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The Russian and European space agencies were able to make brief contact with Phobos-Grunt and receive telemetry data

This is after two weeks of complete disconnection with the damaged spaceship. But the signals apparently cannot be deciphered in the meantime, in Russia there are those who accuse an American radar of disrupting the spacecraft's computer

Phobos-Grunt mission poster. Illustration: Russian space agency Roscosmos
Phobos-Grunt mission poster. Illustration: Russian space agency Roscosmos

Russian space agency space experts are struggling to decipher fresh telemetry signals received from the stricken Phobos-Grunt spacecraft.

On Wednesday night, the European Space Agency's station in Perth, Australia, managed to establish communication with Phobos-Grunt, which has been helplessly circling the Earth since its engines failed to ignite about two weeks ago.
The relay station in Perth sent a command to the Russian spacecraft causing it to transmit the long-awaited telemetry data, which was immediately transmitted to Russian experts.

A team at the Lavochkin company, which built the spacecraft, is working on deciphering the telemetry data. Apparently the signal was garbled and could not be decoded due to incompatibility between Russian and European communication equipment, but the news was not confirmed but neither was it officially denied. However, the engineers should be able to make the necessary adjustments before the next communication.

Also on Thursday, the ground station at the Baikonur Space Center in Kazakhstan was able to contact the spacecraft in orbit as it passed overhead. They also managed to get some telemetry data. This is after all previous attempts to get in touch since November 9 have failed.

In the meantime, experts in Russia began to make claims that an American radar stationed in Alaska, which transmits strong radio transmissions, could have disrupted the spacecraft's systems when it passed over it and caused it to lose contact and fail to carry out orders.

Since these two successes, there has been a disconnect with the spaceship again, and the only way to track it is through radar, which showed that at least its trajectory had stabilized.


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