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Among this year's prize winners: researchers who have developed new treatment strategies for cancer, Alzheimer's and autism spectrum disorders; A researcher examining the formation of bacteria in babies and their health effects; and researchers whose discoveries are applied in the field of cryptocurrencies
Prof. Ruth Lapidot, Prof. Hermona Shurk and Prof. Gideon Shelah-Lavi from the Hebrew University and Prof. Oded Lifshitz from Tel Aviv University are among the winners of the A.M.T.
Ahead of the launch next week, a 'Rakia' mission complex was established at the Check Point offices in Tel Aviv, including a control room from which scientists, artists and educators will monitor the activities of astronaut Eitan Stiva on the International Space Station; and a visitor center that will be visited by thousands of students in the coming weeks who will experience the activities Interactive educational
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