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The music of the watermelon

Ami Ben-Best

In 1894, when he was close to 60 years old, he ate Mark Twain for the first time
In his lifetime a watermelon. The enthusiasm of the American writer was so great
So big that he wrote: "Eating a watermelon is a pleasure that has no competitors.
When a person tastes this fruit, he knows what the angels eat."
A spectrum that loves exaggeration, reminds that the origin of the fruit of the angels
This one is probably in our area, and watermelons in their current form were
Known in ancient Egypt almost 5,000 years ago. connection
The Jew to the watermelon begins with the exodus from Egypt. When the Israelites
Walking in the desert and they don't have enough food, they miss the days
Those good ones in Egypt: "Did we remember the fish? The zucchini and
The watermelons and the hay and the onions and the garlic and now our souls
Dry land.." (Bamadbar XNUMX).

Today you can find this fruit from the gourd family almost everywhere
place on earth The leading country in the world in watermelons is
China, where last year about 18 million tons of watermelon were grown. also in Israel
Love this wonderful fruit very much. According to council data
In 98, about 164,000 tons of vegetables reached the local market
Watermelons, where the main consumption is of course in the warm months,
June - July, around 50,000 tons per month.

But this number, says Spectrum, is still not perfect. problem
A classic related to watermelon is the question of early detection: how to detect
Sweet watermelon, without early opening. Over the years, techniques have evolved
There are differences in this regard, but none of them guarantee a correct choice
one hundred percent. There are those who recommend examining the stem and seeing
Is it withered and not completely dry? Others recommend smoothing the edges
Their fingers on the watermelon in order to feel if there are tiny bumps of
Tendons showing ripeness. But the most popular method is
Still the tapping method. According to this folk and ancient method,
The skilled watermelon examiners touch the watermelon rind and identify,
Or at least try to identify, what is hidden between them. The vocal technology
And this unobtrusive reaches its peak of popularity at the beginning of summer
This is also the beginning of the season, when you can see then masses of tappers
The ones standing at the stalls of the vegetable and fruit shops and listening to my sounds
the watermelon

But even in this field, it turns out, there are developments. Right these days
The University of Delaware in the USA announced the development of a technology
Innovative for checking the ripeness of the watermelon without outside intervention. the development
Arousing enormous excitement among American breeders, and Dover
The American National Watermelon Association even announced that the device
The new one may save growers a huge fortune. It often happens to us, he
He explained in a special message to the media that large trucks are loaded
Watermelons, are returned to us, after being found in a random inspection
Some white watermelons.

The technology itself, looks, how to say, a little strange. the component
The main part of the system is a surface with spongy rubber on which the watermelon is placed.
Another component is a metal arm to which a small wooden hammer is attached. pressing
A little on the metal trigger causes the hammer to hit the watermelon.
A tiny microphone picks up the sound of the thump and transmits it through
An electrical signal to a laptop that converts it into digital information. knock
The dullness of a watermelon produces an acoustic signal that is visible on the screen
as a fading climax. After a series of experiments with watermelons
In different sizes, it turns out that frequencies between 100 and 250 Hz are representative
Watermelons have sugar levels between 8 and 12 percent, which is the anthem
the right one The testing process, according to the developers, lasts only 12 seconds
And the vulnerabilities are good.

Globes June 99

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