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Friday, 12/12 at 16:30 - look at the eastern horizon: the moon is huge

A combination of the presence of the moon at a close point in its orbit around the earth, being in the moon phase and the illusion of the moon that causes the moon to appear large at sunrise will cause a rare phenomenon: the moon at sunrise will be large and very bright

The full moon that is seen in the telescope when it is at its closest (14% larger) A full moon that is at its closest is called a super moon (Super Moon) Photo:
The full moon photographed by a telescope when it is at its closest (14% larger) A full moon that is at its closest is called a supermoon (super moon) Photo:

This month the moon played a prominent role in astronomical events. at the beginning of the cycle, on December 1, The moon aligned with Venus and Jupiter For a kind of heavenly smiley. It turns out that even in Milou he makes us go outside at dusk, it will be especially bright.

If you look at the eastern horizon around half past four in the afternoon, you will see the moon bigger and brighter than ever. It turns out that not all full moons are created equal. Some full moons are bigger than others and Friday's this week will be especially big. That's because the moon will also become full exactly 4 hours after it reaches its closest point to Earth, making it 14% larger and 30% brighter than the full moons we've seen in previous months this year.

Prof. Yoav Yair from the Open University, says that the moon moves in an elliptical orbit around the earth and therefore its visible size in the sky changes slightly. At the closest point in its orbit this month, called Phrygia, its distance from us is 356,567 km (compared to the average distance which is 384,000 km, and the furthest which is 406,000 km).

"This month the moon is in Phrygia exactly when it is at its fullest, so we will be treated to a stunningly beautiful sight. Because of the proximity to the horizon line, it will appear even larger to us. This is a relatively rare sight that last happened with such intensity in 1993", says Yair.

However, if the moon is 14% larger, how can you tell the difference when there is nothing in the sky to better measure its diameter. Indeed, when the moon is high in the sky, there is no difference between one full moon and the other, so the best time to notice it is on or near the horizon, when The Moon Illusion Shabatia sees the moon bigger near the horizon, interfering with reality and the two factors together provide an amazing sight. For reasons not fully understood by either astronomers or psychologists, low-hanging moons appear disproportionately large when viewed through trees, buildings, and other ground objects. The great circle that shines in the east when the sun sets will look so You almost want to touch it.

Prof. Yair also says that: "The meaning is that the moon will be both large and bright. It will look clear and big. The moon always appears large to the human eye when it is near. This is a psychological compensation of the evidence, because there are no differences in physical size. This time both the physical diameter of the moon is large and the psychological effect will cause the moon to appear huge when it rises.

What will the moon move away from us cause?

"Measuring the distance using laser beams to the mirrors left by the Apollo astronauts on the moon proved that it is moving away from us at 3.8 centimeters per year, or 38 kilometers per million years. A day will come and there will be no more total solar eclipses because the size of the moon will not be enough to cover the sun, also there will be a moderation in the tides, but there is still a lot of time to take care of that.

The NASA website adds that a moon in Phrygia also brings with it extremely high Phrygian tides, there is nothing to fear, claims NOAA, the American Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency. In most places, the moon's gravity in Phrygia raises the tidal waves by only 2-3 centimeters more than normal. Local geographies can increase the effect up to 15 inches, not exactly a major flood.

For information on the subject on the NASA website

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  1. Doron:
    Apart from that - the apogee did not play here at all.
    Talk about the current phrygia (which is also during a full moon) in front of the other full moon events of the year.

  2. Doron:
    These are not contradictory data but data measured on different occasions.
    The NASA website (highlighted from the article) also has data (link at the end of the NASA article) on many apogee and perigee events and the data for each of them is different.
    Here is the link, for your convenience:
    Besides - your question was not about the data, but about the relationship between the data and the conclusion, and by definition you asked about the calculation.

  3. The question was asked for a reason.

    There are conflicting data on various websites, including NASA's, regarding the distances of the moon from the Earth at apogee and perigee
    Apogee 405,363 Perigee 357,448
    Apogee 405,696 Perigee 363,104
    Apogee 406,720 Perigee 356,375
    Apogee 407,000 Perigee 357,000

  4. Doron Tal:
    The calculation is correct.
    You were probably thinking of radial ratios when what determines here is the ratio between spatial angles.
    The NASA website does not show the distances of the moon at the time of the full moon events, but by calculating backwards based on the fact that the last full moon was 14% larger, it can be shown that the average distance of the full moons this year is 380709.3761
    I saw on your website that Shalik Lavi is one of your friends.
    If you would like further explanation, feel free to ask him for my phone number.

  5. Is there an astronomical or scientific connection to tonight's full moon
    And earthquakes, may peace not be upon us?
    It scares me a lot

  6. The distance of the center of the moon from the center of Earth at the closest point, 363,104 km and at the farthest point 405,696 km. How did you calculate 14%?

  7. Michael,
    In my opinion, it is very possible that there was documentation of the appearance of the huge moon, because on that voyage a film was made by some production company and naturally there were professional photographers who photographed the appearance, if you want you can check, if I'm not mistaken the film is called "Family Vacation" and it was also shown on the screens so you can check who the photographers were, and if they recorded the same unusual and very strange lunar appearance, to say the least.
    (Probably to me...they were just disturbing...but maybe you will find an objective benefit through them for proving my testimony and official-:)

  8. And again I learned that you don't have to watch life. I was expecting something huge, something different and the only thing I can say is that the moon rise was amazing and the moon is much more dazzling.
    Next time in 15 years I will come with less expectations I hope.

  9. One more thing about the beach - try anyway, but towards the setting of the moon and the rising of the sun in the morning, on the western horizon, the effect may still remain.

  10. And by the way, we are talking about night time and the moon was in its full moon so... that it must be ruled out... sun at sunset -:)

  11. Well, today's moon is beautiful but not particularly big compared to the really strange and huge moon we saw in July 2004 when we were in the middle of a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.. The size of the moon was one and a half times (at least, in my estimation) than the moon that you see in the sky tonight and its color was orange.. Other than that we did not see Stars at all... obviously there is some optical explanation, but I didn't have a "stationary" index to compare the appearance.
    I wonder if anyone remembers or knows what it was then from the astronomical point of view.
    (I have not yet checked if anything was specified on the website for the same moon that I specified).

  12. I remember a few years ago (December 99′ or 00′ if I remember correctly)
    One of the nights was said to be the brightest full moon in the last 120 years.

    So what's the difference between then and now?

  13. I just came across the article.
    Although it is natural for him to say that I am right, but this time I mean "I" (the one who responded number 1). It is actually known why the moon appears large when it is close to the horizon and the reason is that we have a more reasonable estimate of its distance. We know it's farther than anything we see.
    When the moon is above, our mind guesses its distance less well and then - the same spatial angle seems to us to represent a body that is actually smaller.
    In relation to phrygia and phrygia, it is worth understanding that phrygia occurs once a month, so it is clear that there is nothing to fear from it.
    What is true is that when the perigee occurs during a full moon (as well as when it occurs during an "empty" moon), the sun, the moon and the earth are almost on the same straight line, therefore the tidal forces of the near moon combine with those of the sun and the tides are indeed higher.

  14. Avi ,
    Wow, you're right..
    We need to move the sea to the east and the houses to the west,
    And came to Zion a redeemer. (-:)

  15. Wow, I'll run to take a picture of the moon.
    My batteries are already charging, but I don't know whether to go to the beach and take pictures or to take pictures among the trees and buildings near my house. In my opinion, the horizon will not be visible from my house as there are many buildings that significantly hide the horizon - conclusion: go to the beach.

  16. From what I know, the moon when it is viewed from above looks so big because the brain knows that the moon is further away from the buildings we see, and it also knows what the real size of these buildings is, so in order for everything to be on the correct scale, the brain greatly magnifies the moon....

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