leftover coffee, hooves, a black cat, garlic).

    Starting with the rise of science, they moved to the same acts of fraud when various objects were treated with "modern" magical powers, especially those linked to scientific phenomena (magnetism, radiation, electricity, etc.).

    The mystical beliefs in objects are rooted in human nature. What has changed is only the "sources of power", once the source of power was "God, idols, demons and spirits and fairies". Today the "sources of power" are scientific phenomena.

    Already decades ago they sold metal bracelets (for example copper bracelets, or silver bracelets) that were supposed to protect against various "interferences" (magical radiation, X-waves, magnetism and other nonsense*. 100 years ago there was the fraud of "mesmerism" for magnets).

  20. Indeed, New Age culture breaks new records every time. However, the manufacturers who make good money should not be blamed but the ignorant public who believe them and buy this nonsense.
    The radiation emitted from the cellular devices is not ionizing radiation and therefore does not affect the Gif cells or the DNA.
    A few months ago, an independent meta-study was published on the subject of the effect of cellular radiation on the body (that is, a study based on many studies carried out in the world on a certain subject). The results of the study surprisingly show a decrease of about 16% in cancer cases among cell phone users.
    Although this is not a significant difference, it is nevertheless interesting.

  21. The acts of fraud have increased. Also in terms of the story told, also in terms of daring, also in terms of the scope of the target audience and finally in terms of success.

    As a result, more people today who belong to higher classes (in terms of intelligence) fall victim to fraudulent acts than before.

    There is no limit to imagination, and today you can think of more and more ways to make money from a product that does not necessarily fulfill its promises. Once when I was reading one of the books of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" I first came across the interesting wording that a business can be successful even if the product it sells is not good, and alternatively a business can fail even if the product it sells is excellent. This was said innocently with a purely business nature without any hint of deceit. I never imagined that wise and wicked people would rise up, take this insight and use it in an immoral way as they do today in wholesale.

  22. I wonder if the bracelet manufacturers know that light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, and if the bracelet protects against light.

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