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The Minister of Defense watched the secret developments of the aerospace industry's products for the defense system

TEA CEO, Yitzhak Nissan: TEA now has a backlog of orders of over 7 billion dollars and a 56% increase in profits

Minister Barak's visit to the aviation industry, January 28, 2008 In the photo: Defense Minister Ehud Barak examines a model of a missileOn Monday, January 28, 2008, Defense Minister Ehud Barak visited the aerospace industry factories at Ben-Gurion Airport this morning. The minister was accompanied by the CEO of Moshebat Pinchas Bokharis and members of the ministry's management. They were welcomed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ITA Yair Shamir and the Director General of the ITA Yitzchak Nissan.

"TAA is on the trend of improvement and increase in business performance in the scope of sales, increasing exports and profits," said TAA CEO Nissan. In his review to the Minister of Defense, he added that "TAA now has an order backlog of over 7 billion dollars and a 56% increase in profits." Nissan pointed out that the increase in profitability is done by close control over the way the projects are managed, improvement in the submission of price offers and improvement of the procurement processes.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Yair Shamir, informed the Minister that "we are leveraging the tremendous technological capabilities of the IAA for the sake of Israel's security. In 2007, we invested tens of millions of dollars of our own R&D funds in the development of new products, and we invested hundreds of millions of dollars in financing our customers in the development of new products."

The minister toured the production lines of drones and planes and visited a secret display of future developments for the defense system. At the end of his visit, the minister said "under the management of Shamir and Nissan, an extraordinary revolution has been taking place in the TAA in the last two years. The Israel Defense Forces has made a tremendous contribution to Israel's security and economy. In the activities of the IAA, the strength and resilience of the State of Israel is reflected." "The employees," the defense minister continued, "are the real capital of the IAA, who work day and night with professionalism and dedication to meet the goals and needs of the defense establishment."

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