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First exposure of AMAN's satellite unit

Col. Eli Polak, commander of the visual array in the IDF, revealed the unit that operates the Israeli spy satellites, at the Israeli space conference held by the Fisher Institute and the Ministry of Science * The unit, which was established only 13 years ago, operates the satellites and develops computerized systems that will make it possible to automatically detect changes in sites The ones photographed so that the clients of the satellites don't drown in a sea of ​​pixels

The control room of the Ofek 7 satellite. Photo from a press tour of the place, July 2007. Photographer: Amir Bohbot, Maariv, NRG
The control room of the Ofek 7 satellite. Photo from a press tour of the place, July 2007. Photographer: Amir Bohbot, Maariv, NRG

The collection system of the State of Israel, which allows those who need to know what the enemy is preparing, even in distant sites such as Iran, is not exposed, at most mentioned when the Ofek series photography satellites are launched. From the lecture held as part of the international space conference held at the end of January in Herzliya, after the satellites are launched, there are those who operate them every day and make sure they pass over the required sites, so that the decision makers can use the information for strategic and even tactical planning. Currently serving the Israeli security system Ofek 7 photography satellite, The Texar radar satellite and commercial satellites from which Israel purchases the photographs. The satellites complement the photographs coming from planes, UAVs and UAVs and make it possible to get a complete picture of the battlefield.

"The intelligence circle consists of four components: collection, production, processing and distribution. The purpose of the intelligence activity and the operations is warning, deterrence and decision. Every technological solution (systems and sensors) is designed to support this purpose. The intelligence challenges are to provide an integrated response to the front and the depth and development of a complex threat. Among other things, the conflicts today are with forces with a low signature, who use steep route shooting while hiding, fraud, use of urban and underground intermediaries. Customers demand up-to-dateness and accuracy, despite the increase in the volumes of information and processing. The intelligence consumer will request as many satellite suits as possible over a certain target at certain times and we must develop the ability to disseminate information and knowledge up to the level of the level deployed during operations."

"The target animals' time is very short. What you could not collect, process and close a circle in a short time will not exist. In addition, we must continuously monitor the area and detect changes, look for low-signature targets and concealment characteristics, identify and detect underground infrastructure. Mountainous areas full of vegetation (in Lebanon). Urban spaces (Gaza), response to weather - night and no visibility, the enemy also learns while fighting. The production of their lessons is impressive. The sharing of knowledge exists and since there is one country that sponsors it - Iran, it is engaged in sharing and assimilating knowledge. "

"The threats come from several circles - the first circle is the short range - Gaza, where the problem is cannons, short-range rockets, their smuggling and hiding in tunnels. Also in the second circle - Lebanon, we meet long-range missiles and rockets, and there the enemy is also working on tunneling and camouflage. The third circle - Iran, which is developing missiles and long-range rockets that cover Israel and soon also large parts of Europe. To illustrate, the area of ​​Iran is 1.6 million square kilometers, compared to 22 thousand square kilometers - the area of ​​Israel."

Col. Polk showed a XNUMXD visualization video of Iran's uranium enrichment site in Natanz, including underground structures. "Without the world of satellites, we probably wouldn't have seen what was happening in Iran. The ability of the State of Israel in remote areas depends on satellites.

"Our requirements for the satellites are: the ability to provide continuous coverage day and night and in all visibility conditions; The ability to collect quality, which means high-resolution photography and large area coverage, which means covering large areas for various needs, the ability to cover targeted areas all over the world, the ability to plan missions and distribute in short time constants, maximum utilization of every satellite suit above the area; Improving the ability to warn by sampling targets at high frequency (several times a day). "

Don't drown in the sea of ​​pixels

"To meet these requirements, we use different sensors - for example, color (multispectral satellites that are able to photograph in many wavelengths at the same time), infrared or laser. These sensors will provide separation, accuracy, the ability to build a XNUMXD image, and all this while securing information and communication. These sensors make it possible to respond to low signature and concealment, spaces steeped in vegetation and urban areas. The combination between these sensors is especially important."

Another challenge we have to deal with is the information overload - handling the increasing volume and quality of visual information. Thanks to the amazing work of the bodies in this field, we are increasing both in terms of pixels because of the resolution and precisely the up-to-dateness and scope of the simulations, and our goal is to reach automatic systems that know how to filter, integrate, process and distribute, otherwise we will drown in the sea of ​​pixels. The rapid changes in the environment require an intelligence-operational response- Technological in fast time constants.

The satellite unit that I also command is the operational body. The unit was established about 13 years ago. From one satellite that will be operated on a lease basis, today several intelligence observation satellites are operated, some blue and white, some commercial. These are young soldiers and these are their toys. Thanks to them, the utilization of intelligence productions is at the forefront of the ability in relation to countries in the world. The unit relies on young personnel who are competent in the unit and are entrusted with the operation of the planning, control and reception systems. From the moment the satellite is in space, we are responsible for its operation.

The Eros A satellite, courtesy of the Aerospace Industry and ImageSat
The Eros A satellite, courtesy of the Aerospace Industry and ImageSat

In conclusion, Col. Pollak would like to praise the synergy between the operational body (satellite unit) and the operational body (TAA) and the program manager (MATA) is a significant and powerful factor in the Israeli satellite program. "The coach has overall responsibility for providing intelligence (gathering, production, processing and distribution) by virtue of being the army's hideout. The field of satellites provides an excellent answer to the needs and demands of the intelligence community. The products make it possible to understand the intelligence picture, support the fighting and assist in the decisions of the political level. Today, it is impossible to describe today's conflict without blue and white intelligence satellites."

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  1. Lately there has been a flurry of reports about secret issues such as this and also, for example, how in a cast lead war they knew how to hit any target by targeting from the rear unit to the commander in the field - ears to the wall the enemy listens and learns everything from us and against us - please elaborate and tell as little as there is still time to tell and brag In many years, now is not the time. The arrogant and boastful descriptions endanger the country.

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  9. To this day I thought, to Tommy, that the satellites float there by themselves without anyone referring to them. Now I finally understand, because someone is activating them and she is sitting by a computer.

  10. This is not so much a first exposure, in the past I came across at least one detailed article about the aforementioned unit including video footage (I think it was on YNet).

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