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NASA is preparing for sex in space

The list of equipment going to the "Alpha" space station also includes pregnancy test kits; Assessments will not be instituted in the near future - currently there are only men at the station; This can also be defined as a "groundbreaking" experiment.

Among the many equipment transferred in recent months from NASA to the space station
"Alpha" is also delivered an essential and surprising item - testing kits
pregnancy. This can be seen as the first proof of the space agency's admission
the American, that the long months of isolation in space may lead to a state of
Sex in zero gravity. In the meantime, no response has yet been given to the disclosure
This surprising one.

The documents revealing the whereabouts of this vital piece of equipment have been leaked
to an American website. The documents explain to the unsuspecting astronauts
How exactly should these kits be used (difficulty is expected regarding body fluids).
on the stick).

It is important to note that every astronaut who goes into space must undergo a test
Pregnancy and her trip is canceled if the test is positive. in the reading material
sent to the station includes professional explanations on how to deal with a case of
A staff member showing suicidal tendencies or a psychotic attack (trying to open the
the door for example) and of course the more common symptoms of diarrhea, pain
teeth and even a slight bleeding from the nose.

The current crew manning the space station is not expected to inaugurate the kits
for a pregnancy test since there are three men involved. Anonymous scientist from NASA
He admitted that estimates were sent to the station for the obvious purpose. "There are a limited number of
Cases in which this situation can arise. NASA has never discussed the possibility of
Sex in space, but they don't seem concerned about what an astronaut did with
Her husband, the night before taking off into space," said the scientist.

A club for those who have already had sex in space has not yet been established, but with
Increasing use of the space station, first members and companies are expected to fill
registration form.

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