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The effects of fires in the middle regions of Israel: threats to biological diversity and dangers to humans
The adoption of the financial model that was used during the establishment of the state can help finance the sustainable development of the surrounding area and the north and the rehabilitation of Israel's economy. opinion
We depend on them, and not just for the honey. International Bee Day is a great opportunity to make some buzz for bees, one of the most important animals on the planet
The transition to renewable energy: the way out of the climate crisis But the oil, gas and coal tycoons have other plans
The Seven expressed their concern over the hesitant responses of the institutions' leadership to condemn the calls for genocide
In 2009, a study day was held at Sapir College about the consequences of continuous exposure to the trauma of terrorism, among citizens in the settlements of Sderot and the Gaza Strip * The findings of Prof. Avi Baser from Sapir College, Prof. Beatrice
A letter sent by the top of the Weizmann Institute to colleagues in academia around the world requesting that they not evade the condemnation of terrorism on 7/20/32
Says Prof. Bela Galil, a senior marine biologist who works as a researcher and curator at the Steinhardt Museum of Nature at Tel Aviv University. In addition, she was one of the three main authors of the chapter on "Effects of Invasions
One of the space tourists is Kisha Shaf, who is married to an Israeli and wears the Israeli flag. In addition, her 18-year-old daughter Anastasia Myers flew - the first combination of mother and daughter on a space flight. During the flight arrived
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