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A rare dinosaur skeleton was stolen from a museum near Sydney

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Sydney (Reuters). Thieves broke into a museum near Sydney yesterday and stole
From it is a fossilized skeleton of a 110-million-year-old "dwarf" dinosaur, of which there are only five others in the world. The dinosaur skeleton was the evolutionary link between today's birds and "the familiar giant dinosaurs of the Tyrannosaurus type," explained Gavin Fry, director of the Newcastle Regional Museum, from which the skeleton was stolen.
The Pacitosaurus mongolensis dinosaur, which is about 60 cm high and 90 cm long, was loaned to Australia by the Natural History Museum in Beijing to be presented in an exhibition describing the evolutionary development of birds from dinosaurs. The thieves managed to evade the police and the museum guards, climb over a fence more than two meters high, enter the museum through an armored glass window and remove the skeleton within five minutes.

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