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Ever wondered how it is that Tarzan looks so young? Apparently there is a scientific reason behind the fresh look
The government made statements, made decisions - but did not take actions that would allow for real progress. A subcommittee of the State Audit Committee imposed confidentiality on another report concerning Haifa at this stage
Odysseus landed on its side instead of landing at a vertical angle, which disrupted communication with Earth. Some of the antennas were blocked by the inverted spacecraft, and those that remained exposed were too close to the ground, leading to patchy communications.
The first study program of its kind from the Technion House of Continuing Studies is designed to train professional and skilled personnel for the industry that deals with computing and quantum technology, which is developing by leaps and bounds and is expected to change the tech worlds from end to end and among other things to provide solutions to security challenges that the State of Israel faces even these days
Researchers examined the tourist experience in Jerusalem and discovered the moments when the emotional arousal of visitors increases - for better or for worse
Heads of state meeting in Brussels approved the changes on February 1 after Germany rejected the Commission's proposal to add 100 billion euros to the EU's multi-annual budget. The deal unleashes a 50 billion euro aid package for Ukraine
When the temperatures outside drop, and especially in the evening and at night, the car windshield gets covered with a layer of steam - or at least that's what most of us call the moisture that accumulates there and prevents us from seeing. What exactly is that layer and what can be done to treat it? We went out to check and demonstrate
Astroscale's solution will help overcome the limitations that result from the fact that satellites are currently launched into space with a limited supply of fuel. "Our APS-R satellite opens the door to rethinking the way satellites are designed and operated, and it marks a significant leap forward in the capabilities and sustainability of satellites in orbit"
Yesterday, after it separated from the upper stage of the Vulcan launcher, it became clear that there is a fuel leak from the spacecraft's engines that change its balance and do not allow it to generate electricity from solar energy. The Astrobotics company says that they will try to turn it into a lunar compass, even if only for a short time * On board the spaceship were five dedicated NASA instruments
The Very Large Telescope partnership announces its first scientific discovery - a quasar with energy levels above 100 GeV
The field of information technologies is constantly developing and regularly challenges the researchers and practitioners in the field. One of the challenges is Big Data - huge amounts of information that come from various sources, accumulate in information systems and require a huge variety of tools and technologies for their preservation, maintenance, management and retrieval
Researchers have found that the action of a "driver" in an autonomous vehicle is accepted with more forgiveness than the action of a driver in a regular vehicle
Studies indicate that dog owners feel a stronger emotional connection and are willing to spend more on their dogs than on their cats, but the extent of the gap depends on culture
The Osiris-Rex probe returns to Earth small samples of the asteroid Beno, a "real small world" for analysis
This is how the constitutional revolution affects our national resilience index
The giant picture, measuring 6 meters by three meters, in which we see a portrait of Amini, consists of 1,000 small pictures of the victims of the Iranian regime in the past year. The image was revealed in the presence of the Iranian-American artist Homan Khalili, who created the mosaic image with the help of artificial intelligence technology
Thanks to the new algorithm, which is now open to researchers from all over the world, it will be possible for the first time to monitor the movement of bats near wind turbines and develop new methods to protect them
The Jews in the Greek-Hellenistic space were more involved in everything related to Greek customs that penetrated Judaism such as the hemansion and especially music
A new international study on treatment using the PASA16 phage (a virus that only kills bacteria), showed a success rate of over 80% and gives hope for a beneficial treatment for resistant infections
The prestigious Stanford index states: Tel Aviv University is the best entrepreneurship incubator outside the US
The research shows that microplastic pollution is a universal phenomenon that is common everywhere, even in the most isolated regions of the world. Further research is needed to understand the effects of this pollution on human health and the environment
Tissue engineering offers a solution for the treatment of disc herniations: an implant that combines synthetic hydrogel and living cartilage cells
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