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Sun Microsystems is ahead of Intel and IBM with 64-bit processors in 130 nm technology (0.1

The clock frequency of the Ultraspark 3 processor has increased by 14 percent,
Voltage consumption decreased by 30 percent

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Sun Microsystems is ahead of the industry in the power of 64-bit processors, with the announcement of the Ultraspark 3 - Cu1200 processor.
By switching to a new 130 nm (0.13 micron) manufacturing process, available to Sun through its long-standing manufacturing partnership with Texas Instruments, the new chip increases clock frequency by 14 percent to 1.2 GHz, and reduces power consumption by 30 percent from 75 watts (peak) to 53 watts (peak), compared to the current flagship processor, the Ultraspark Cu1050-3.

Sun's breakthrough in lower power consumption and smaller chip area will result in lower overall system operating costs, along with RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability) improvements.

Moti Sadovsky, Sun Israel's marketing manager, said: "Once again the power of the Ultraspark 3 design and the benefits of the close partnership with Texas Instruments have been proven. Through the Ultraspark 3 architecture, we maintain competitive performance, while reversing the trend of high voltage consumption."

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