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Phoenix: A view of the reddened pile of sand before it was baked

Last Thursday, the tip of the lander dug into the icy soil of the Red Arctic region. The gases emitted during the baking process will be analyzed

Martian soil inside the shovel of the Phoenix lander
Martian soil inside the shovel of the Phoenix lander

NASA's Mars lander Phoenix dropped a sample of the Martian soil in its collection spoon on the mission's 11th Martian day (June 5, 2008). This is the first soil sample that will be sent to the oven in a device for analyzing the composition of gases and materials (Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyze), or TEGA for short. This field lab is inside the lander.

The land was supposed to be prepared during the day yesterday, but there is no report on the results yet. The gases emitted during baking will be analyzed to determine the chemical composition of the arctic region of Mars where the spacecraft landed. Among the ingredients is a relatively light scum, probably from an area where the crust is exposed on the surface of the ground, similar to the scum observed at the foot of the landing.

In the image we see in almost real colors the pile of dirt inside the robotic arm, as it was created by combining separate photographs taken by the robotic arm of the spacecraft using the red, green and blue light filters inside the camera.

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  1. So there is a place to write this knowing about Discovery as I have asked you a million times. Except that I will update in the morning when the spacewalk is over

  2. To my father, the editor of the website, the astronauts went on a spacewalk, update the news

  3. It is hard to believe that they will find life on the surface of Mars
    Atmospheric pressure of 10 millibars average temperature of 63C - no water on the surface.
    Below the surface there may be water deposits with life forms.
    It is possible that the Phoenix will find fossils of life forms that have come to the surface.

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