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Ziv Adaki

It is no coincidence that dogs are cuter than wolves, or that goats in the wild have shorter horns and friendlier manners than their wild ancestors. Researchers call these phenomena "domestication syndrome"
Adult wolves miss their handler when separated from them, just like dogs
Dogs' personalities change over time, but these changes occur unevenly throughout the dogs' lives, and each trait develops at a different age trajectory.
A flu vaccine during pregnancy protects the children and women from illness, but does it also have long-term risks? A decade-long follow-up study refutes this.
Using Australia's National Drug Discovery Centre, researchers from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute have identified ingredients that can block a central protein of the coronavirus, called PLpro. This protein, which is found
Vaccinations against influenza and pneumonia are associated with low mortality rates of patients hospitalized for heart failure. This is the result of a study in which almost three million Americans participated and was revealed at the ESC
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