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The Kabbalists are preparing for the war of Gog and Magog

Acceptance / a new wave of mystical prophecies following the attacks in the USA

Shahar Ilan

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In the synagogues in the last few weeks, he goes from hand to hand and faxes a photo of
A page from the Zohar, the basic book of Kabbalah (part I, page XNUMX, page XNUMX). Name
It is told how the Sara Achara (Satan) grew stronger due to the sins of the Israelites,
And sent one as an undercover, Bladen by name, to the campaign against the forces of good.

The Zohar points out that Bladen "is not a person at all, but a dog with a face
Dog". Nissim Leon, PhD student at Tel Aviv University and movement researcher
Shas, was present at the sermon in which a local rabbi used this quote. Immediately, a number
Leon, there was someone in the audience who claimed that the terrorist Osama bin Laden really looked like him
For the dog. Another hint for hidden lovers:
Bladen's enemy is a lion, whose name Uriel is so similar to the name of
Prime Minister. Lovers of "Lion's Roar" will of course be able to interpret the Kabbalah Midrash
Regarding the lion as if he is treating the prisoner in his actions.

Aryeh Deri himself told on the eve of Sukkot in his weekly section in the Maayan newsletter
this week", because "God enlightened my eyes" regarding the recent events. the enlightenment
Refers to the verse "They are envious of me without God, as I am angry with their vanities. and me
I am angry with no people, with a wicked nation I will anger them" (Deuteronomy, chapter Lev, verse XNUMX).
According to Deri, the empty western culture is "a disturbed culture, ranging between
A bald tail and burning hairs, fringes on the eyelids and tongue." The punishment is done
In the hands of "monsters walking on two, in the Taliban, in bin Laden, in the disturbed".

Periods of wars, disasters and crises in personal security are periods
A boom for mystics. This is the time when people look for an overarching principle to settle
the chaos The two favorite answers to Jewish mysticism are punishment for
The sins of the Israelites and the times of Messiah.

They are, of course, a modern and effective means of spreading the mystical clues and signals
The ultra-Orthodox pirate channels. An ultra-orthodox source says that the streets are full
in prophecies of destruction. "People talk about the war of Gog and Magog. A third of the people
They will be exiled and a third will be killed and all the Jews in America will die."

It is doubtful whether the twins affair could have fallen at a more convenient time
to the accepted On the day the twins were aborted, the verses were read in the synagogues
"And they saw the plagues of that land (...) Sulfur and salt, burned all its land
(...) As the revolution of Sodom and Gomorrah (...) And all the Gentiles said: What did he do?
Jehovah is like this to this land" (Deuteronomy, chapter XNUMX, verses XNUMX-XNUMX).

The Haftara of the Sabbath that preceded the attack in Afghanistan is called the "Haftara Gog
and Magog" and deals with that expected war in the last days. the interpretation
The updated name given today for the Haftar is Shagog, meaning George - his name
The private of the President of the United States.

Nissim Leon points out, however, that Messianic expectations remain at a level
The sermons do not become a real messianic movement.

The "El Ma'ayan" rally in Sukkot became famous mainly due to the small crowd that was present
in her. At the same assembly, Baba Baruch, Rabbi Baruch Abu Hachira, spoke.
who explained to the empty stands why the Messiah is expected to come this year.
The Gemara in the tractate Sanhedrin states that the Son of David will arrive in the year after the year of Shemita,
And the year of Shemita itself will be characterized by wars. Wars, as we know, were not lacking in the year
She passed, and Rabbi Abu Hachira predicted: "In XNUMX, our righteous Messiah will come." No
It goes without saying, however, that the same midrash ultimately rules out everything
The prophecies about the time of the coming of the Messiah, and even concludes with the statement "The spirit of the Kitzin computers will swell".

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