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2012 - New craze: Beetlejuice will explode and this will apparently hurt the Earth

The owner of the site Bad Astronomy reassures: Beetlejuice is on the verge of exploding, but it could happen any minute in the next hundred thousand years, not necessarily in 2012, and besides, it's far enough away that nothing will happen to us

The massive star Beetlejuice, which is on the verge of ending its life and going supernova. Photo: Hubble Space Telescope
The massive star Beetlejuice, which is on the verge of ending its life and going supernova. Photo: Hubble Space Telescope

The irrational campaign for 2012 continues. More and more people are trying to bring us ideas of what they think will bring about the end of the world in 2012, with the assumption that if they throw out as many ideas as possible, statistically one of them will be true (and especially those that can be interpreted more widely).

Now a claim has surfaced online as if the star Beetlejuice will explode and we will see two suns. So you should calm down, it's not going to explode in 2012, it's on the verge of exploding at the very least regardless of the timetable of the Maya or any other human group. However when it explodes we won't see two suns, and this phenomenon doesn't even come close to tickling the earth.

The owner of the website Bad Astronomy Philip Plate explains this: "Immediately when I saw the article on the website Desperately trying to link the approaching supernova of the giant star Beetlejuice with the nonsense about the Maya and 2012, I thought I would ignore it but saw that it was also reinforced on more common sites such as The Huffington Post.

The only science in the original article is pretty good, the writers spoke with scientist Brad Carter who discussed the expected exploding Beetlejuice scenario and the creation of a supernova. The whole story is very interesting, but all the other things that were written in the article were pure nonsense. Beetlejuice is a star with a mass 20 times that of the Sun, and is nearing the end of its life. When such massive stars die they explode as supernovae. The distance to Beetlejuice is unclear because its puffy outer atmosphere interferes with measurements, but it is estimated to be about 600 light-years away, far enough to not harm us.

From this point the articles start to go crazy. Beetlejuice could explode tomorrow night or maybe not before 100 thousand AD. Since this is such a large range, the chance of it exploding next year is extremely small, and it is clear that the article tried to link the year 2012 to this event, even though it has nothing to do with it.

What was worse was that the article in the Huffington Post linked the date to Dr. Carter himself, although in the original article - the Australian - he did not say a word about it. The link was made by the authors of the article. Given the popularity of the Huffington Post I imagine many people would think that a real scientist claimed that Beetlejuice would explode in 2012.”

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  1. Everyone listen to me, the chances that Beetlejuice will explode while we live are very small, the chances are 0.00001 !!
    And even if it explodes while we live, nothing will happen:
    It will just look almost like another sun to the earth (in blue color) and it will stay like that for about 20-30 days.
    And then that's it, just beauty.
    It is very rare that this happens, but it is real.
    There was once a supernova explosion just like that with another star, and the light from the explosion reached Earth in about 1526.
    It looks exactly as I describe, and if you want to see how it will really look, you will watch the simulation:
    Obviously, in reality there will not be the sound that is in the video.
    If there are any questions contact me.
    Tal 🙂

  2. I don't understand if the star so huge in its explosion shouldn't cause a giant black hole to swallow our entire solar system?

  3. I know of a star that is 8000 light years from us, and it is really on the verge of collapse and it will not explode as a supernova but in a much more destructive explosion, and if its rays are aimed at us it is not good...
    I don't remember the name but...

  4. It is not possible that there will be the end of the world in 2012 because the war of Gog and Magog is at least seven years and then there are a thousand years of Messiah, but the sun will probably not rise for several days as they say about 2012 and this is also what will happen in Gog and Magog

  5. This star already exploded 12 years ago but we will only see it in 580 years and then the end of the solar system will come

  6. L 12: It hasn't exploded yet! According to the words of Maran Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Shalita nothing will happen unless we all repent one hour before

  7. If the scientist website, most of whose readers and writers are supposed to be educated -more or less- are seriously discussing our destruction in 2012, then this is further proof that most members of the human race are no more developed, mentally, than a cow or an armadillo.

  8. End of the world in 2012? 22012? What does it matter?
    And what is the world?
    And what is the end of the world?
    It is much better to drink a glass of good cognac after a good meal than to calculate the kitzin., and we also have more control over the act.

  9. Right Michael,
    You are of course right, it is called - Gamma Ray burst
    But I remember that I once read articles about jets emitted from AGN and there it was discussed that similar jets are emitted in GRBs. What is certain is that gamma radiation is emitted.
    In general, as far as I know, the term jet does not refer to radiation but to something else (look in Wikipedia under relativistic jet).
    The radiation is emitted here in a deliberate and non-directional way, but it is not acceptable to call it a jet.

    I'm glad you calmed down, about the second star - I'm also very afraid of it

  10. deer:
    The link you provided also says:

    Once it reaches the surface, the shock wave breaks out into space, with much of its energy released in the form of gamma-rays

    That is - radiation

  11. Thanks Zvi, I calmed down, I can sleep peacefully, but I read here knowing that there is a star that is about to collapse and it will launch jets of (as you say matter close to the speed of light) and it is 8000 light years away and it may endanger us.

  12. Hopefully Ford Perfect's relatives will take notice
    us on time - and most importantly: no panic!

  13. Max,

    I'm afraid you're wrong.
    The process you are talking about, in which two massive jets of radiation are emitted as a result of the collapse of a massive star, has been put forth as a possible explanation for some of the Gamma Ray Bursts (the longer ones). The explanation is still flawed and it is not perfect, but for now it is the most acceptable. Specifically, the issue of jets, for example, is very unclear - but apparently they are not jets of radiation but jets of matter moving at a speed very close to the speed of light (a Lorentz factor of several hundred for those who mean something).
    In any case, according to the estimates of the accepted models today, Beetlejuice is not expected to produce such a GRB and this is because the star that exploded must meet 3 conditions:
    - Its mass should be higher than 40 solar masses (more than 2 times that of Beetlegoose)
    - It must rotate at a relatively high speed, this is in order to create an adsorption disk to the black hole (Beetlegoes rotates slowly - 5 km per second.
    - Finally, the star must have a low concentration of heavy substances (low metallicity), while the metallicity is higher than that of the Sun (highest in low)
    All the details appear in the side column of:

  14. When a star with the mass of Beetlejuice collapses in on itself two massive jets of radiation are emitted from the poles, if one of the jets is aimed at us it will be the end of the world as we know it, that doesn't mean it will happen in 2012 it could happen in a million years.

  15. Micha:
    Because I tried to explain to fried bacon with pizza sauce that his conclusion does not follow from the facts on which he bases it.
    Note - I did not say that I think his conclusion is incorrect, but only that his argument is incorrect.
    In math tests you are given to prove correct sentences but sometimes you get zero because even though the sentences are correct - the proofs you give are not correct.
    That's what this is about.

  16. Michael, you are right. Theoretically, he can reach us on 21.12.2012. or on
    So why exactly on your 21.1.2012?

  17. captive baby:
    True, but rest your mind.
    As written in the article and as I detailed in another comment - the distance of Beetlejuice is more than twenty times greater than the distance necessary to destroy the earth.
    In fact, as far as we know today, there is no planet that comes close to a supernova explosion that would be close enough to Earth to damage the Earth.

  18. Michael Rothschild, following comment 12
    I mean, if we are close enough to being destroyed by the explosion, I understand then, that we won't know (because we won't be able to see) whether or not there will be an explosion until we explode? (when the light waves will reach us together with the radiation).

    A bit unfair in my opinion for the pagans. Either they are wrong and everyone will sneer in 2013, or they are right and no one will ever know.

  19. Itai
    If I'm not mistaken it will be possible to see the explosion even in the middle of the day

    I personally hope Beetlejuice explodes
    It will be spectacular

  20. I'm just asking, can such an explosion at least make the night sky more interesting or even then the supernova can only be seen with the help of a telescope?

  21. In short - there is no scientist, prophet or informationalist (Kabbalist, rabbi, priest or any delusional priest) who can predict the future... His prediction of "fried onions in pizza sauce" seems the most accurate to me...
    A pleasant explosion for all
    : )

  22. Fried salad with pizza sauce
    You are wrong.
    First of all, in a supernova explosion - what endangers the nearby stars is the radiation and it moves at the speed of light itself and not at 10% of it.
    Besides - as I have already said - it is possible that Beetlejuice has already exploded a long time ago and we simply do not see it yet because the radiation of the explosion has not yet reached us and theoretically it could have reached us exactly on 21/12/2012.
    What is clear is that whatever the reason why people think the earth will be destroyed in 2012 whatever it is - in 2013 - if we live - we will know for sure if the prediction came true

  23. Mr. Nekoh

    You are a brave warrior in the service of truth

    And so, take out your toothbrush

    And go brush the toilet.

  24. Contrary to the claim of my learned colleague, Mr. Bezal Matovgan,
    I am sorry to announce that in 2013 we will not have a solution to the mystery
    which fascinates me my left family jewel (literal translation of American slang)
    And this is because information cannot travel faster than the speed of light.

    To be honest, if we accept for the purpose of the discussion the assumption that Beetlejuice is 600 light years away from us
    So if it explodes during 2012, we won't know about it until 2612.

    Also assuming that fragments from the explosion will move at a speed of 10% of the speed of light
    After all, they will not affect us before the year 8012 AD (yuck!).

  25. To the point - as I know, the color of the sky is actually dark yellow, and being a human being, I have 21 arms and 21 legs, so the total amount of my limbs is the meaning of the universe. In addition, as far as I know the country is actually a huge bear standing on a huge turtle, and in 2012 the turtle and the bear will fight and our world will come to an end.
    The bear of course hides its existence from us, that we will not run away from it by galloping at the speed of light with the help of our 21 legs.

    Are we done with the explosions?

  26. As I know in 2012 we will pass through you the path of a black hole (in other words a black hole is coming towards us).
    NASA is a direct demand from the American government and the owners of the corporations are hiding this from the public. The interest is clear.

  27. For a supernova explosion to endanger us, it has to be much closer to Earth - more than twenty times closer.
    By the way - it could be that Beetlejuice already exploded a hundred years ago and we still don't see it.

  28. And what does it matter so much if there is a connection between the explosion of Beetlejuice and 2012?
    In any case, in 2013 we will all know the truth and stay with other stupid religions that have no expiration date.

  29. The pole's mistakes in Ma'amr, as evidenced by the year 2012, the sacrifice shows the pole's excitement!
    good week
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

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