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South Korea: A woman carries a cloned fetus in her womb

Biovision claims to have cloned a human embryo that was inserted into the woman's womb two months ago; The South Korean government launched an investigation; Scientists: Human cloning too dangerous; The company: The pregnancy is progressing well and the technology is safe

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The South Korean government has begun an investigation against a company that claims to have carried out human cloning, and that the cloned fetus is already in a woman's womb. The spokesperson for the company, BioFusion, told the BBC television network that the fetus was inserted into the woman's uterus two months ago, and that the pregnancy is progressing well.

The BioFusion company is a subsidiary of the American company "Clonaid". Clonaid, which believes that human cloning will become routine in the coming years, is headed by one of the three doctors who announced last year that they intend to perform human cloning in the coming year.

Among scientists who were involved in animal cloning, the opinion is widespread that human cloning is too dangerous. This is because the knowledge that exists today is not sufficient for this purpose, and that the act of cloning involves a great risk of malfunctions and medical problems. BioFusion claims that the technology is safe, and that they can abort the fetus in case problems are discovered.

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