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The "Improved Arrow 2" missile performed a successful interception test

During the experiment, a missile simulating a ballistic threat was launched under particularly challenging conditions. After the target was launched, the system went into action, the radar identified the target and transmitted its data to the shooting management center which calculated a defense plan against it.

Diagram describing the course of the experiment
Diagram describing the course of the experiment

Posted on April 7, 18:25 pm

Yesterday (April 6, 2009), in the morning hours, the "Hats" system performed a successful system experiment. This is the seventeenth test of the "Arrow" interceptor and the eleventh test of the weapon system. In this experiment, improved capabilities of the weapon systems were tested, as developed within the framework of the Improvements Program (ASIP) shared by Israel and the USA.

During the experiment, a missile simulating a ballistic threat was launched under particularly challenging conditions. After the target was launched, the system went into action, the radar identified the target and transmitted its data to the shooting management center which calculated a defense plan against it.

The data was transmitted to the launcher and the experimental interceptor with the improved performance completed its course with complete success and destroyed the target.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the US Department of Defense and the partner industries in the project participated in the experiment.

The success of the project is an important step in the development plan and in the development of operational capabilities to respond to the growing threat of ballistic missiles in the arena.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak watched the launch of the "Arrow" from an IDF helicopter while returning from a tour of the Gaza Division. The minister was informed about the results of the experiment. The minister noted: "The future defense system is an important project for the State of Israel. The combination of the "Iron Dome" system, which also carried out a successful experiment in the last rift, with the "Arrow" system, and the "Improved Arrow" will provide optimal protection from immediate and close threats to strategic threats. The security system works intensively in order to provide a multi-layered defense system against missiles and rockets to ensure the security of the citizens of Israel."

The Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Pinchas Buchris, said that the success of the experiment is an important step in the development of a defense system against future threats. The CEO praised the people of the defense industries, the Ministry of Defense and the IDF for the cooperation, creativity and development capabilities that led to the success of the experiment.

Yitzhak Nissan, CEO of the Aerospace Industry, said regarding the experiment: "This is a very significant success in a challenging experiment against a threat that represents future capabilities that may appear in the arena. The Aerospace Industry with the MLM plant as the main contractor and other factories of the Aerospace Industry are making their contribution to the defense system, the IDF and the State of Israel."

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  1. Yaron:
    One of the responses in Arabic was translated twice (by my father and an opponent who activated Google Translate).
    From these responses you could learn how you can translate yourself what has not been translated.
    If you had done so, you would have seen that it was not worth translating either, but you are welcome to try.

  2. Avi:
    There are comments in Arabic.
    What is written in them?
    We don't read Arabic, it's a shame - but someone reads your articles on Arrow.

  3. I have a simple question. If Iran sends hundreds of missiles in one strike when only a few missiles are nuclear, will the Arrow system be able to diagnose which missile is nuclear? And if not, will it be able to hit all of them 100% protection because if two missiles are not enough 1 in Tel Aviv 1 in Jerusalem and hundreds of thousands will lose their lives and think about it

  4. For the Sabbath guard:
    I really don't think you're writing seriously. Either you're a secularist who for some reason hates ultra-Orthodox and therefore wants to portray them as radically opposed to everything in science and culture, or you're just really, really delusional ultra-Orthodox.
    For the first case: I advise you psychological treatment.
    For the second case: do you know the saying and love your neighbor as yourself? Rabbi Akiva (I assume you know him) said it is like the entire Torah. So maybe instead of adding fuel to the debate between secular and religious people, calm down a bit.
    And all other readers, please do not respond to what Shomer Shabbat says.
    I have seen several discussions with him that simply quickly degenerated into insults and were not at all related to the site or science, friends, remember why you entered the site and spare us all these arguments.

  5. Toffee beauty for the arrow experiment...some insights but...

    1. What will happen if not one missile is fired, but a barrage of many missiles, one of which is nuclear...can the Arrow system, which currently has only two active batteries, withstand this? That's not…

    2. The experiment was successful.. that means the model will be active for another year and a half and two years only... Allah Istor and his band what can happen until then in a country like ours where every day is an action

    3. If the missile is indeed intercepted in advance...our sworn friend Syria will probably be the one to abduct it on its territory...the so-called two birds with one stone.

    4. What about the Nautilus....something???? somewhere ??? A bit of common sense... to bring here after all?

    5. Why wait for the Iranians to destroy us? …we do it ourselves pretty well don't we?

  6. Hello to all the Palestinians/Iranians/Syrians who responded first of all welcome, if you want us to understand what you wrote you should write in Hebrew, and that way we will turn the monologue into a dialogue.
    And I hope that none of the nations will have to use these weapons. Peace.

  7. The geographical location, where the Land of Israel is located and the fundamental difference between the Jewish people and its neighbors, create pressure, which translates into a constant threat from extremist countries to the Land of Israel, whose containment as a result of the extraordinary capabilities of the IDF and the security forces - creates a balance, which the neighboring countries ignore, and do not remember the The imbalance that existed before the establishment of the State of Israel.

    In the current situation, Israel has no choice but to continue to improve its defensive capabilities. The hostile countries around it have and have choices (choices of existence - always), even when they lose in some military conflict (if at all and when some factor threatens them, and certainly not with the levels of power and hostility as they relate to Israel).

    It would be correct on the part of the hostile countries to begin to adapt to the way of thinking, and to come to terms with the existence of Israel, when Israel is obliged to change a different kind of planting ideas at the international level, about the important need for future peace between the countries, which inhabit an earth threatened by the forces of nature: earthquakes, eruptions of Volcanoes, terrible storms, have always existed in it, and this when the orbit that makes life possible in it (around the sun), is not seen like it in countless light-year distances. The life expectancy on him also ends very quickly in the relationship.

    It would be correct on the part of all the factors that shape policy and spirit (religions and more), to develop distinctions between the shared environment (the earth), to the expectations that grow starting from the personal level, and to find a correct and reasonable future balance.

  8. Raziel:
    What is this paranoia?
    It seems to me that instead of embracing your friends into your heart, you tend to attribute malicious intentions to them.

  9. Iran received a little help from Dr. Khan's known black market and the entire technological basis for the missiles is reverse engineering of the North Korean Nudong missiles.
    The transition to solid fuel rockets and the ability to lift a satellite into space is the achievement.

  10. "An Iran" did not succeed alone in all; your and show your comparison only your religious aggressive behavior,
    The hope that one day your little brain will be put and will be useful in something
    Israeli pride

  11. Oh, and that's just a guess from the translation, I don't have half a clue about this dirty language, maybe he's actually a nice guy

  12. If we conclude that by putting Israel in quotation marks the intent was disrespect, that the rest of the message according to the same context is that it is amazing that while Israel and the US were working together, Iran alone was able to produce the Shihab which turns out (that's how I understood it) is only operating at half speed for the time being to be more accurate (effective balance )

    In short, I wouldn't blame Google Translate

  13. And regarding the "essential places":
    If the Lord needs the funds that were wasted on the development in the article, maybe he will create a few for himself for his use.

  14. From Google's English translation it appears that the meaning is "...and in comparison with "Shihab" Iran did not meet expectations up to the level of half speed. To achieve an effective balance." Think about what that means...

  15. BSD
    Again a waste of funds that could instead go to more essential places such as yeshiva elections and assimilation
    The Torah in the education of the children of Israel.
    If instead of an army all the people of Israel were engaged in the Torah, God would have defeated our enemy for us.

  16. No problem opponent. I would only be happy if someone who understands Arabic would translate the second half of the sentence because it is really unclear.

  17. There is only one problem, a nuclear warhead may arrive (via a terrorist organization supported by Iran) in the center of Tel Aviv even inside an innocent-looking truck or inside a container that arrived by ship to the port of Haifa, one must not focus only on the danger of missiles, this danger can come in other ways as well .

  18. And this is Google's translation of things -

    By: Phase –

    7/04/2009 בשעה 20:30

    "It is amazing the development of scientific cooperation between the US military and "Israel", and compared to "Shihab" Iran did not live up to the level of half speed. to achieve an effective balance."

  19. A nuclear explosion should not occur because in order for a nuclear reaction to occur, a very, very controlled explosion of the explosives in the missile that start the nuclear reaction is needed. On the other hand, radioactive material will disperse in the air and on the ground... still better.

  20. Question: If such a missile, armed with a nuclear warhead, is launched anywhere and the "Arrow" missile manages to intercept it (destroy it in the air), does the missile explode and create a nuclear explosion or is it a normal explosion?

  21. google translation

    It is amazing the development of scientific cooperation between the US military and "Israel", and in comparison with "Shihab" Iran did not live up to the level of half speed. To achieve an effective balance

    I would appreciate it if someone could translate it more accurately. I did not understand. I also didn't understand why "Israel" in quotes...

  22. This is a remarkable development, in the scientific and military cooperation between the United States and "Israel", and compared to the Iranian "Shahab" missile, it did not reach the level of half its speed. to achieve the effective balance

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