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It is an invisible face mask that protects users from corona viruses, MERS, influenza and other respiratory viruses and now its technology is offered for commercialization
Critically ill, recovering or vaccinated - how do the antibodies to corona that each of the groups produces differ and what are the unique characteristics of the antibodies acquired following vaccination
The World Health Organization now defines it as a species under investigation. This is not the first version to have sub-dynasties. Late last year, the Delta "Plus" or AY.4.2 was widely reported and then came Omicron
This is what a British medical microbiologist warns based on comprehensive studies from all over the world. She calls on the decision makers not to shorten the isolation and release into the environment people who may be infected * Her finding is also relevant to Israel
A new study published this month by researchers from the Hebrew University rates the effectiveness of various vaccines to prevent corona
The routine will return sooner or later, but it will be a new routine than the one we are used to until March 2020. This is according to an ongoing survey of the people of Great Britain, who were initially optimistic and thought that the epidemic would end within
The omicron variant contains many mutations in the spike protein, which facilitate the penetration of the virus into cells
Hunting for variants requires a concentrated effort. South Africa and the United Kingdom were the first major countries to implement national genomic surveillance efforts for SARS-CoV-2 as early as April 2020. Scientists in South Africa are sequencing the virus and studying
In recent days, the World Health Organization has given a unique name to the strain of the corona virus, which has undergone many mutations and may bypass some of the defenses * Dr.Roey Tsezana explains the reason for the concern
This is how the corona virus disrupts the cell's antiviral warning system
So who is right? Those who intentionally infect or fear infection in schools? What are the effects of the virus on children? What do we know after a year and a half of illness, and a few more months of infection with the strain
Technology to improve the tracking of immune system cells is the winning project at the annual project conference of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion. This year, 38 projects were presented at the conference and prizes were awarded to the outstanding posters
Through "evolution in a test tube" scientists of the Weizmann Institute of Science created a molecule that may be used as an effective cure for Corona
The Director General of the World Health Organization is angry with countries that started vaccinating before at least ten percent of the residents of each country were guaranteed vaccination, especially the developing countries * Demographer Prof. Uzi Rabhon from the Hebrew University reads
The study, Com-Cov, led by the University of Oxford, recruited over 800 participants from across the UK to study the effects of giving different vaccines to people in the two doses. Two vaccines were studied: those produced by
Migwax, the company established for the purpose of commercializing the patent, says that the animal experiment that ended gave promising results. Clinical trials in humans will begin immediately after raising additional funding for the company
This is according to a study by Tel Aviv University that relied on data from about 300 corona tests performed on campus
David White, professor of socio-legal studies at the University of Liverpool, claims that what made the rapid development possible was the government subsidy that reduced risk, as well as the fact that the pandemic hit the economy, which forced the companies to act * In addition, every
When the next dangerous virus is released into the world's air, it will find a deep moat courtesy of science that will make it possible to understand its operation, and a wall in the form of technology that will stop it. The way the virus works will be deciphered within a day.
The winters in Denmark are not alone, many animals have been infected with the corona virus, some develop diseases, others are only used as surrogates. In any case, they maintain a reservoir for corona viruses to develop again and become violent
Contrary to the popular opinion of some of the commenters here, I'm not just trying to scaremonger about the virus. Therefore, today I want to cover the most surprising trend in the last five weeks: the incidence of corona is decreasing in parts
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