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Warming up again: essential insights from the Dubai climate conference

The transition to renewable energy: the way out of the climate crisis But the oil, gas and coal tycoons have other plans

The climatic holocaust brought upon us by the oil tycoons. Illustration:
The climatic holocaust brought upon us by the oil tycoons. Illustration:

Recently, the climate conference was held in Dubai, and it left behind decisions and recommendations that may mark an important step in the fight against global warming. Despite the skepticism that some of the participants, including myself, expressed, many of us trust that these recommendations will lead to significant change and salvation for the environment.

At the center of the discussions was the question of whether there will be a decrease in the development and output of mineral fuel sources following the conference. According to reports by the global organization Global Witness, the fuel industry is expected to invest approximately 1 trillion dollars in the development of mineral fuel in the coming decade. The European market alone is expected to consume $225 billion worth of fuel, despite warnings from climate experts about the environmental consequences of this development.

The organization's forecasts state that large oil companies such as Exxon, Total, Shell, Eni, and Equinor will invest huge sums in the development and supply of fuel, despite the global risk of continued dependence on fossil fuels. The forecast for the coming decade shows a significant increase in fuel expenses for Europe, with an increase from 60 billion dollars in 2024 to 105 billion dollars in 2033.

Due to the increase in investments in fossil fuels, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that continued dependence on these fuels will cause global warming to rise above 1.5 degrees Celsius, which could lead to a global environmental disaster. The way to avoid this, as the report indicates, is through a sharp cut in demand for gas and other fossil fuels, while encouraging a transition to clean and renewable energy.

In addition, observations show that Europe is on a dangerous path, with plans to continue developing fossil fuel, despite the EU High Commissioner's proposal to cut emissions by 2040. Lobbyists from the gas industry claim that gas is considered a "clean fuel" compared to coal or oil, but studies indicate Because the use of gas also leads to methane emissions, which is a significant factor in global warming.

The organization Climate Action Network Europe points out that accelerating the exposure to efficient and renewable energy sources can reduce the demand for gas and make gas fields redundant, which will result in economic losses for the fuel companies. Governments are required to put pressure on the fuel industry to prevent the continued use of polluting fuels and to encourage a transition to renewable energy.

Finally, Israel, which continues to develop and use fossil fuel even though it is located in one of the most sensitive areas to global warming, is required to change this course. The consequences of continued fossil fuel development could be critical, and there is a moral obligation to act for a greener and more sustainable future.

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  1. Dear Sasson, no one is stopping you from holding "in-depth discussions", and raising your weak to non-existent arguments.

    (as can be seen empirically).

  2. When will we be able to have poor comments of the type of Lorem Epsom move to other publications and make it possible to have serious discussions on this site. Luckily it wasn't written that the whole global warming problem was born in Sweden.

  3. Some people get stuck with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion conspiracy. They can be found mainly in the Egyptian Academy. A strange matter: they are so busy preserving the great Egyptian culture and heritage (in their opinion, if it is weak in fact) and protecting it from foreign civilizations, that they have stopped noticing that they have adopted a European vanity

    Some people think the Freemasons run the world.

    Some talk about the Bildenberg group. both right and left. I wonder which of the parties is more correct regarding the goals of the group.

    Some people believe in the gray aliens, and there are no longer those who believe in the little green ones.

    And there are those who think that the world is in the hands of the "oil tycoons". The belief in their enormous power and the fact that they bought and eliminated competing technologies and without their demonic influence we could fuel the cars with water instead of gasoline bought no hold in the seventies. It turns out that there are people who remained stuck at that time, even though today there are much richer and more influential industries at the heart of the global economy, and that the world dances to the tune of the newcomers, those who produce chips, and programming, and social networks, and not necessarily those who mine perishable ore for daily use. I wonder who this ancient consortium still serves.

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